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  1. Does anyone actually read these "professional" game reviews any more? Speaking for myself, I haven't taken these paid shills seriously for years, I look at user reviews and nothing else.


    I mean sure game reviews have always been a little suspect going back to the 80s when game companies themselves owned the magazines that released them but even then they were not completely useless. And I remember the glowing reviews Ultima IX got LOL. So, you know, pinch of salt.


    These days are a few I know well and thus I am aware of their biases and my opinion is likely to coincide with theirs. I cannot possibly know the users well enough to know what theirs are so I generally find it not very valuable to look at user reviews...unless the game has serious issues. Generally there is no reviewer or user I am going to take as authoritative, but I do think it is useful to get a little taste of what other people are thinking.

  2. Wow, acknowledging RPGs don't have to but do have other places to go and more ways to work than remaking BG1 all the time is apparently a very controversial view?


    Every single party focused tactical rpg is not a BG1 remake. First person action RPGs do not get slandered as Ultima Underworld remakes. It just gets so tiresome to be told how the games I enjoy are somehow special and deserve to be labelled as an artifact of the past for no reason at all, while other games which are very similar to games that are just as old get celebrated as evolutionary. They aren't, they are just a genre that is more fashionable but just as ancient in its heritage.

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  3. It is best to be careful with jumping to conclusions before Obsidian has released an official statement, but this is shocking to hear. Very disappointing to hear that a company I hold in very high regard would stoop this low. 


    Life is complicated man. I hold their work in high regard and hold many of their employees in high regard. But business is business and besides we only have one half of the story. Even if Obsidian was interested in explaining themselves I am not sure we would still get enough information to know everything that was going on there.


    I am not saying I think Chris is lying or that his experience isn't true. But we have Anthony Davis talking about his experience and I believe him as well. Because it is real life.

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  4. I appreciate you posting that. My thanks.


    But I never feel like I am qualified to have an opinion on these sorts of controversies. I don't know what the other side's perspective is. I do not consider myself an arbiter of justice based on rumors. I hope whatever issues Obsidian is having are managed in a more harmonious way in the future.


    I will always be a big fan of Avellone and I hope he still has many more projects in him.

  5. I never regard streamlining well, as its commonly done by developers. Bethesda take a tree and then lop off all the branches that make it interesting in the name of simplicity.


    Yeah. It comes from a good place but all to often it seems to lead to a place where the game just sort of plays itself. 

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  6. They mean games that follow that broad open world action-RPG format that Bethesda pioneered.


    Yeah but I have no interest in those.


    I mean not every game has to be what I like but it would be nice if, you know, some of them were. I want strategy and tactics and party based mechanics, not to see how fast I can swing my virtual sword. If that is the only possible way that RPGs can develop and everything else is regressive than I guess there is no room for fans like me in modern RPGs.

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  7. People are just touchy about this because most companies charge extra for game content that's ready at launch e.g. Bioware


    Yeah I was going to say. Gamers are super paranoid they are getting screwed these days. Every announcement Obsidian makes has a subset gnashing their teeth and trying to figure out how this means they are getting screwed.


    Probably reasonable with how things are going.

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