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  1. I recieved ps3 patch early this mornin' via auto update for ps plus members, booted up today and am getting stuck in archery mode. When I bring up my cross hairs w/  it toggles on with one click and refuses to turn off. The only way I can exit crosshairs is if I use the d-pad to bring up my menu. I assume this is due to the patch cause last night you had to hold down L2 to bring up cross hairs and when released cross hairs would disappear. 


    Also unrelated to the archery mode patch bug I'm also having the exact same issues as OP in this post 


    I registered for this forum because of exactly these two issues. Has there been a fix for it yet? I just bought the game yesterday. (I do know how to dragon fart in the world but it isn't an option under R1)


    Found a quick fix on the archery issue as well as my other issue. The archery bug only happens when my dragon shout fart is not equipped, subsequently that was also the fix to my other issue.


    My dragon shout is equipped but I still can't R1 to it. any ideas?

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