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    We've released Fallout et tu v1.0 today. The Fallout 1 to Fallout 2 engine conversion is now (core-) feature complete. That means, every Fo1 feature that was missing in Fo2 (red dots on worldmap, "Tell me About"-button, and lots of under-the-hood stuff) has been re-implemented by us. The changelog since the last update 1 month ago has become gigantic. Personally I didn't expect we'd be fixing so many issues in such a short time. Most of these are either vanilla Fo1 bugs/issues, or stuff introduced by the Fixt mod. Anyways. If interested, follow this link: https://github.com/rotators/Fo1in2/releases/tag/v1.0.1700 or this link: https://nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-et-tu-release-v1-0.218045/page-18#post-4360863
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    It's nice that they added the option of choosing from a larger pool of games, but most of them still don't interest me. I'm likely going to cancel my subscription when it runs out. Also, sorry for the rare updates.
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    Got myself a Smart Trainer (an Elite Direto) and trying out Zwift. It's pretty good, but steep at $15/month. Will give it a go for the week-long trial before deciding whether to seek out cheaper/free alternatives.
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    Hello, The goal of this topic is to list all the problems we (PS4/XBOX players) found on Deadfire Console version. Feel free to add the problem/bug/crash you constated and rate it with a severity note (from ++1 to 10, ++1= it break the game and make it unplayable, 10 = visual bug nothing too bad but should be fixed)... I will try to edit this topic regularly to add new problems we found in the list... I start with : Very SERIOUS problems which make the game broken, or break the gameplay : • The game crash and the PS4 is returned to desktop (this happen too frequently for a PSN Store game) - Advice : Save each time you finish a fight or before you enter any area, the game is unstable, and must be considered as an Alpha version still under developpment, if you get less than 3 crashes per hour you should be happy . Severity = ++1 • Sometime Deadfire completely freeze the PS4 and we can't do anything except removing power (very very dangerous for the PS4 or any computer), it happened to me in Poko Kohara (can't remember the exact name) in the outside while i opened the inventory, game freezes for 1s on equipping item in inventory - Severity = ++1 • Too frequently, when we try to click "Enchant" on an unique weapon, the game is crashing, and we get a blue screen, i thought i found a way to avoid this while enchanting a weapon which don't crash, i mean one i already tried to enchant like Xoti reaping hook and the enchant screen displayed, but 10 seconds after it crashed the game, great another blue screen, i am not frustrated, not a bit i swear - Severity = ++1 • Under some circumstances (dying in a random?area) the game save can be corrupted (if it happen to me ....) - Severity = ++1 • Sometime transition from one area to another make the game return to home screen and the following message "An error occurred you returned to the home screen to avoid corrupting the save", for me it happen mainly when i am on the ship and want to go in my personal quarters (under the bridge) or if i want to leave personnal quarters to return to world map - Severity = ++1 • Sometime the game crash during save, very nice when you save after a though fight like the one with Concelhaut, i recommend you to buy this broken game if you want to test your nerves and ability to stay ZENNNNNNNN - Severity = ++1 • When swapping characters in any location the game shuts down with PS error code (annoying because you can't complete their personal quests!)- Severity = 3 • Too frequently we click or select an interaction which is right in front of us (door, chest, attack enemy) or we launch an AOE spell and the companion (or watcher) go straight in the opposite side, very very annoying specially during a fight when your tank go at 10 km and can't protect the group or if there is traps around.. Also, because of this sometime it take hours to enter a room, because the interaction is misplaced, we have to trigger cursor mode (triangle) and search the exact point which trigger the interaction/room entrance, ... reloading a save seem to fix this, but it is very disturbing - IT BREAK THE GAMEPLAY PLEASE FIX THIS - Severity = 1 • Once you get further in the game, with the DLC, there are spots where even moving is nigh on impossible, it considers you in constant combat mode while no foes, so you cannot click on items and certain portals needed, I found to remedy that was to open as much things like maps, status, etc. so it forces it to jump, and then detects those portals; Once teleported, it bugs like that again and you need to spend minutes trying to force it. Then once you get further than that area, it keeps crashing in a battle. Note from the player (I was not the frustrated player this time) : Between that and the absurd loading times, I actually yesterday calculated it and for 5 minutes of actual gaming, you spend an hour of loading, crashing, etc.; I'm sorry but between fulltime work and other hobbies, this is just not acceptable for a 59 euro full price game and warrants a refund • Sometime the game start to lag, the game stop responding during 1-4 seconds and then return to normal.. Severity = 2 • Too frequently, while in a store inventory, we can't select any store item (mean we can't buy anything) - Only way i found to fix this is to restart the game - Severity 3 • Loading time are long, too long for a 2020 game, even with on a PS4 Pro + SSD (have both), there is a lot of room/houses/area to explore (mean wait when we enter and when we exit, and waiting from 40 seconds to more than 1.5 minute is frustrating for a console player) - Severity = 3 • Paladin "Lay on Hands" ability is broken, it don't heal, which make the paladin a bit useless - Severity = 2 • Auto pause is bugged (for me auto pause is set if a trap or secret detected) when a secret or a trap is detected during fight, the game auto pause as intended, but it is almost impossible to remove