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  1. Okay tell me this. How does a game thats damn near unplayable, has about 1000000000000000000000000000000 bugs, and is incomplete, and spits out MONO music win a RPG game of the year award?....Who hands this stuff out?

  2. Having to roll back to Cat 4.11 when I am running a ATI X800 pro card is not a solution.  I went to the Lucas Arts webpage and already rolled back to the driver they said was supported (Cat 5.1 I believe) and I still get random scrolling black bands across my display.  What kind of garbage is this?  How can Developers wonder why people get so annoyed and reluctant to purchase there products when they put out junk like this.  Having to wait for a patch is useless as well.  How about you just hold back the release and put out a product that works.



    This isnt Obsidians Fault......Blame Lucas Arts and their rediculous deadlines.....I do not believe this to be Obsidians Fault. I heard Luca Arts only gave them 1 year to make this game.

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