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  1. I suspect you don't have the most diverse library of PC games.  Should have been there when Ultima IX was released...Oy!


    What will you say though....if a patch is released?


    I have played my share of games.


    And if they release the patch... so what. It won't fix anything. It won't fix any of the 1 billion bugs I've experienced and it won't even fix the bugs that the first patch is responsible for.


    Now if they all this time have been hard at work creating an

  2. As long as you hold every other game developer to the same standards.  I'm surprised you even continue to play video games seeing as they all apparently have a complete lack of respect for their customers.


    This is the first game I've played that was so clearly unfinished and full of bugs. Every other game I've played hasn't been this extreme. Those companies had the decency and enough respect for the customers to deliver a finished product.... Obsidian and LA didn't. They shipped the game well knowing that it wasn't finished and they still had the audacity to demand full price. I payed 350 kr. for a faulty product and they don't even have the decency to make available the necessary patches! They don't give a s*** about their customers.... it's just like 'Hey they bought it! We tricked them and it worked! And so what if they complain and they say it's faulty.... F*** 'em! Okay... next project!'.... that's how I see it. They have moved on and they don't give a rats @ss about us!

  3. Well I hope it's LA who is solely behind this mess, but we'll see. We'll see if what you say is true when Obsidian has made NWN 2. Cause if NWN 2 is also unfinished... then there's a pattern... and then Obsidian deserves to go to hell for shipping unfinished products without even mentioning it to the public!


    Because of this KotOR 2 stuff, I don't trust Obsidian and when NWN 2 is finished I won't trust all those reviews, cause it seems it's quite easy to buy a good rating... how else can you explain the absolute lack of mentioning the overwhelming number of bugs in the game and the stupidly high ratings considering that the game is clearly unfinished?!? Just look at the last planet!


    But since we'll probably never know for sure who's to blame for this mess, LA or Obsidian or both, I will have a healthy suspicion towards EVERYTHING those two companies make from now on! Cause I won't let them cheat me out of another 350 danish kr. for some friggen' unfinished game!

  4. good point....my jaw dropped when I read an on-the-record interview with the devs in which they talked about Droid World and that they dropped it for time-constraint reasons.  I appreciate the attitude behind their openness but if it only gets them in trouble, they need to not say such things.


    and they need to make sure to overwrite any content files that are on the disk that are not actually being used....that was, by far, their biggest mistake in this.



    Yeah it would have been much much better if they had purposely mislead us into thinking the game was finished [/sarcasm]


    If Obsidian continues this absolute lack of respect to its customers I seriously hope that they will crash and burn as a company! I wonder how they will manage NWN 2 and if they once again will ship a clearly unfinished product.... if they do I will boycott the game and encourage others to do so aswell!

  5. His second post is more in adherence to the grammatical structure of English language than his fist post. That is not improving his use of language?


    No, it's a grammatical improvement. I would define ones use of language as the choice of words you use for decribing your views. And I don't see a big difference between his 1st and 2nd post in terms of his usage of words, only a grammatical improvement. It's not like he went from caveman to philosopher. :thumbsup:



    Why shouldn't I? I see a post that doesn't seem to fit with the image I have of someone's posting style, and I know an easy way to check out if it actually is consistant with the said person's posting style. Hell, it probably took me longer to write this post than it took for me to check out his posts.


    Well, I'm not questioning wether or not it took you a few seconds to check out his previous posts... it's why in the world would you care! What was the purpose of saying that to him?! Being malevolent?

  6. Sexual gratification.


    You perve ;)



    Subtle? Hardly so when you can see it immediately.


    He upped his grammar a bit, not his usage of the english language. He wrote more in his 2nd post, but that doesn't have anything to do with his level of english.



    Excessive? All I did was click on his user name and then clicked on "Find member's posts" and then skimmed through the first page I was given. Hardly bothersome at all.


    It's the fact that you would do such a thing that's excessive! And I know you don't think so, that's why I wrote "I would say!"

  7. Low? It's merely an honest observation!


    But what did you achieve by saying it?



    Punctuation, capitalization and spelling are all better in the second post.


    There's not a clear improvement... subtle at best.



    Actually, I pretty much did just that.


    That's kinda.... weird! You looked through most of his post, just so you could see if his 2nd post was written in a higher level than what he's used to do?! That's a bit excessive, I would say!

  8. "Arh, come on.... what was that for?"


    Take a look at his older posts. Take a look at the new one. There's clear improvement to be seen.


    It's still low to say something like that! And no, I actually don't think there is a clear improvements from his 1st post in this thread to the 2nd post, so unless you have scanned through all his post to compare his use of the english language in his 2nd post in this thread with his general use of the english language, I can't see where you are coming from with that immature question!

  9. No, you only showed him you never actually disagreed.


    I convinced him that Demigod didn't necessarily fail to understand the plot in PS:T, but that he just might have been disappointed over the ending! And I turned out to be right, cause as Demigod put it 'there was little if no resolution to the main character'... well now we know what he meant by 'lead nowhere', he didn't feel there was any closure!



    I like to have some material to work with, and I like it brought to me.


    Hehe, you're lazy then? :thumbsup:



    Demigod, you're paying special attention to your language now that I've called you stupid?


    Arh, come on.... what was that for?

  10. ......? So because this is the internet, you can't convince anyone about anything... even if you have good arguments.... lol


    I convinced this guy :D

    Ah, then I misunderstood. I hadnt read the whole thread at the time.



    If you were to take a look at my track record you'd notice that is not (or in fact, it didn't use to be, back when this forum was a more brutal, unfriendlier but perhaps a little more, hm, stimulating place) rare for me to engage in a discussion. It is just that I often don't find it entertaining enough to do so.