the pause (usually if not during a fight pressing two time square on PS4 remove the pause - this don't work during fight) - FIX : if this happen to you and you can't remove the pause during a fight, disabling the auto pause from the settings should solve the problem, don't forget to re-enable it after your fight... - Severity = 4 • One character block another, this is very very annoying, it was the same in POE, if in a corridor and your tank ended up in the back, he is stuck and can't melee attack because other characters are blocking the path. Severity =2 • During fight, the status window come on top of the spell windows, and we ca no more see half of the spell bar, it is really problematic, because we already fight blinded and with one hand tied in the back, and with this let's say we fight on one feet, blinded and with one hand tied in the back - Severity = 2 • It would be nice if we could zoom in/out the world/Sea map/any map, as we can do when we navigate or are walking, some of us have difficulty to read small characters... Severity = 5 • In the old city, when the group is walking, each time he get the status "Intoxicated" from those poisoned smoke/water (if it is water) the group is stopping and i have to enable cursor mode to get through it (very annoying when it happen every 20 seconds) - Severity = 4 • We should have a way to move an item from watcher/companion inventory to the reserve in one click, in the actual state (may be i miss something) i have to select an item and move it to the stash, manually and one by one, it should be a key (PS4 controller have at least 13 buttons which can be used) to automatically move an item to the reserve (group stash) - Why not "Square" button on PS4 like it was on POE - Severity = 3 • AOE Spells should be more visible, the AOE area should always be visible like it was on POE (if i recall correctly), and we should see the area of effect of spells like the druid Relentless Storm, the first time i launched it i didn't realized it was an AOE, because we don't see any AOE... - Severity = 5 • In a city like Neketaka, we should be able to travel from any room, shop,.., (from the 2nd floor terrace of The Wild Mare in Queen's Berth for example) to any other location in the city, because entering or leaving any room take between 40 seconds to 1 minute, repeat it 3 time to leave the terrace of tavern and enter Neketaka, it is too much, so the best way (you could completely re-code the game for console, this would be the real best way) to avoid this problem would be to be able to travel from inside a shop to any district of the city - Severity = 2 • Wizard "Dimensional" spell do not work as it should be, it don't stun enemies which are between the caster and the ally target. Severity = 2 • Wizard "Expose Vulnerabilities" seem not working, it don't expose vulnerabilities like on POE (we don't see anymore what are the target vulnerabilities, on POE, we have all the infos in the target info windows, if vulnerable to cold, fire, slash, and how much), another broken thing in Deadfire Ekera - Severity = 2 • Sometime (happened several times after i finished a scripted event with Ooze in Neketaka, and during burning house event with the thugs in the back of the house ), if we display the map or any item information pressing "O" to return to the game do not work, only thing which work is force quit the game, anr restart from a save (Fantastic) = +1 • On Xbox, the A button stopped working after some hours of game, the user reported it is the same with all his save, he can't interact with anybody, anything, the button is working, the controller is working ... • In Junvik Village, Gabel shop is bugged, we can open the store inventory but can't buy anything from her, navigation in her inventory is not possible Bugs, and Problems which must be solved asap to enhance the customer experience (Customers = us the players) and prevent other players to avoid buying Deadfire. • Sometime, in our inventory the little description popup disappear, pressing Triangle button work, but... - Severity = 10 • In POE, Wizard Wand had two damage type (piercing and crush), like Scepter which have (crush and slash), now it have only piercing damage type, and a lot of creature are immune to piercing damages, it is a bit unfair, wand should have like scepter two damage type because we wizard don't have much weapon choice it is wand, scepter or staves - Severity = 5 • "Plucked fruit" quest seem a bit bugged, i speaked to Rongi with Serafen which had required "bluff", but dialog choice is still in red... I read the note in his chest and waited on the beach several night around Midnight, but he never came, i felt a lot of frustration to eventually leave the quest for later completely disappointed... Severity = 5 • Sometime after having been close to a sigil (nightmare or any other), even after the fight the curse stay (even one hour after) and we have to save, and reload to "clean" our character and remove the curse... - Severity = 5 • During a fight, we should have access to more informations on the spells, like it was on POE (duration, time it take to launch, area of the spell, if the spell is ZDE or Enemies only, ...) in the actual state we fight with one eye closed, and one hand tied in the back, you can't expect us to write on a paper all the useful informations to be able to have them during a fight... - Severity = 2 • We should have a way to see the position of the character which is attacking (in turn mode)- in the actual state, even on a 50" 4K tv it is very hard to see the location of the character which will attack, i remember on POE (or may be another game) a command which enlight the character, so we can see his exact location... Severity = 7 • Sometime an enemy have been knocked by Eder (enemy is on the ground, on his back), and when another attack this knocked enemy, the attack make the enemy stand up, even if the turn is not ended and still have the knocked status.. I don't know if it is a visual glitch or a bug ... Severity ? • Sometime when we open a container, we see the content changing in front of us, example : a weapon disappear and is replaced by a potion, i don't know if it is a visual bug, but ... Severity = ? • When a new character is recruited it would be nice