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  1. Not a bug at all (at least I hope not), but I just can't stand the fact that my Ranger's wolf looks like a raccoon compared some of the other animals you encounter in game. I understand not the size of an elder wolf, but seriously? It's 1/3rd of the size of one of the regular wolves. First off, it makes it difficult to sometimes locate and utilize the wolf. Secondly, from an RP perspective, why would I have bothered to bound with a runt? Certainly not an underdog scenario (pun not intended). I've yet to play the other pets, but I hope it's not the same across the board.

  2. I agree, there is too much going on for me to actually utilize in my gameplay. Druid for instance comes to mind; there are far too many spells for a class that should be ideally a support role. Heals, buffs/debuffs, melee attacker. Instead, I find myself reading every tooltip over and over, wondering if something is even worth casting. Most of the time I just give up casting all together.


    That being said, there's something else that could be improved upon. I find that the ability for priests, druids, wizards, etc., to be able to cast like bards/sorcerers from DnD is too much. I'd much rather have to take the time to select my spells prior to resting, rest, and then have only the spells I want/need. I could understand from a rp perspective that a druid shouldn't have to memorize spells, but it would still greatly diminish some of the stress of combat. 

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