    Well then it puzzles me even more that you didn't engaged in a discussion with him! But I guess you don't think it's entertaining to defend a game you like.

  11. I thought this thread was about to ask developpers what happened to the content patch, not to debate endlessly on how did two people argue on PS:T or K2...


    Well, when the developers don't answer.... you have to do something :wub:



    Try again, Sherlock.


    You got me on that one :p



    Well then, make a poll about it! Quote the post and have the question be "stupid or not?" and the options be "yes" and "no". Let's see which one wins. Or, rather, don't. I hate the possibility of losing.


    Well it's not wether or not he really is stupid.... it's just that you never even asked him about what he meant with 'lead nowhere', before calling him stupid!


    And you misunderstood what I wrote. I didn't mean that nobody but you thinks he's stupid, I just thought it wasn't a very valid point!



    Might have convinced him? Don't make me laugh, this is the internet!


    ......? So because this is the internet, you can't convince anyone about anything... even if you have good arguments.... lol


    Well I don't think we can agree, but at least I got you to discuss it with me.... so I'm considering it a small achievement from my part :D

  12. I didn't say that comparing them was stupid. I said missing where PST's plot was going/went was stupid. Like, a big difference.


    No, actually you didn't. You just said he was stupid. But I see your point and if I knew the story I would probably agree with you... but what if by saying 'Lead nowhere' just meant he thought the ending was disappointing(like KotOR II)? He did say it was a great plot... doesn't that imply that he knew what was going on?



    Hey, I got nothing against having opinions. Just don't say it out loud it if it's controversial enough to warrant further explanation and you're not going to bother to do so, or I'll call you stupid.


    Okay, so instead of asking him to further explain his views, you just go ahead and call him stupid... maybe if you'd asked him and engaged in a discussion with him, you might have convinced him that PS:T actually did lead somewhere!



    It isn't. It's an observation about his mental abilities. Duh!


    Erm, what I meant with that question was why didn't you put forth any real arguments, instead of just calling him stupid.



    Since he didn't feel like explaining his point of view any further than he did, I don't feel obliged to.


    Well, that probably has something to do with the fact that nobody asked him to specify his views! And I find it hard to believe that someone who's been called stupid wants to explain his point of view :)



    Besides, I only said what everyone else thought.


    Well you can't argue with that..... :p

  13. Well, it's a desperate case if you're not able to read PS:T dialogs.


    :thumbsup: Of course I can read it... I just don't like my games to be too dialog heavy. I like the amounts of dialog that are in games like Gothic 1 and 2, KotOR and Baldur's Gate 1 and 2


    You like Torment, but I don't like it so much.... it's all about preferences! I respect that you like the game... so couldn't you also respect that not everybody likes PS:T? And do it without insinuating that there just has to be something wrong with you if you don't like PS:T! :p

  14. Actually I was referring to when you stated one did not have to be stupid to fail to understand PST's plot.


    Demigod didn't say that he didn't understood the plot, he thought it lead nowhere! Now does that mean that he didn't understand what was going on... not necessarily... maybe he just thought the ending wasn't that good, just like KotOR II... here's a quote:


    That had a great plot that lead nowhere (thouhg it did have more than 1 ending) Whole plot points forgotton, stripped areas and lots of bugs and a patch that fixed little and broke more


    He's comparing his experience with Torment to KotOR II.... why on earth is that stupid?!


    Also, how can there be too much dialogue/interaction in an RPG?


    I just thought that there was too much dialog... loads and loads of lines to read.... not my cup of tea! I prefer that there are a few lines to pick from, not too long either, nice and simple... my eyes hurt if there's too much to read :-

  15. Well, you should. No, you must.


    Well, I tried to play it for an hour or two, but it didn't appeal to me in any way.... too much talking... too hard to actually hit the enemies... stuff like that



    Then you know not of which you speak and should respect your more knowledgable elders.




    If you actually read my posts, then you would see that I haven't said anything negative about Torment or at all commented on wether or not Torment is good or not.... until now that is

  16. "How old are you....3!"


    What? You have to be stupid to miss where Torment's plot is going.


    He's not allowed to have his opinion without you calling him stupid? And how is calling him stupid any argument for Torment's plot being good? It's friggen' immature to be name-calling... why don't you instead explain why you think the plot is good? How's that for an idea... an actual discussion!


    Btw, I haven't played Torment

  17. Wow.  It's a bold move to go against pretty much the entire world of CRPG fans and say that Planescape: Torment had a plot that went nowhere.  I'd wager the main reason why many people were excited about KOTOR 2 was that it was being made by the developers of PS:T.


    Nah, he's not bold, it's just his opinion. You have yours and he has his.


    Also, Demigod is stupid.


    How old are you....3!

  18. Woah, cowboy, switch to decaf! I was just trying to let the original poster know that as far as I knew we did recieve word. *sigh* I share your frustration, but I was the wrong person on which to vent it.






    Oh sorry if it sounded like I was venting of on you :"> .... it was meant to be understood as a calm question to you and then venting of on Obsidian..... but now that I have read it again, it is quite easy to misinterpret my post.... but again, I wasn't steaming of on you!

  19. I don't remember where, but didn't we have word that the second patch had been finished by OE and was currently in the hands of the LucasArts Q&A department?






    Well do you think it's fair for the people who have bought the game and then experience that it is very faulty, that Obsidian says that they have finished the patch and that LA now has it and then they don't say ANYTHING for a month?! Why can't they just give us an update once a week, where they could say that LA Q&A still has it?! Why the silence.... do Obsidian really think that this kind of behavior will be beneficial to their image?! Can't they understand that gamers won't forget how they were ignored and that they are not doing themselves a favor by being silent!


    WAKE UP OBSIDIAN.... now give us an update!! Just say something!!

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