if we could see his attributes before choosing his class/multiclass - Severity = 8 • When Eder is killed and get second chance during fight, and it is his turn, he can't attack, he is stuck, the only way is to press square (end turn) or triangle (postpone? turn), this give enemies the chance to kill him (another time) - Severity = 2 • During fight on ship (boarding) companions which are not in the team should be controlled by the player, because they use abilities with friendly fire and kill us, it is very frustrating, and we don't get a game to be frustrated (frustrated because the AI can not be set manually, i mean by us), if we could set AI, it would take 20 seconds for us to prevent companions controlled by AI to use friendly fire spells definitively - ... Severity = 2 • The game is big, but we see always the same tips on loading screen (so much loading screen, always the same tips), we should have plenty tips, many many, not always the same 10 (i say 10, but i haven't counted, in any case there is too few tips on loading screen)... Severity = 8 • Wizard "Essential Phantom" is attacking enemies charmed by Seraphin (they are in green and there is other enemies around, but this stupid phantom attack them and remove the charm), Fantastic when enemies are almost immune to our damages and it take several turns to have enough energy for Seraphen to use its LV1 spell ... Severity = 5 • it would be useful to have the exact life remaining (a number) close the enemy lifebar, it would be encouraging for us when fighting a difficult enemy, and will permit to see what we are doing are useful or useless... On an enemy which have a ton of life, sometime it is very hard to see if we damage his life, even if we see our damages... - Severity = 7 • Ring of Overseeing and any item which have overseeing effect (Ring of Overseeing, Aloth armor) don't work (we can't see the effect on the character (summary, the section with all attributes and curent effects, confirmed by comparing the AOE with and without it, no difference - Severity = 7 • Why are the potions so expensive in gold to craft ? I don't understand why I should pay for something I will craft by myself, is the 3500 gold part of the fabrication ? Gold is a poison if we eat it, if I recall correctly It was the same in POE... Ingredients and potions dropped by enemies or found in containers are so rare, why adding money to the recipe? - Severity = 4 • During ship fight (sea battle) we should have acces to the entire maneuver history, sometime we want to turn starboard and starboard to use specific side canons, but an something happen (a phone call, someone speaking at home) and we can't remember if we turned starboard or the other side, and we can't see the last maneuver in history because it is a "new page", in the actual state of the game we should write every maneuver to be sure we remember, because they will be wiped from the history screen... Should be fixed - Severity = 5 • As a Wizard, i notified we found very very few magical weapons (scepters/wand/little staves) and not a single one unique magic weapon, since i started, and as far I know, no Mage soulbound weapon(scepter, wand, magic staff) in the base game, one wand (useless against a lot of enemies which are immune to pierce damage) in of the dlcs, i found a lot of unique melee weapon, some unique pistols/blunderbuss/rifle, but not a single unique wand/scepter/magic stave, may be later in the game (according to the wiki) but if i should finish the game to have a decent weapon for my wizard, it is a bit frustrating (even in "Magic" shops like Arkemyr shop, there is only unique melee weapons or bow/crossbow not a single magic weapon)- Severity = 8 • In localized version of Deadfire (example french) why trying to translate the name of ship weapons (canons), and other gear ? I defy you to found any information about "Couleuvrine impériale", nothing on internet, nothing on the wikies and because during a ship fight we can't see what weapon do what, what range, how much of turns ? Do you expect us to keep any gear information in head, you try first ? leave their original English name so it is easy for us to found informations about it.. It is the same problem with area name translated, it is very hard to find any informations about "Promontoire de Periki", Names should never been translated, it is kind from you, but it don't help us (the contrary) - Severity = 5 • During Ship fight companion/Sidekick/crew which are far from the enemies are not fighting, they stay doing nothing, do i miss something ? ... - Severity = 6 • After a ship battle when we are victorious and we have the loot window, we can't press "square" on PS4 to get all the loot in one shot and send it in the group stash (reserve) we have to take each item one by one, i notified it do not work mostly when there is a lot of items (more than one page in the loot window)... - Severity = 8 • During the navigation on the world map (ship moving on the sea) we should have a way to mark a known destination / or a point on the map, so we could point the ship the the marked location direction and navigate to it. In the actual state, if i want to return to Neketaka and i am far south east, i have to check the known destination windows then click a destination then estimate the good direction and move, and repeat several time until we reach our destination, sasdly the destination don't remain displayed on the navigation screen as it should be... I don't want to use the auto navigate because one time the ship gone into a tempest... May be i miss something but in this case things should be better explained... - Severity = 5 • When selecting a single item in a sell menu by pressing x, it is moved to the basket right away. But if you have few similar items, game will first suggest you to define how much things you need to sell (it's logical), but then you need to move it with the stick to the basket, which is ridiculous - (Possible fix = Long press X on PS4 to sell the entire pile of items - it take me time to discover it) - Inventory and sell items should be more handy - Severity = 5 • On town screen (Map ?), moving mouse cursor with a stick is also completely ridiculous, it should be with r1\l1 or with arrows, same goes for level up menu - Severity = ? • Controller Touch ad should be mapped to the inventory or map, or better be customizable. currently it is mapped to the tutorials, which are mostly not used during the majority of the game - Severity = 5 • no POE save import for a new game. I was not expecting this at all. How could it be wiped out from game? (Me too, but we can at least re-create all our POE choices (and name the set of choices) while pressing Square during New Game creation, and then Selecting the set of choices in the end of NG creation) - Severity = ? • On Xaur tuk tuk island (in the cavern where you found Mother Sharp Rock crew member), two Xaurips are not marked as a combat objectives. when you kill the rest, they are attacking you, engaged character is defending, but it is not counted as a combat mode. as a result, Mother Sharp Rock is still frightened to exit the cage... Possible fix kill those two Xaurik while using the wheel menu->Attack - Severity = 5 • The quest screen should have an indication when a quest is validated (each time going in the quest list and checking the quests one by one, if we have something to do in neketaka for example is painful)... Severity = 4 • After we finished Palegina quest and saved Giacolo, later i returned on the Dunnage and the godlike are still here, we can re-enter the room like if Giacolo was still here and the quest not finished - Severity = 5 • when we are in shop inventory, there is no way to compare a seller item to our items (example : compare a seller glove to our gloves)... • When we are selling items, in the trade window, if we sell more than 20 different items, we can no more see the first item in the window, we can't double check if we don't sold something important to us, this because the sold items section have 20 slots and can't be scrolled down up left right to see all the items... We only see the last twenty... • During scripted interaction (when we have the sort of book on the screen) we can't go up and read previous text - Is is problematic because some event need us to read carefully and understand what we do or have done to decide carefully - Severity = 4 • After healing the Green Lady and her daughters, we receive the "nature's mark" but there is nothing in the Effect screen... Something is missing ? • While we are in a shop inventory we can't press "Triangle" button for more informations on an item (to see the benefit of an enchant for example), neither do the same on a Grimoire to see which spells are inside... - It should be fixed - Severity = 4 • Most of the time, when we change the team composition (remove a companion to add another companion), the group is not complete and one of the companion (the new one or the removed one) is alone wandering and not part of the team, very annoying when you enter a battle thinking your group is complete and finally it is not, also the removed companion can be here and bug the fight, because ha have a turn even if he can't do nothing (no fight) and random companion in the group (may be more) can't do nothing to (can't attack even if it is his turn) - Severity = 2 I will continue to add problems i found while hoping someone on Obsidian side will read this and FIX THOSE PROBLEMS, because in its actual state the game provide more frustration than pleasure and is mostly not playable, some games are time eater because you farm, or because there is a lot of things to do, but Deadfire is time eater, because we spend 30% of our playing time to relaunch the game because it crashed, or because we spend a lot of time searging internet a solution to bypass a bug we found in the game... The best advice i can give to any player who want to try Deadfire, is save constantly, save your game each 5 minutes, save after each fight, save before going in the inventory, be very careful because the game crash very very frequently.
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    i made a little house for the stray kitten in my yard. just a cardboard box with a plastic bag to keep it dry and a piece of an old blanket but she seems quite happy with it. she wont come out for any reason except food
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    Today I became the answer to life, the universe, and everything. There was cake.
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    Hi there. In the absence of @MaxQuest i decided to continue our work, because CP have some flaws and missed fixes. I don't want to do anything radical, just collect feedback and add some nice things. Also i'm in aware about @Elric Galad mod development (his Balance Mod designed to work with CP), so we try to keep in touch and not interfere each other. Current fixes done: Fury Form of Druid attack - TreatAsWeapon=true (Fury attack now works as weapon) Pallegina five suns penetration - 7 > 9. Ideally i want to clear restrictions for other 2 upgrades for Pallegina. Kalakot's blights - Add Wands proficiency Shattered Pillar - Wounds trait fix (10 for Lesser Wounds) Distraction training. -10 Deflection for Attackers on Missed for Pet > +25% Melee weapon resistance for Pet, Disorientation on Miss for Attackers. So natural Misses will be connected to Resistance - it allow to apply debuff more frequently, regardless of foes accuracy + increase pet durability. Connected with +engage slots abilities, pet should effectlively hold the line and debuff up to 3 enemies most of the time. Keywords done: Symbol of Berath - Added Decay KW 4 spells Priest of Gaun - Brought back Plant KW Priest of Wael Confusion - Brought back Illusion KW Reworked all elemental damage weapons to work properly with elemental enemies: I've added new KW's for every weapon (Shock weapon. Fire weapon, Corrode weapon, Frost weapon) and added the same KW's to druid's elemental talents. So far it' works as intended - now you can hit elemental enemy with physical damage. The initial idea of new keywords was suggested by @Boeroer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll be very appreciated for feedback about CP to do a preliminary "Need to fix/improve" list. My next step is to reduce crazy Megabosses HP pool and i seekeng for help with complete list of elemental weapons and abilities, which can affect on those weapons (including DLC) because i'm afraid to miss something.
