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  1. Yeah all the feedback and various UI displays and mouseovers are still borked. It'll be easier to figure out where all of that comes from when they finally get the UI worked out. Seems to break in new ways each patch even as they fix the old problems. xD


    Fully agree, and I am hopeful that they will sort that out soonish (soonish as in number of builds not time).  I like the concept, but the concept needs to be fixed, then polished.

  2. I will freely admit that I was the first to call out the OP as trolling, I will continue to stand by that.


    Back to what the topic should be, no the game isn't being rushed, it doesn't feel it is going to be pushed back either. They are working their duffs off and with every update can see the progress and true beauty of the game that I backed.

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  3. Oh, we understand your original post and most of it is just non-factual and/or based on speculation.  Not going to touch the funding thing, not enough insight on it.  Not a fanboy of Obsidian either.  I backed it because the concept of the game is something I can get behind, and so far it hasn't disappointed me.  Yes, the core system is in there.  You can move around!  Not perfectly but that can be fixed.  Stats are not part of the core system.  The ENGINE is the core system, rest is just numbers and ideas and yes they do change.  One game that I was early in the beta, champions online, had several powers that were drastically changed/removed/added by the time the game was released.  I know there are others that I had similar experiences with but not going to be bothered trying to remember them all.  Sensuki and Matt have been critical of the game, and generally I agree with their criticisms.  Their criticisms are based on numbers and facts though, yours is based on speculation and anger.  Which actually make your posts not criticisms, but in actuality they are troll posts.


    Oh, btw, you CAN save in the game, even with the F5 key... just to show you how little you know what is going on.

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  4. After doing a well over a dozen betas and a few alphas, this is far from being a alpha.  Is it polished? of course not.  At the same time how quickly the game can get polished can be at an amazing speed.  Early betas usually look and feel like crap but the biggest changes usually happens that last month before release.  Think of it like a reverse install bar, slow at first then blazes through at the end.


    This is another troll thread, nothing to see here.

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  5. So, I made a ranger again, and after doing the Ogre and the nest egg, I am really happy with whatever they did.  My ranger is the #2 damage dealer, and that one skill to put a DOT on things is very significant.  Another thing that I noticed is that the extra deflection on my beast from my per stat was very noticeable.  It, and I, took a lot less damage.  The damage the rogue can do from stealth is insane.  The stag having its own knockdown ability was very helpful also in the combat.  I only rested at the town after doing the egg/ogre quests because I wanted to turn them in for xps.  That first beetle encounter went a lot smoother, in fact all of the battles did.

  6. I still don't get it.  How in the heck is grindxp the sole thing that makes something a spiritual successor IE games?


    Yes, I will always call it grindxp, you kill as many things as possible to get the most benefit, even if you don't need to.  The Beastiary is kinda... meh but I am better with that then the grind.  Yes, you could go all stealth and win at lvl1 or even lvl5, but if you do fight the mobs, you are always better off killing them all.  Josh specifically said that he doesn't want that to become the game.  Where you go do the quest then go kill everything you decided to slip past to get some sort of xp benefit.

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    yeah, because of how DT works, fast lower dmg bows are horrible compared to slow, high dmg guns/xbows.

    Applies to melee weapons as well at the moment.
    Hopefully will be rebalanced at some point. Just a reminder that if you want, you can try out different weapon damage ranges against different values of DT, MIG, Accuracy, Deflection etc to get the expected DPS using the DPS calculation spreadsheet I've made available. A link to the latest spreadsheet is at the end of the pdf posted on the first page of the "attribute redesign" thread. I'll be uploading a new one after the next patch that takes any changes into account as well as minimum damage vs DT. :)


    I fully expect it will be rebalanced.  Not really tripping over it at this point.

  8. grindxp is an unrewarding obstacle.  Having to needlessly grind is one of the most pointless activities.  I do it because other parts of the game make up for it, I would rather not though.  In terms of gameplay, I actually see the hidden gem of the combat that can be fun, it just needs to get tweaked and balanced.

  9. While I love the shared health pool.  Overall I think they need this boon first and foremost.  Ranger's armor affects the pet's (even if there is a cap).  That does 2 things.  First makes the pet harder to hit and therefore harder to kill the ranger which is an issue.  Second, it makes armor for the ranger useful to have.

  10. Just because of some perceived history is the reason why there should be an additional item slot?  PoE IS a cRPG, whether or not you want to say it is, by the definition of a cRPG, it is one.  If they didn't want to have cloaks and amulets to have their own slots, that is a power issue.  It really isn't that important and doesn't really make the game more/less immersive.

  11. I had issues at first then I really thought about party dynamics.  With me as a Paladin and my Hireling as a Chanter, I just got done steamrolling all of the crossing with only needing to take 2 rests (one after the spider queen and one one when I entered the underground area).  Interdiction is a very key ability, same with web, and the same with the priest's deflection buff spell.  Combine that with the Chanter flaming/def buff, I was able to easily steamroll the area.  You just need to be precise and setup your encounters wisely.

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