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    Sure it is.

    See? You can't even make a basic argument in favor of it.
    I havent heard a basic argument from you against it. So why should I bother?


    The argument is easy, for PoE, it was designed to NOT be in it.  You still can gain the necessary levels via their XP system.


    Note, I am not saying that it shouldn't be expanded, just not every battle.

  2. Glad that someone else pointed it out.  The people that are so hardcore grindxp, sounds like the people at casinos are forced to go away from the slot machine.  They want those bells to go off so bad, they become unable to perceive reality that the machine created for them.


    And before Helm trolls again, note I never said I was against combat xp, I was against grind xp.  I would like tough mobs give xp, but seriously I don't want every single rat, beetle, or bunny to give xp.

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    The poll done here was also worded to make people who voted yes to grindxp to be good and those that voted no to grindxp to wrong (via sarcasm).  The previous poll in the link is worded to not sound one is better than the other.  So, this poll is irrelevent.


    The poll expresses a point that the community divided. This stems in part to how many of us feel that 'spiritual successor' phrase thrown out there by the development team coupled with no combat xp is a bad mix. 



    No, it doesn't.  That being said, why is everyone so hung up on grindxp?  I played every single BG to date.  Maybe some of the people here are the first but one of the most common complaints about those games is the grindxp.  The feeling that your char is going to suck unless you squeeze out every single xp in an area.  If you like that fine, whatever.  The main thing about being a spiritual successor to BG is not mindless combat though.  It is being an open world with lots of interactions whether it is the main story, side arcs, or just knowledge fun of the universe.  That is what made BG fun, not mindless combat with rats.

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  4. Bester, and inventory system is simple compared to a pathing system.  Pathing systems far closer to an AI than to an inventory system.


    600lbs, D:OS is as much of a spiritual successor to BG as much as Diablo is a spiritual successor of BG.  The main thing both of those two games have in common is the grind.  Yes, there is wayyyy to much grind in BG.


    I really wish people would stop this nostolgia stuff, and imprinting their likes on a current game and call it a spiritual successor of some other game, ignoring the fact that they are missing out on half of the purpose of the first game (in this case D:OS has as much story as a cave man drawing, and the dialogue is as good also).

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  5. The problem is this, people are trying to apply their definition of what a cRPG is.  There are as many definitions of cRPGs as there are types of pizza.  If you google it, many include games like Zork as a cRPG.  It just isn't what you are used to.  BG isn't the beginning and the end of the definition of it.  I've been playing computer games since Zork was brand new.  Yes, I'm a geezer.  If you want a game where smashing rats is your objective?  Pretty sure there is a game about that.


    It is already clear that whinning enough to fill Lake Superior isn't going to change the direction of the xp system.  Continuing to whine about it, just makes you a very horrible sore loser.  Get over it, and try to find some sort of incremental thing that can be done, and get over it. 


    Despite all of the bugs, I've enjoyed the game immensely for the exact thing you don't like to do, not killing everything.  If boss mobs were made into mini-quests (get something that drops off them then turn them in to some collector), they might buy it.  Even in the beta several times I ended up killing things because I wanted their crafting materials, and wanted to see if there were hidden objects somewhere.

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  6. Let's address some of your falsities.  Not having grindxp has nothing to do with RP.  Second, even w/o grindxp there are tangable awards: loot.


    Now to address your other actual concerns.


    I don't know of anyone that thinks this system is just fine the way it is.  There is actually more people against grindxp than for it (last time I checked either poll).  Does that mean we think there shouldn't be more types of xp?  Heck yeah, there should be more.

    There are bugs to the ogre quest currently about that and they acknowledged it.


    I for one, would be very disatisfied if they brought back grindxp.  I won't just act like a baby and not support the game though.  There is still enough other stuff that I want to see closer to completion.  After doing over a dozen or so betas, it is wayyyyy to early to make any definitive statements.  Technically this game is already more polished than some games at launch.  Not that I think the game should be launched in its current state.

