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  1. Did you get the stealth rest at copperlane beforehand?


    Should give 12 stealth and Aru Brekr gives +1 speed. I am about to try this in my playthrough next time I get a chance to play.  :)


    I have the speed +1 and stealth +2 from the boots. I dont think that resting will give me more the +2




    You need stealth 13!!!

    9+2 by boots and +2 by Hedge Maze = 13 !!!

  2. The scene in 1:31:43 is not possible anymore in version 2.0 with stealth 11. I dont know how to get more stealth. I got the boots cat wispers, because the stealth both were not possible to get. But they should be the same.



    Still no chance with patch 2.01 and stealth 11. No chance to get thru

  3. Well i did the run till


    The scene in 1:31:43 is not possible anymore in version 2.0 with stealth 11. I dont know how to get more stealth. I got the boots cat wispers, because the stealth both were not possible to get. But they should be the same.


    But all the chests of the random items i missed all spezials. For example the fire ring and the stealth boots.

    At 1:13:43 there is now way thru with stealth 11. So you must level up. There is no stealth item +3 or other ways for +3?

    I will do my next run on sunday and hope i will come thru with another char. But first i thin of the 18-18-3-18-3-18-18 skill system.


      Well personally i enjoyed them and it took me a bit to figure out how to use every members abilities to their fullest and a little strategy and quite thrilling....if you want harder fight play on highest difficulty.


    I'm playing on hard and they're ****ing dumb. I hate them, and it's making me reconsider ever buying a PoE related product again



    Well, my party is lvl 12 and still my Eder dies after 2s when he is in the first row. My hole party is dead after 15s and all other fights were simple.

    I dont have any idea to kill him. The other 2 dragons were no problem.

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  5. I'd like to clear up a few things for people, as I just did some testing thanks to the misleading "always the 17th!" info:


    There is no universally guaranteed spawn date when these gloves will show up in a particular container. Not everyone will find them on the 17th, or the 19th, or whenever. I haven't tested enough to say that the gloves will definitely be on a loot list for any particular container, however, it does seem like they are. For the game I tested on, they showed up on the 15th of every month in the container on Raedric's desk, and only on the 15th.


    The loot spawned is based on the day of the month, not the game day or hour (e.g. Day 47, Hour 9) or a set repeating pattern (e.g. every 20th day.) The daily loot list is not altered by weird mini-months, such as the 3-day long Summer Rising holiday. Those 3 days of Summer Rising will have the same loot spawns as the first 3 days of a regular 20-day month, and the daily loot spawns will remain the same for the following regular 20-day month.


    Loot is "set in stone" based on the particular day of the month that the container is opened. Not, for example, the day you first load a map. This means that you can rest between opening chests on the same map to score loot from different days on the loot list. You can loot Raedric's desk chest on 15th, and the bedroom chest on the 16th, and get the loot on the specific container's list from the 15th and 16th days, respectively.


    My testing was done by snoozing in Nedmar's room, as I had already kill Osrya in the game I was testing. For future games, the best bet would likely be to NOT peek in the secret stash in the prison cell, choose conversation options that let you snooze with Osrya, and then  "map out" the daily loot lists for the secret stash, Raedric's desk chest, and the bedroom chest by resting a day at a time. 



    Non-unique items are randomized.

    Loot is generated when you peek in a container.

    The looting seed used in all areas is changed after every game day.

    You can manipulate the game into coughing up a pair by knowing the location where it drops and resting 3-4x to change the seed.


    For example, there is a pair that can be found on a desk in Raedric's private chambers. It is connected to Osyra's room and you can freely rest there if you side with her.


    If you want an easy way to obtain the gloves, do the following:


    1.) Save your game in Osyra's room.

    2.) Use her shortcut to reach Raedric's private chambers.

    3.) Loot the desk.

    4.) If you find the Gloves of Manipulation, congrats. You can stop here.

    5.) If you don't find the Gloves of Manipulation, reload your save.

    6.) Talk to Osyra and rest until a day passes.

    7.) Go back to step 1.


    To get a better understanding of how the seeding works, if you find the Gloves of Manipulation on Raedric's desk, you'll also find a Blunting Belt in the trapped chest by Raedric's bed 100% of the time. The seed used to spawn the gloves on his desk is the same seed used to spawn the belt in the trapped chest. If you loot the gloves, but don't want the belt, you can go back down to Osyra's room and rest a day to change the seed.


    I hope thats better for understanding.


    Does anyone make a 2.0 update?

  6. Sorry for so many qustions, but i tried to replay your start and i dont get it. How do you got those items?

    With the help of this list http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80015-all-poe-random-item-day-checklist/ and your youtube video i tried to make some screenshots.



    But the days of getting these items are not the same as the video shows us.

    1) Why didnt you show us the real way to get these items?

    2) Why dont you say anything in this video? Some help would be fine.

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