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  1. I absolutely love no combat xp!!!!  I thought it was strange at first but now that I know about it, I am very happy for it!  I don't have this stupid compulsion to kill everything on the map to maximize my xp!!! yay!!!!


    On the loot thing, so far, I have gotten more good loot than anything that can be found in the store.  Give me a break, this is great.  And money?  After doing the first 4 quests I am still banking on 30k cp.  Nothing worthwhile to spend it on.

  2. It is simple why they don't release more footage too early.  If they do, it will most likely be unpolished (not as good as they plan for release) and therefore people will say "OMG... this looks horrible!"  Rumors will spread about a horrible looking game (despite it being not-quite-done version) and that will hamper their ability to get money so they can continue to further the project.  Which means the game will die an early death, all because we 'had' to see something early.  If you don't believe me, look at what happens to early reviews when the games are not completely done when the sneak peeks are not release worthy.

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