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  1. I don't know if this is a right place to put this but...


    When will be the patch downloadable? Will it only fix bugs or will it also add the animation and put in the new/old (depends how you look at it) endings/dialogues?



    This is not supposed an attack on the game so devs ... please answer me :lol::)





    PS2(no ... not the console ...)


    Not to be off topic - I *suggest* you say when the patch will be :lol:

  2. To his defenders, Pius [XII, Pope during the Second World War] is said to have worked tirelessly for peace and to help Jews who were facing persecution by Nazi Germany. Through the Pontifical Aid Commission, Pius XII provided relief to the victims of the war on both sides, but especially to the Jewish people. When, following the collapse of the Italian Royal Government, the Nazis occupied Rome on 10 September 1943, Pope Pius XII opened the Holy See to Jewish refugees. Estimates have suggested that 800,000 to 1,500,000 refugees, including Jews were helped by Pope Pius, many through the granting of Vatican citizenship. It has also been alleged that Pius directly supported the network of priests who smuggled vast numbers of Jews to safety. Israel Zolli, the Chief Rabbi of Rome, was so impressed by Pius's actions that following the war he not only became a Roman Catholic, but took "Eugenio," Pope Pius XII's Christian name, as his own Christian name upon Baptism, becoming "Eugenio Zolli." Furthermore, Jewish relief agencies donated over a million dollars in gratitude to the Holy See after the end of World War II in Europe, while Pius XII was awarded the title "Righteous Gentile" by the state of Israel, and the Israeli Government announced its intention to plant 850,000 trees in his honor - one for each Jewish life he was credited with saving. Upon Pope Pius XII's death he was eulogized movingly and appreciatively by Golda Meir, at that time Israel's ambassador to the United Nations.3"




    I don't that that vast knowledge so I can't argue - but neverthenless from what I know the Church did not as much as they should have done and in that they are similar to the jedi Council. Remember that the Jedi - eventually - went on the war and fought Malak and Revan.

  3. Well I did - they meditate, think about moral and ethical problems plus they belive in the afterlife (there is no death - there is the Force). I'd say that makes them a religious group :).



    QAnd they wear robes too :thumbsup:




    I'm your huckleberry


    That'll probbably sound damn stupid but what's a huckleberry ? (English is not my first language)

  4. I too think that KOTOR 1 romace was better ;)


    Bastila: I don't think that the Council would approve us discussing our mutal attraction when we are supposed to save the galaxy from Malak ..


    Revan : Mutal attraction ? I KNEW you were intrested in me !



    Is much better than Visas





    Visas: I want to *see* you


    Exile: Yes let us see each other




  5. 1)The Exile was a wound in the force - he had to be disconnected once again. The council said they didn't want that - they just had to - and that they'll try not to hurt him (I miean "You will not feel any pain - do not worry"). They HAD to do what they did.



    2)If Revan lisened to the council there would be no Jedi Civil War.The Mandalorians would be - eventually - driven away. The Order would have helped the Republic - when they knew how and when to do so.




    The other explantion is that a Great Dark Power -known simply as The Developers - has turned the Council to the dark side (they put only DS dialogue in the game to release it by Xmas). :)



    Maybe they are the "sith" Kreia mentioned- "evil greater than you could ever imagine " :)

  6. What you mentioned was supoosed to be in the game but was cut out so that the game would be released before Xmas.


    If you liked Atton - here' something for you :p -http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29764&st=120


    Download "Atons death" and "need company?"



    This is what was supposed to be in the ending of the game

  7. I think that the Exile fed on death, each killed enemy made him stronger and that - eventually - would lead to the death of the Force. Don't you remember the words of the council? "You feed on death, it is the only thing that fuels your existance" (or something like that :thumbsup: )


    Exile would kill the force because every time he gained more powet the Force lost it. Every death echoed in him - like the death of Malachor V.


    The Council didn't want to take his abilities - but they HAD to. To protect the Force and all life.



    And I like master Vrook ;) . He is the only one in the coucil that doesn't "rely on the Force" all the time and tries to act logical

  8. Well the Exile IS a wound in the Force that can kill everything that lives so ... I guess I can understand them. I see the "dark council problem" like this :





    Exile was once a strong in a force Jedi who had a unique skill - he could create special "bonds" with anybody he met - he could feel what they did, he knew what they thought. He did not do it on purpose. He could create such a bond just by talking with somebody.


