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  1. Bao-Dur is my favorite! Soft spoken, but with conviction and loyalty. It broke my heart to hear his holo image sending his little remote into Malachor to help me out.


    Canderous/Mandalore were/was great.


    I LOVE HK!


    I really didn't like Kreia's character, but I thought her voice acting was very believable and emotional.

  2. I was hoping hoping hoping for an interracial romance with Bao-Dur from the moment I met him -- handy with tools, soft sexy voice, and I LOVE his cargo pants. I really really wish there were more dialogue options with him.


    I have to say though, when I met with Carth before going to Malachor and he said to tell Revan that "Carth Onasi is waiting for her," I thought I would just die!

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