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  1. *Shrug*


    So I figured out the problem. I'm not sure what happened, but I downloaded two identical official patches. One caused my current issue and the other allowed me to play the game fine. So that problem is over.


    Now I've run into another issue.


    Everything went fine the first time I entered Dantooine. I returned to my ship knowing somebody would be waiting for me, fought her, watched a good number of scenes, had some lengthy conversations... After all of that I decided it was finally time to start my work on Dantooine... Upon exiting the ship, nothing happens. I get the party selection screen but after making my choices it just gives me a black screen. Cursor is still there and the game has not crashed, but I can't do anything.


    Anyone have any tips? Other planets work fine, it's just Dantooine that is giving grief.

  2. Every time I hit the play button after creating my character the game crashes. I have all the patches installed and I've tried all the different graphic options.


    My system is...


    Windows XP Professional w/ SP3.


    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.53GHZ (I tried running the game with just a single processor, same problem)

    NVIDIA 9800GTX+

    2GB of Ram


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Just want to chime in the say that this is the best DS gave I have ever played and the best game I've played all year.


    Game has a lot of great aspects layered on top of no another. There is battling, character customizing, map making, harvesting, expanding shop inventories, quest of course the dungeon crawling.


    I'm not really good at giving impressions, but I'll be happy to answer any questions.

  4. It's the 20th anniversary of FF, and they'll be announcing more titles this year. FF1/2 are just the first titles announced, and for good reason. Just wait.


    Source on that? I would love a high res remake of FFIV-FVII.


    karka, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops are great PSP games you should check out. :teehee:

  5. By Zeus, why the crap are you looking forward to FF1/2?


    :confused: Well, I never played them and I need a lengthy thing(game) to play on holidays. They are really that bad, or just old?


    Well, you shouldn't be supporting this kind of blatant quick cash scheme by Square-Enix... and yeah, I would say they are bad.


    FF1 is pretty much a giant grind and FF2 has the most broken statistic system of any RPG I have ever played. Unless they are fixing all of that I wouldn't say the games are worth purchasing even if you haven't played them before. They are certainly not worth it if you bought FF Origins on the PSone and/or GBA... Both games came bundles in that version as well unlike the PSP version!!!

  6. This is not good news. I really want to use my PSP for gaming. You can do lots of things with it, but when it comes to gaming it simply sucks. So Haitoku, do you know anything about Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner. It's an ATLUS title, so I think it could be worth checking out.


    Ah, another game I was really interested in. On paper, the game sounds fantastic. Shin Megami Tensei series creator is director, which should almost guarantee stellar gameplay and the it also has a lot of impressive music talent. I was expecting a typical Okada game. Gritty, mature and very difficult... unfortunately, it looks like the magic of the SMT series stayed behind in Atlus R&D1. The game is apparently very uninspired both in it's dungeon design and battle system not to mention the game has a lot of bloated scenes and very terrible art direction.


    I'll pick it, but only because I already payed in full and I'm sure there it can't be as bad as people are making it seem.


    Sorry to be such a buzz-kill, on the plus side... a cool Castlevania compilation was just announced for the PSP.

  7. Ok. I'm adding another PSP game to my list. Jeanne D'Arc. Another Level 5 game. These guys know what they are doing.


    I was pretty excited about it until I started reading some impressions... apparently it's a fairly easy and generic SRPG with a very Saturday morning anime story.


    I'm still looking forward to the same game mainly...


    Persona 3

    Etrian Odyssey



  8. A unique gameplay feature is not necessarily the same as advancing the series forward, especially if the features are exclusive to the games they're included in. Though the inclusion of one specific feature in several of the games is welcomed the series is still, at core, the same.


    Maybe. Those little quirks were what really made the games feel unique though.


    TP in a lot of ways feels like vanilla Zelda. It's good... but I'll forget about it because all it really had was the core gameplay.

  9. Sorry to burst your bubble but twilight princess wasn't that great from what i saw but then again who am i but a lowly transgendered slug.  :(


    There are very few things of which I am a fervent fan of, but Zelda is one of them. From what I gathered it's got the usual design and feel of a Zelda game but doesn't really move the series forward. Which may be true, but seriously, tha has been true for nearly all of its titles.


    That's not true. Despite how many series staples still remain, every single Zelda game has had it's own unique gameplay features. Things like side-scrolling, season changing, time travel, unique time schemes and ocean sailing (I'm sure I'm forgetting a few). TP does have ONE thing, but it's so poorly implemented and it never becomes a major part of the gameplay outside one or two areas. The game could have done without it.


    In the end, it's pretty much an Ocarina of Time redux.

  10. All right, I think all the difficulties I was having was mainly had to do with just getting use to the game. It's been a long time since I played a game with tank controls or this kind of focus. The second part of the game was much more manageable and the return to the


    is going smoothly. I'm running circles around the


    and just having a generally easier time just surviving. I'm near the end and I'll be playing Resident Evil Zero next.

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