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  1. I use it for larger mobs where there is no risk of aoe spells being cast on my group.  A few death guards casting fire balls and your tightly knit group's endurance is all but shot.  I dont see this as an exploit as it doesnt always work.  You also run the risk of having your front line stuck with no where to go while they get jumped and hacked to pieces.  I am reminded of a fight in Divinity OS.  The battle at Evelyn's lair, me and my buddy teleported every fire basket in the area to make a funnel on the stairs which completely choked up all the enemies,it worked perfectly!  Use what you can use to win the fights is the way i see it.

  2. This is crazy - Its not like you're being forced to read constitutional law books, its fantasy and is part and parcel of the rpg game experience.  Although some people just dont like to read, so that maybe the problem.  I love reading so dont find it painful at all.  If you cant stand it that much, just skim read it to get the general gist but you run the risk of missing something critical.

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  3. That's not as bad as the fact that you can't place an enchantment unless there's the exact room for it (ie if it cost 6, 6 unused slots must be present). 


    So if it's 10/12 and at Fine quality, there should be room to make it excellent as that would bring it up to 12/12, but you can't cause you need 6 unused slots..


    That being said, I did "ruin" a few weapons like that. But you always find better ones later anyway, so I just considered it a minor nuisance.

    Yeah thats always the catch though - you are constantly waiting for something better and by the time it arrives you've wasted game time you could have been playing with an enchanted weapon.  Continue that thought process too long and you'll end up finishing the game without using any of the enchantments.  I find the same thing with collected potions and crafting items.  I am always thinking, "ill probably need that later on", by the time i use it the game is nearly finished and have a mountain of unused consumables !


    This bugs me in many other games as well. Take Mass Effect 3: you kill stuff by the boatloads, on screen head explosions included. But for some obscure reason Samantha wears a bra in the shower.




    And the same thing is with american movies:

    Violence? OK!

    Swearing? No way!

    Nipple? Blasphemy!


    I really don't get why are americans so afraid of showing nipples, there are so normal in european movies and games. And nothing happened with us. We are still normal people not sexual maniacs.

    The same goes to swearing It's so silly when I see even mouth is pixelated in some american productions.


    Somewhere along the way, the nipple went from being solely a nurturing tool for the feeding of babies, to becoming a very sexualized protrusion.  The bearing of breasts in european cultures was not uncommon or considered risque', in fact the exposing of legs and ankles were more eyebrow raising than that of a nip slip.   Cleavage on the other hand, which can be shown without any social hindrance or stigma, here in the USA, was always used to mirror that of the top of a female ass to attract men.  The bigger and more full the better, which represented the woman's health, status and social position and potential for birthing and rearing a child, or in the mind of the onlooker, his child; subconsciously of course.


    I remember back in BG 1 and 2 that trolls can only be killed with fire or acid weapons/spells.


    And somehow that didn't stop me from finishing it, interesting..


    Those fire arrows really came in handy when in this situation.  In fact i think before i came across an enchanted fire weapon it was the only way i was able to kill those pesky trolls, after my party knocked them out of course.  It would be nice to see something like that implemented in future patches.  Stone or iron golems was a whole other problem which at times rendered all but a couple of your party members useful in battling them.  It really made each encounter unique in that respect.  

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  6. i dont know, maybe i am in the minority but playing a full blown rpg on a tablet doesnt sound like much fun.  Tablets to me are things we use when we cant get to the "real" computer, like sending emails or watching a movie on the train.  For me playing games like POE, require a familiar computer setup and environment, not a spontaneous, "oh i think i am going to load up an rpg while I wait for the bus to arrive, simply to burn time.   

  7. what i have been doing to get around it, is sending in a scout well ahead of the main party, usually my ranger with the crossbow and agro the enemies with her.  Once the combat music starts i pause it, que her move to behind the main party so she starts running back as soon as the pause is released.  During the pause i cast all my protection buffs on the main group while the enemies begin chasing my ranger.  By the time they engage the main party the prebuffing is done and i can begin to cast FOE AOE spells.  


    This helps alot so you dont waste combat time casting buffs while your party gets hacked away.  Gets the buffing out of the way so you can concentrate on dps interrupt and domination spells.


    I would always go through the ritual of brebuffing 8-9 spells in the older games before every fight and save it before combat began.  Nothing was worse than prebuffing for an eternity and forgetting to save it, only to realize after you got hammered and had to do it all over again.


    I guess the system works as it is, you just have to know how to work around.  Adapt to it and conquer!

  8. You constantly hear people talking about immersion breakers and for me, who just got to the point where I inherited the stronghold, seems to be just that.  It completely breaks up the adventure when you have to manage a castle, upgrading and hiring people like you are playing an RTS.  Its something that needlessly distracts you from the main storytelling aspect of the game.  Worrying about, if i am making or loosing money, getting robbed etc.  