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    I wouldn't go that far, but it is Josh's particular sensibilities and interests which made PoE what it is. I would be interested in seeing what PoE under his full control would look like, and I would be interested in seeing what a new lead would do with the game - I did enjoy all three DLCs after all. What I am not terribly interested in, is a non-isometric PoE. The world doesn't have that much appeal to me, to automatically transfer my interest in PoE3 into another genre - it would need to sell me on the concept mostly from the ground up... that being said, being made by Obsidian is, for now, still a good start.
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    Sooooo, got a text message from my boss yesterday, and a phonecall from his underling today, the bosses are putting me in queue for a plain "C" truck drivers licence! I drive during working hours and study the theory on my spare time, so I get paid while learning. I have to stay signed for the company for 3 years, but **** it, I can live with that
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    Coming across multiple issues with the ps4 version. Combat UI is horrible to the point of nearly making the game unplayable with overlapping windows for the action bar and combat text. Movement becomes broken when switching to a custom formation and I can no longer move through narrower areas if my character is moved to the back. Load times are insane! Nearly a minute and a half to load an area that's one room and a single npc making quests or tasks where you need to move in and out of multiple areas repeatedly a chore. I could understand the time if you're loading a larger map for the first time but not consistently. I'm really enjoying the game but some of these issues are sucking the fun right out of it and I'm just curious as to whether or not we'll see fixes for these soon? Thanks in advance for any information. Edit: Also now experiencing multiple crashes at random points, lagging and freezing during combat, PC's being dragged around an entire map to attack enemies and the Take all command not working after ship combat.
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    =================================== The Valkyrie of Gaun, Ultimate Edition =================================== Difficulty: PotD v5.0.0.0040 -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Contemplative (Harvester of Gaun + Sister of the Reaping Moon) -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Meadow-Savannah Human -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Readceras (Farmer) -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats (char creation, no Berath's Blessings): MIG: 11 CON: 12 DEX: 15 PER: 12 INT: 14 RES: 11 -------------------------------------------------------------- Active Skill: Athletics (!) Passive Skill: Religion (!) -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Proficiencies: Small Shield (a) Dagger (a) Hatchet (a) Crossbow (a) Quarterstaff War Bow ® Greatsword ® Flail Arbalest -------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important) PL1 Priest Blessed Harvest (a) Restoration (a) Suppress Affliction Monk Swift Strikes (a) Force of Anguish PL2 Priest Withdraw (a) Spiritual Weapon Monk Clarity of Agony Common Two Handed Style ® Weapon and Shield Style PL3 Priest Vile Thorns (a) Consecrated Ground ® Dire Blessing (!) Monk Swift Flurry (!) Efficient Anguish PL4 Priest Circle of Protection (a) Devotions for the Faithful (!) Monk Thunderous Blows ® Duality of Mortal Presence (!) Rooting Pain (!) PL5 Priest Wicked Briars (a) Revive the Fallen ® Barring Death’s Door (!) Practiced Healer ® Monk Enervating Blows PL6 Priest Minor Intercession (a) Salvation of Time (!) Monk Turning Wheel (!) Iron Wheel (!) Common Improved Critical ® PL7 Priest Wall of Thorns (a) Resurrection (!) Cleansing Flame Monk Heartbeat Drumming (!) --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional enchantments; !=important, r=recommended): Weapon set 1: The Twin Eels (Renewal*!) (!) Weapon set 2: Saint Omaku’s Mercy (Sacrifice of Saints*!, Galawain’s Harry*) (!) Chest: Furrante’s Breastplate (Love of Life*!, Intervention*!) Helmet: Helm of the Falcon ® Amulet: Bone Setter’s Torc (!) Trinket: Waidwen's Sundial Cloak: Nemnok’s Cloak (!) Gloves: Hylea’s Talons ® Ring: Halgot’s Warmth (!) Ring: Voidward ® Belt: The Undying Burden (!) Boots: Footprints of Ahu Taka (!) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Xoti is one of the most maligned Companions in the game for many reasons, not least of which concerns her role in the party. As a Harvester of Gaun, she’s a variation on the Priest of Eothas that doesn’t offer that much of interest compared to Priests of Skaen or Wael; as a Sister of the Reaping Moon, her starting lantern and sickle doesn’t give her enough DPS to take advantage of her subclass’s ability to gain Wounds on kill, and is crippled even further by the increased Wound cost for her Monk abilities. And as a Contemplative, she loses access both to the useful Tier VIII and IX Priest spells, as well as 2 PLs on her Monk fists; with no apparent synergy, a multiclass Xoti can seem to combine the worst parts of both her subclasses. Small wonder then, that most would recommend keeping her either a single-class Priest or Monk. That said, there is a way to make a multiclass Xoti not only viable, but also more effective as a combat support specialist. With this build, Xoti can keep her party members topped up on health while contributing to damage at the same time, generate plenty of Wounds to feed her increased ability costs, and make her party that much tougher simply by being there; in short, she’ll truly fulfill her role as Gaun’s Chooser of the Slain. (Note on “Ultimate Edition” builds: With the release of the Ultimate Edition on PS4 and XBox, there will be many first-time players of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire who will be searching for builds