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    For Example, the Ogre Cave:

    Get discovery XP for finding it, getting rare mob xp for killing it, and quest xp for turning in the head.  Instead of right now, only getting quest xp for finding it and for killing it.


    Bad example, because then you get more XP for the violent path than the alternative path (convincing the Ogre to leave). Better example would be Discovery XP for the Cave, Quest XP for dealing with the Ogre (however way you choose), and Quest XP for turning in the quest (in whatever state it happens to be) to the farmer.


    Those taking the violent path gets a rare component (Ogre Blood), those letting the Ogre get fuzzy feelings + some kind of reputation boost + Ogre's alive and might be encountered later, with a reward of some kind (gold, information, item, you name it). Or maybe in this case, the rewards are asymetrical, and those killing the Ogre get the blood, and those not killing the Ogre miss out on it because you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.


    Yes, that is even better.  Maybe get the rare mob XP then for that one spider though.

  8. I hate getting xp off of beetles, and am glad there isn't combat xp. 


    That being said, it should be slightly diversified.

    Keep the Quest XP

    Add in:

    discovering XP

    Killing rare mobs XP

    Achievement XP


    For Example, the Ogre Cave:

    Get discovery XP for finding it, getting rare mob xp for killing it, and quest xp for turning in the head.  Instead of right now, only getting quest xp for finding it and for killing it.

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  9. Can we please wait till they do a major update before everyone doom and glooms over it?  I've done dozens of beta tests in my life already and this by far isn't the worst.  Hell, there have been some actual MMO releases that were buggier than this.  Be patient, report all bugs, for if you don't report the bugs, you are part of the problem.  Give advice on how to make the mechanics work better, if you don't guess what I'm going to say again.  Yep, you are part of the problem.


    Otherwise, just chill out and game on.

  10. I have generally had that stat really high, I've seen it in practice many times, mainly because I always focus fire, so given that all of the people attacking and with my main char with the stat high, opposing casting time based abilities have always failed as long as I am focus firing them.  I like the mechanic and it seems to work very well, and reliably for me.

  11. Namutree, it isn't just me.  One of the things that turns off people from games like BG because you want to be the most powerful possible, but to do that you must grind.  You might have had a different experience, but you are in the minority.


    As I said though, this system is better than the majority of the other systems.  Could it be better?  Hell yeah. I agree there should be xp for exploration. There should be xp for defeating tough monsters. There should be non-quest related xp gaining, that isn't killing a beetle.

  12. Most RPGs give out XP for kills, and yes it is grinding when the benefit of being a higher level, which means you will be more powerful, which means that you will stay alive longer and easier, means that it rewards you to mindlessly chop on schleps to get better.  One of the Final Fantasy's (I think 13) capped your level per area so that you wouldn't feel the need to grind on mobs forever just to gain the highest level, so that your encounters almost become trivial.  Now am I saying this game should adopt that system, heck no, it won't work.  FF is linear, this is generally not.


    Having a system that rewards you for doing the quests, achieve something, discover something, kill something awesome, now that is more fun.  I don't want to grind on beetles forever, just to overlevel so that I can run through everything else in the area easily.  They should just be roadblocks, as they are now.


    In BG there was other options to grind, then again if you went to any specific location to do something that required combat, you cleared the zone before continuing.  Not that you needed to clear the zone, you just did to maximize your xp for the area.  I do hope that fighting specific mobs and discovering things gives you xp in the future, right now the current system isn't enough for those that wish to just wander.

  13. Clearing zones to clear them, are the most annoying form of xp.  Should there be more ways of gaining xp?  heck yeah, if what a previous poster stated that there will be more ways to gain xp in the future, I'll by very happy. 


    Grinding is boring, this stops the grind.  When I say boring, I would rather dig my heart out with a spoon, than grind.  I still do though, because the games that I am willing to deal with it, has so many other interesting things.

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