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    Ok guys. Obsidian approved my run so I'll start publishing it from tomorrow
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    Not much gaming, but I got gift voucher from my girlfriend and other friends on my 40th birthday months ago, and I got finally free weekend to attend the event I felt crazy adrenaline rush and etremely enjoyed it so I feel to share it to you as well Driving in Ariel Atom and Formula Ford in real life for few simple laps A lot of hours in various sims helped me a lot with what to expect from the cars. But I was still surprised, how "glued" to the track were both vehicles in the corners due to aerodynamics
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    So Mirror's Edge with swords? Oh, and I've just released my latest pet project.
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    Just got a PM from @MaxQuest: he's alive and kicking. Just some huge pile of RL stuff that needed attention.
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    O M G. I finally made it aswell. Currently uploading my files to youtube, but it may take a while because I only have like 1.5 Mbit upload. #Feelsbadman I f***ed up so hard in the end at Guardian of Ukaizo but still made it. Also my Deltro's Cage Helmet somehow bugged out and did nothing for the last part of my playthrough. Didn't work for Auranic, Ukaizo. No clue why. For the last part I was drinking some beer with a friend because I thought it will be easy anyways. But Guardian of Ukaizo was actually tanky as hell with the Megaboss Buff, almost died to a storm aswell like a noob.... You'll see it all when I am done uploading. I hope Obsidian will approve my run when I am done with the uploading.
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    Lots and lots of gameplay videos. VG247 has one of the longest ones: Daily Star DualShockers Eurogamer Game Informer GameCrate Gamereactor GameRevolution (Interview) GameSpot GamesRadar IGN Kotaku LADbible Metro MMORPG MonsterVine Newsweek Noisy Pixel PC Gamer (Part 2) PCGamesN (Part 2, Part 3) PlayStation Blog Polygon Press Start (Part 2, Interview) Rock Paper Shotgun RPG Site (Interview) Screen Rant Shacknews Stevivor The Telegraph The Verge Twinfinite (Part 2, Interview) USgamer (Interview) VG247 VICE VideoGamer WhatCulture Windows Central Xbox Wire Xbox Achievements
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    @Decadency is on the plaque.
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    Was in the yard the other day and was amused to notice the hubster had placed "hay" underneath all the low lying, developing cantaloupe melons. He's a caring soul. Also, a couple of the tomatoes. Most of them grew to over six feet. They are all different varieties, from large cherry sized to average/normal color to those dark green/rust colored types that have become popular in stores lately. Always nice to go out and pick one for a sandwich or a salad. There are also (in other garden beds) long green beans (like the Chinese restaurant dishes variety), cilantro/coriander, dill, jalapeno's (three varieties), and, uh ... a few other things, I forget. He sorta went whole hog and experimented a lot this year. The dried grass/hay seems to help with reducing some types of ground pests. The yard sorta looks like we have multiple swingsets from the quickie/temp metal pole/bar supports he erected to help support some of them. He needs to come up with something a bit less fugly next time.
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    Thanks for checking, my family and I are alright and were not in attendance.
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    Your princess will most likely not be in this one, but have fun storming it non the less.
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    Welcome to the forum, Rihanna. So tomorrow is my 41st birthday, and I think I crammed in enough major achievements in year 40 to level up safely. It was a good year.
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    Here's the newest trailer for Spiders' latest RPG that inevitably will fall well short of its ambitions and be janky as ****, and that I'll play and wind up enjoying anyway. I'm so going to murder the **** out of the tree-hugger natives and Manifest Destiny my way across the New World.
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    If it has the look and feel of D:OS I or II I'm out.
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    Do you have those Wolfenstein blues? Are you tired of RPG and loot em up mechanics being crammed into every single game? Do you miss the days when shooters were just shooters? Good news! Ion Fury is out now. I'm probably scooping it up when I get home from the road on Monday.
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    One of those times where the flowers end up making a double-fruit. The tomatoes themselves are maybe 1.5 to 2 inches wide. Larger than cherry in stores, but still pretty small. They grow this way. Apparently a lot of peppers do, but it's the first time I've seen one. I laughed pretty hard when I first saw it. Not sure of the variety name. I kept asking hubby but then I forget so I stopped asking. There are three hot pepper plants. The oldest one survived a winter and has barely any leaves ( a few on top) but determinedly keeps producing tons of large peppers anyway. Hubby tried pickling some in mostly a salt brine or something. They stunk and I didn't touch them. I'll stick to the store bought pickled jalapenos until/unless he does something similar. He grew up with relatives who did lots of canning/jarring so he wants to try it I guess. There's baby cucumbers growing too. He's just experimenting at this point, mostly. But a year or two from now I expect him to till up and take over half the lawn space or something. Hah.
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    Loot boxes are fascist evil #ThisPostMayBePaidForInPartOrWholeByVolo
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    I went back to the Colombia mission determined to complete the silent assassin, suit only challenge. There are 3 targets, 2 of them are relatively easy to eliminate, but the third is extremely hard without a disguise. I can't even tell you how many times I had to reload the save I made after killing the first target (you only get 1 save on master difficulty), but it was a lot. Eventually, I got the job done. Then, instead of taking an easier exit out of the place, I stole their helicopter to make my escape . That's how I roll.
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    OK, just found this funny as hell because I have chickens
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    So this guy gets into a terrible car accident and is killed. He finds himself in Hell facing the Devil. The Devil says to him "This is your lucky day. I'm going to give you one chance to get out of hell. All you have to do is complete three challenges" The Devil gestures to three doors behind him "Behind the fist door is a large jug of the nastiest, most foul tasting whisky we have ever made. You must drink it all, one pull, no vomiting. Behind the second door is an angry lion with a sore tooth. You must pull out the tooth. Behind the third door is a crazed nymphomaniac. You must completely satisfy her. Do all three and I'll release you from hell" The man figured he's give it his best shot. He opened door number one, grabbed the jug with two hands and started chugging. He had some difficulty but got it all down. He staggered drunkenly to the second door, went in and closed it behind him with a slam. From behind the door came the most awful commotion. There was roaring, screaming, growling and thumping... then quiet. The man staggered back out, clothes ripped and bleeding from hundreds of scratches. "Awright Dhevil..." He slurred "Wheresh dat girl with the sore tooth?"
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    Starship prototype takes flight.
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