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  1. I like the mixture of encumbrance (for realism) and magic inventory space (bag of holding).

    The use of stamina as mentioned above is a good idea also (added some realism on the sprinting part

    in Age of Conan and The Secret World fe.)

    Must say that D:OS (to name a "modern" RPG) handles line of sight and friendly fire very well , feels like a p&p session sometimes.

    It always struck me (especially in MMO's) that bagspace was always a big issue... you can cast x and y and do whatever but a magic bag

    seems to much ;-). Thank goodness for RPG's that are AD&D based...

  2. MMO : The Elder Scrolls Online and The Secret World and just began peeking back in The Lord of The Rings Online after some year off.

    Solo : Clockwork Empires, Divinity Original Sin, Grim Dawn and Mass Effect 3

    to do : massive amount of indies and Steam sale loot :-)

  3. It is good to see games likes Divinity : Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity going back to the "oldskool" rpg roots. Personally -at least for now- i agree with the "keep it SP" opinion (co-op might work). Do not get me wrong i adore MMO's and played almost nothing else for the last 14 years but lately they do not go the good way tbh. So i am very happy with the good indie and oldfashioned (yet modern) RPG's that see the light these days :-)

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