online, only to find that most available builds were created for earlier versions of the game. While many of those are still viable even in the final version of Deadfire, this would not be apparent to new players; thus, builds such as this will be tagged as “Ultimate Edition” to indicate that they’ve been tested for version 5.0.0 of Deadfire, including all DLCs.) Xoti, the Reaping Most people who note the ability of Xoti’s Monk subclass to gain Wounds on Kill seem to think that she has to be built as a DPS to make use of it, and thus are left disappointed when Xoti’s Sickle inevitably fails to make the cut as a weapon capable of dealing sufficient damage. And while letting her rely on her Monk fists lets her do decent DPS, it only works best for her as a single-class Monk; making her a Contemplative makes her Monk fists less effective due to the loss of PL. That’s why her sickle as well as Xoti’s Lantern are usually seen as trap choices for Xoti DPS builds; it would be a different story if her lantern could be used as a bashing shield, and both it and the sickle scaled with Monk levels like Tuotilo’s Palm, but there’s no accounting for the dev’s design choices. That said, I feel that’s the wrong way to look at it. To make use of her Wound gain on kill ability, I don’t think Xoti has to be a DPS. She doesn’t have to deliver that much damage, nor throw as many attacks as Monks tend to do. All she needs to do is throw one good hit. Specifically, the last one. With that in mind, the sickle and lantern still isn’t going to cut it; she needs a weapon that can help her killsteal her own party members as reliably as possible. Ideally, the weapon would; - Have high base damage so Xoti can land the one good hit for the kill; that pretty much means a 2H weapon. - Has enchantments that helps with maximising the damage per hit as much as possible, and - Comes with an on-kill effect to further incentivise Xoti making the kill. Now, if you’re anything like me, you probably max’d out Xoti’s Religion passive skill as a reflection of her… evangelistic tendencies. That said, doing so makes one weapon in particular hit all three points above; specifically, The Twin Eels Greatsword. The offensive potential of The Twin Eels lies in its Death’s Embrace enchantment, a Hit-to-Crit percentage that scales with Religion; in other words, perfect for Xoti who’s likely to have the most Religion in the party. This can be boosted with an additional Hit-to-Crit roll from the Bone Setter’s Torc Amulet, increased attack speed thanks to the Helm of the Falcon, and complemented with the Swift Flurry-Heartbeat Drumming Monk combo. And the fact that Xoti can gain Wounds for each kill means that she can access a synergy specific to her alone; it turns Rooting Pain from a retaliatory passive into an offensive one, since Xoti earning 3 Wounds per kill also means she gets 3 rolls of the dice to activate it on enemies unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. And when all of this comes together, it can look like this; Also, there are a number of weapons with on-kill effects in the game, but only The Twin Eels has a Heal-on-kill that also scales with Xoti’s Religion skill. With max Religion, plus healing boosts from the Love of Life enchantment on Furrante's Breastplate, Bone Setter’s Torc, Footprints of Ahu Taka and Practiced Healer, the Health that Xoti can heal with each killsteal can add up to a pretty decent amount indeed; With this setup, Xoti is best played not as a DPS per se, but positioned just behind the frontline doing Priest things such as healing and buffing… until her party members have reduced an enemy to Near Death, at which point she becomes an opportunistic killstealer charging in to deliver the final blow, gaining Wounds and healing her party members when she lands it. This let's Xoti contribute to the fight while not neglecting her healing duties, making the best of both her subclasses. Xoti, the Sacrificing With Furrante’s Breastplate, Xoti makes her party members that much tougher thanks to the Bodyguard enchantment, which makes them take 10% less damage as long as she sticks close to them. This comes with the flipside that Xoti herself takes 15% more damage from all sources, making her squishier than usual. This would be bad in most cases, but as a Monk, it also helps to fuel her Wound generation as well, making it a win-win proposition. She can double down on that with the Intervention enchantment, which gives her access to the Take the Hit ability usually reserved for single-classed Fighters. This makes her party members even tougher for a short period of time, at the cost of causing more damage to Xoti herself… fueling her Wound generation even further. And at times when a party member is close to dying and desperately needs a burst heal, Xoti can provide with the Sacrifice of Saints enchantment from the Saint Omaku’s Mercy Warbow; With max Religion, Xoti can heal any party member from dying up to near full Health once per Rest, which comes at the cost of Xoti herself eating Raw damage… which again fuels her Wound generation. Along with Priest staples such as Restoration, Consecrated Ground, Revive the Fallen, Barring Death’s Door and Resurrection, Xoti can thus keep her party alive that much longer simply by being there. However, all this utility comes at a cost of making her pretty damn fragile. So, how do I keep Xoti alive in the face of all this? Xoti, the Undying I do it by giving her The Undying Burden Belt, which reduces the incoming weapon damage Xoti suffers by up to 30% as she loses Health (it also gives her a second use of Second Wind, which is why I recommended Athletics as her active Skill). On top of it, I also gave her the Voidward Ring, which reduces the Raw damage she takes by 25%; very useful for minimising the damage taken from Sacrifice of Saints and Take the Hit in particular. But the key piece of gear that really helps keep Xoti on her feet is Nemnok’s Cloak; while it makes Xoti even more squishy by making her