    As others have suggested, i am going to only upgrade the main keep, botanicals and curio and forget everything else, unless there is a critcal need to, that affects the overall flow of the story.

  9. As i am reading this and other disappointment threads based on game choices by the devs, I cant help but think it will almost guarantee they wont appear in the initial release of Tides of Numenera.  You can  be 100% sure they are scouring these boards for big complaints  and making it a point to add or remove features based on them.  


    I don't know how far along they are or if some changes cant be made based on current game progression but going second, in this case, in regards to release will most certainly play in their favor.


    BAdler, on 03 Apr 2015 - 11:50 PM, said:snapback.png

    Note: We have hotfixed the problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests.

    Source: http://forums.obsidi...ixes/?p=1630135


    Ok, a 570Mb hotfix then??


    In a perfect world every patch that comes out would have a direct positive influence on your game, and given the size of the patch you would think it would but its only a solo fix.  I mean there is a good chance you would encounter this issue but most are probably looking for something more substantial when a 500+mb starts rolling in.

  11. Just letting you know that I couldn't care less about these politics, nor about the actual joke. The only thing that matters to me is that Obsidian has proven today to be a company with NO INTEGRITY. This characteristic is very important to me and to every customer who cares about what happens with his money. I've been buying every Obsidian's game ever since it was created (yes, even DS3) because of your incredible potential and passion for games. Hell, I've been rooting for a lot of you guys ever since Fallout and Planescape and Arcanum. But unfortunately talent means nothing without integrity. If you had it you wouldn't have pressured the backer into changing his 500$ worth input into the game.


    It was a fun ride guys but I will not give my money to a company with no integrity, a company who is more interested in the opinion of a bully than their loyal customer. It is simply a matter of principle. And because of this principle PoE was the last Obsidian's product I have ever bought.


    Good Luck to you all.

    I can assure you a PR agency instructed them to remove it, in order to mitigate any fallout moving forward, despite any protestations the may have had.  Integrity aside, it is a business that needs to operate in the public sector, so unfortunately has to bend when faced with this type of issue.  We don't have to agree with it however.     

  12. I'm so annoyed by these bugs. They haven't even fixed the reckless assault bug that I detailed in a bug report last week. Then someone makes a thread about the same issue TODAY and it gets recognized by a dev and added to their database. Seems like I'm being ignorned or just devs only read the first page of a forum.


    I'm shelfing PoE until the expansion comes out. Going to keep playing Dota and wait for Mortal Kombat X.


    thx obsidian. You get a negative review from me. Nice 4th place position on steam with 92% review compared to 96% cities.


    Was hoping to play this game so I can get a break from dota, but nope, Bugsidian lives on.

    Bugs...bugs everywhere.

    Can you say Histrionic Personality Disorder...

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    I'm not butthurt, but chill fog lingers for so long that it was nice tanking mobs inside it.


    That's just lazy though. Slicken has been waaay too good for months but I always used Chill Fog like it was foe/friendly so the nerf won't affect my style even on my freeze mage. It's fairly easy to micro and funnel mobs into the CF radius. 


    agreed - to be honest when i first started playing i had no idea about the foe and aoe designations so just assumed every spell affected party members so cast them accordingly.  This nerf will also not affect my style of play.  I would usually cast chill fog as a prelude to a battle, as the mobs were heading toward my party.  Let them run through it - take the defbuff and continue on with the fight.  The same goes for entagle or slick - although entagle and web were always friendly fire back in bg 1 and 2 so just assumed they would be in POE as well.


    The patch is currently being crunched on by QA. If everything checks out, then you'll probably get an update by end of day tomorrow.


    Thank you very much, much appreciated. Well, I guess I'm a bit out of luck as GOG user, because it is unlikely they will upload the patch on a holiday (which I can understand, I'm also happy to have some days off and I guess you guys would also be happy if you could release the patch today to have some/more time off). Well, maybe I get surprised, but most likely I can' relax with PoE on the holidays. :( But at least the steam users will be happy. :)


    By the game on steam so you can play immediately - that would be the responsible thing to do!

  15. when you are sneaking, you notice traps (turn red), to disarm, you should get something like a little mechanical wheel when you roll over the trap with your mouse pointer.


    then you just click on the trap to automatically try and disarm it.


    if your mech skill is high enough, you succeed, if not, you don't.


    if you aren't seeing traps at all, you probably have a very low mech skill level.  might need at least level 2?  not sure.  but once you see them, you just click on them with your character with the highest mech skill, and they will try to disarm it.







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