    When the mandalore wars began he joined Revan and Malak in their fight. He became one of the Generals of the republic army.

    He was the one who ordered to destroy Malachor V - to kill all life on it -humans , aliens , mandalorian and republic sodiers.


    The Exile was connectet(with force bonds) to most of men on the planet - and he felt their death. In horrible pain he disconnected himselph from the Force - but the death of milions was still inside him - because of the bond he had with each one of them.


    Exile died. All that remained was but a shell.


    Force is an energy of life but he had it no longer. He beceame a shell thrown out of the sea - he could hear the distant echo but he could no longer feel the sea.


    Exile *existed* only thanks to death, he feed on death just like Darth Nihilus. Wherever he went death followed him as. He became stronger with it.


    Everything bad - wars, fights etc. - that happened in KOTOR 2 was because of the Exile. Every living enemy he killed could not go back to the force - he *stole* their energy and became stronger (that's why he leveled much faster than Revan in KOTOR 1 )



    And with every death the Force was weakaned forever - because of the wound that couldn't be healed. Because the dead could not go back to the circle of life.


    That's why the council wanted to destroy him (but how they wanted to disconnect him form the Force AGAIN I do not know)




  9. Have you ever heard of Yuuzyan Vong (I probbably spelled it incorectlly) books ?


    They tell the story of the children of Luke, Leia, Han and others. I guess you could put a game in that perioid - it differs from the world known in the films ....

  10. Ekhm .... Keyn ....


    Not to insult anybody - as I already said I don't know who is responsible for this (burn in hell for all eternity) - but ....


    .. I don't recall any *sign* or *message* on the box that the game inside is - as you said - "unpolished" or - as I would say it - INCOMPLETE


    It's not only matter of bugs - they are in every game and I can live with the ones in KOTOR 2 (I had no problem with the game - just one or two cut dialogues). Unfortunately the game is incomplete. The ending is some kind of beta or alpha version, has nothing to do with the story in the game, does not include characters that were following the Exile.



    I think that is what this why this forum turned into "Forum of Complaining".


    Is it our fault that the game is *broken* ? Hell no!


    I do not know who is responsible LA, OE or both. I do not intend to guess because I could harm people who did nothing wrong - and I do not want that.



    But can OE or LA be suprised that we - people whobought their product - are prety angre and want to know what will be changed in the patch?


    Personally I would like to know will it put into the game things that were supposed to be there - the endings, some dialogues etc. I hope yes. But I want to know for sure.




    English isn't my first language too so I hope that I did not offend anybody. Except the guy responsible.

  11. Kotor 2 has intresting characters - not as good as bastila and jolee from KOTOR 1 but still great :lol: - brilliant plot - MUCH better then the one in KOTOR 1 - , pretty good graphics - for a RPG game they are outstanding(at least for me) - and a *horiible* ending. So for me it's










    6/10 - counting the ending


    9/10 - not counting the ending

  12. I hope it will fix the E N D I N G and maybe put some R E A L one. I guess that shouldn't be hard because the materials are ALREADY IN THE

    GAME but for unknown reasons were not used - so instead of dramatical and beatifull ending we got so early alpha version .....



    But I guess I'm just dreaming ......

  13. The game is great but the ending sucks.


    I mean - sure there was little time so I guess I can't complain about no npc-quests (like with juhani or jolee in KOTOR1) or non - finished quests (asassin droid factory). I could live with it - the game has a great plot, the idea of a Jedi who has lost connection to the Force and has to lisen to the echoes of it is brilliant but ....


    ... the council wanted to exile the Exile?? Disconnect from the force someone who is already disconnected ?


    ... Kreia sends a wookie to kill Mira because she "can find what shouldn't be found", Mira wins says that she has to find the EXILE .., and that's it? She went on a drink or something?


    ... what happened to the rest of the crew? They couldn't be unconsious because somebody had to pilot the Ebon Hawk later on right?AND all of them had to survive 'cause Kreia sees their future right?


    .. the "true" sith who are "much more powerfull, fearfull ..." etc " ... then you could ever imagine"? And nobody ever heard of them?



    The first part of the game is even better than KOTOR 1 but the end is horrible. I don't know who is resposible for that but I hope that KOTOR 3 will be much better.




    Could adnybody thell me what will be fixed in the patch?

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