take an additional 15% damage, it also gives her Spirit Shield and Ironskin when she falls below half Health. Together with Iron Wheel, Xoti can go up to 22 AR; It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Cloak also gives Xoti a free Barring Death’s Door when she’s… well, at death’s door. And should all these defenses still not suffice to keep her from falling to 0 HP, the Renewal enchantment from The Twin Eels (which also scales Health regained with Religion) lets Xoti automatically revive for free once per Rest, letting her stand up to get right back it again; This means that Xoti is capable of saving lost fights single-handedly, bringing her fallen party members back to their feet in turn. All these means that despite taking more damage than the rest of the party, this build makes Xoti a tough cookie in her own right, and capable of filling in as an off-tank in a pinch. Final Thoughts Pros: - Contributes to party DPS and Health at the same time by killstealing for fun and profit. - Makes her party members tougher just by existing, and is capable of pulling them back from near death. - Is unexpectedly tough in her own right, and can save seemingly-lost fights by her own hand. Cons: - Several key pieces of equipment are late-game gear (Furrante’s Breastplate, Nemnok’s Cloak), which means this build will not be fully realized until rather late in the game. - Tier VIII and IX Priest and Monk abilities are some of the most powerful in Deadfire, which means the Valkyrie build, despite its effectiveness, still involves trade-offs. - As effective as the Valkyrie of Gaun is, it doesn’t do anything to mitigate Xoti’s zealous and sometimes-annoying personality. Last but not least, see the attached file for the AI script I created for Xoti as the Valkyrie of Gaun. Xoti Custom (Contemplative) (Druid Monk Priest) (e38db4a0-68b9-4f2c-ac8a-5bd58d0a69e3).customai
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    Finally implemented Carnage AOE highlight. It's a bit dumb – need to add this tweak in every melee weapon attack, but it's only 92 (and i did 10 already), so nothing impossible.
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    Well youtube is to busy copyright striking music on kitten videos uploaded by 13 years old girls to care about that kind of scams *shrugs*
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    I'm sure he has developed a thick skin in his 20 years of game development, but some things just have too high penetration. Some recovery time is needed.
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    Edit: Ok wow, this was easy, but I actually don't see it mentioned anywhere how to get it. Been datamining and scratching my head over this for two hours now. It's not a very tricky thing so I'm sure loads have done it, just haven't shared it with the internet. Step 1: Examine the house, doesn't matter if you fail the perception check. I don't know what the ability check here is, so can't speak for it. Step 2: Enter the house. There are two ability checks available here as well. You don't need to do them. Might even be bad to do. Step 3: After entering the house, you notice the bodies. All you need to do now is flee the house, not pursue the arsonists. You can do all the other things if you want, even try to loot the bodies, as long as you choose to flee the house in the end. Step 4: A priestess of Amira (Hylea) will ask you if anyone survived. If you tell her to check for herself [Cruel], you get nothing. If you say nothing (no disposition) or that you're afraid not [Honest], you get a Huana Charm Belt and Amira's Blessing: +2 dexterity to your party until you rest. And if you find yourself having a dilemma... the arsonists drop nothing special.
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    Raiding in MMORPGs is same as group dancing.
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    Download the RPG Maker and click some stuff together. Build a small prototype - as small as possible and then go from there. Once that is done, you can start thinking of custom engines and whatever else. It doesn't make sense thinking about such stuff if you don't even know the basics yet.
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    I'm currently in the ~past six months vs. today mode... So for the past six months, I've been slowly learning how to do 3d character art. Started with daz studio, now slowly taking the next step with Marvelous Designer et al to do some more Cyberpunk-y gear for my characters. Steep learning curve as I have no background for this kind of stuff whatsoever, but I've been enjoying it so far. Too bad most of the software costs so much I can't afford it (cough, zbrush) even with lawyer salaries, so I have to use stuff apparently designed by aliens (Blender) which lacks some newbie-friendly features (IMM brushes). Sigh.
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    28: When swapping characters in any location the game shuts down with PS error code - Severity = 3 annoying because you can't complete thier personal quests!
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    is likely not the point o' the post, but with 351 pages o' documented social media silliness, Gromnir is not hiring the guy regardless o' contents. 351 pages? 351 pages is only the flagged material? is too likely this shnook is gonna be spending a portion o' his working day responding to social media as 'posed to getting work done. don't care what he thinks 'bout billionaires or pronouns or even the seeming endless stream o' new poodle hybrids people thinks is the keen new dog they gotta own 'stead of going to pound and adopting an animal facing euthanization. ... ok, the last one is Gromnir-centric, but fact remains that kinda voluminous social media footprint should be source of shame-face. and yes, we get this opinion is coming from a guy with 7800 posts on a game development message board at the armpit end o' the internet, but am retired. so there. HA! Good Fun!
