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  1. I had the same issue. Every other game worked well except for The Outer Worlds which would often crash with no error and rarely reboot my system. In my case the culprit was either the memory and/or CPU.
    My memory (4x8 32GB at 3200 MHz) had an XMP profile on (3200 MHz, 14-14-14-34-2T, 561 tRFC timings).
    I didn't feel like wasting an entire day troubleshooting so I just lowered my CPU's core clock by 100 MHz, uncore clock by 400 MHz, and adjusted memory clock and timings to 2666 MHz, 12-12-12-24-2T, tRFC 313 and the game hasn't crashed since.

  2. 5 hours ago, Arrebarren said:

    Could only agree with you Grooner.

    As me and my friend discussed it’s really interesting how the business been developed as an unfinished game can be released for purchase for approx 60 euros. Imagine buying other products with issues from the start that will be needed to be ”fixed” later on. Would you accept a new washing machine with roughly 80% of the programs working? Simple answer is: No. That darn machine would’ve been returned the day after.

    Obsidian, time to make a change to the gaming-industry. Release the fix already.

    It's not only games, though. A few years ago when OLED TVs were relatively new my father purchased one for around $4000. Its webOS was a buggy mess that took LG several months to fix.
    I bought myself a much cheaper Samsung TV that to this day exhibits some release-day bugs.

    Unless we're talking IOT devices, washing machines usually don't have the benefit of an online connection and a built-in updater. They also have much simpler software that's easier to get right the first time.
    On the other hand look at the automotive industry. As software becomes more sophisticated, bugs become more abundant. As someone on the Tesla owners forum wrote: "Unfortunately software bugs are a way of life for Tesla ownership right now". Unlike video games and TV operating systems, bugs in vehicles might potentially be life-threatening (e.g Tesla dog mode bug), yet they're still a reality in vehicles that cost thousands of dollaridoos.

    It's a sad reality we live in, but The Outer Worlds is a relatively bug-free game. I made it a habit of not buying games on release day. I usually wait a few weeks and let everyone else beta test the game for me. If it doesn't have any widespread bugs or performance issues that can't be resolved in any way other than an official patch, I'll happily buy it (which is why I haven't bought RDR2 PC as of yet).
    I already had a Game Pass subscription when the game released, and even then I waited for over a week for all the raving reviews to come out before I gave The Outer Worlds a go. I just hope this patch is going to fix Parvati for me so that I can continue playing.

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  3. "Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova"

    I'm playing on PC on Supernova difficulty using Game Pass. I chose not to have Parvati follow me around so she definitely didn't die. I wanted to complete her companion quest line but realized I can no longer find her on the ship, though I can still see her in the menu. If I leave the ship with her the game generates a message saying "Parvati has left the party". There's a certain save file where if I leave The Unreliable with her on Groundbreaker Parvati spawns dead and I get the same message. More often than not I just get the message without her or her corpse appearing anywhere.

    Reddit post about the same bug

    Is this bug fixed or is it something else?

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