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    Hi. Are you a wall of draining abuser? Ever got mad when there was no beneficial effects to drain upon to? If your answered "yes" on both questions come and visit us on "Deck of Many Things" and buy Cap of Laughingstock to ensure that all enemies around you always have that sweet buff on them so You can enjoy yours too. Captain Thaenic.
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    DS9 was the high water mark for Star Trek IMO. That show was almost always good. It was sometimes outstanding. And when it was Trek was never better. Except the ending. That was kind of a mess. But let's face it, few shows ever end well. In fact the only one I can thing of that really stuck the landing was Cheers.
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    Once there was a a loud mouthed hyena. He spent his days mocking all the other animals on the savanna, even the the Lion king. One day the lioness asked the King "Why do you let that stupid hyena taunt you like that? You are the king. Do something about him" "Just leave him be" the King replied "He isn't hurting anyone. Just let it go" However the lioness felt the need to teach that hyena a lesson so she began to chase him. The chase went on for miles and eventually the hyena led her to a fallen, hollow tree trunk and ran through it. The lioness tried to follow but got firmly stuck half way in. The hyena then got behind her, mounted her and had his way with her. Once he finished and left she got herself unstuck and walked home ashamed. She found the king waiting for her. He sighed and said "He took you to the tree didn't he?"
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    Some mods to make Pathfinder: Kingmaker kinda good: Turn Based Combat. Makes the game turn style and therefor micromangement is easier. It also helps you actually see which feats are working and what are still bugged out. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/109 Cleaner. Reduces save file sizes to something not entirely bloated. Warning: has to be activated manually for each save. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/39 Closer To Tabletop. Lots of minor combat rule changes to make the game play more like PF 1st edition. Works great with Turn Based Combat. Warning: not always compatible with modder made classes. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/132 Bag of Tricks. This mod is mostly full of (individual optional) cheats, but more importantly it can be used to disable dialog restrictions based on alignment. Kingmaker is quite infamous for having 'lawful good' dialog options that are neither lawful or good according to the morality of the world. This helps you sidestep some really bad RP railroading. Warning: using it for alignment will destroy the mechanic as a gameplay feature because your alignment will be set to true neutral and won't shift regardless of what you do--still worth it, if you ask me. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/26 Respecialization. Can be used for player character or companions to change class or sub classes. It can be used as a cheat, but it can also be used to reselect level 1 abilities for companions. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/7 Fast Travel. Makes the movement on the overworld map much faster to watch (day and night cycles will also speed up accordingly), thereby mitigating one of the most boring parts of the game. It can also be used to simulate Pillar's double speed movement feature. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/1 Kingdom Resolution. This is a straight up cheat, but since Owlbear cheats with the kingdom management anyway, I figure it's fair. This does a lot of different things, but mostly what I like is it shows you a preview of what kingdom management decisions will get you since the game does a terrible job of giving you any real warning before hand or feedback until you get a result you didn't intend to. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/36 Highlight Learnable Scrolls. Simple quality of life mod that does exactly what the title suggests. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/111 Rest Less. Video games still haven't translated pen and paper resting competently into a digital space. (In pen and paper this is the time to roleplay with the other players at the table--at least Dragon Age: Origins paid homage to it with the camp.) This does away with exhaustion because eff that. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/17 Craft Magic Items. Directly from the nexus mods page: "This mod adds the Pathfinder tabletop feats Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Arms and Armor and Forge Ring, allowing crafting of regular and custom magic items of those types. Crafting costs gold (as well as any expensive material components required by the prerequisite spell(s)), and takes time." https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/54 Autoheal. This gives you three different hotkeys to have the party use healing spells to top off their health without having to go through each characters spells. It turns what can be dozens of mouse clicks into a couple of button presses. This will still use your spell slots. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/134 With all of these Kingmaker is almost enjoyable.
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    The subject of tentacles in a cultural daily life of ladies in post-modern society, for example
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    Sadly they're the only decent team in NY.
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    oh hey, a RDR2-off! I'm mostly making new friends online though I've sure come a long way since my daring escape but I do stop to admire the scenery every chance I get oh, in case anyone was curious, this is the inspiration for my character
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    Barbarian can get +25% dmg to fireballs when <50% hp (Blooded ability), stacks with Human racial ability Monk - bonus ACC from Dance of Death Weapon - Magrans Blessing comes late. Until that i recomend Griffin's Blade - 10%dmg with spells Second ring - Kuaru's Prize - +1Int/Per +5% spell damage Gloves - Firethrower's Gloves - +1PL to evocation spells, +2Dex
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    From Gorth's "shaky cam" mobile phone... Edit: Yeah, apologies for the terrible audio. You just can't capture stuff like that decently on a phone.
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    i never see what teknoman posts...
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    So I've started watching ST:Enterprise. I am enjoying it, Scott Bakula is fun and it has been easy to jump into the story after a long time not watching ST. I also like that I can kind of keep it on in the background while I do other things. That opening theme song is terrible though.
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    oh Sadie, you always know what to say
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