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    is likely not the point o' the post, but with 351 pages o' documented social media silliness, Gromnir is not hiring the guy regardless o' contents. 351 pages? 351 pages is only the flagged material? is too likely this shnook is gonna be spending a portion o' his working day responding to social media as 'posed to getting work done. don't care what he thinks 'bout billionaires or pronouns or even the seeming endless stream o' new poodle hybrids people thinks is the keen new dog they gotta own 'stead of going to pound and adopting an animal facing euthanization. ... ok, the last one is Gromnir-centric, but fact remains that kinda voluminous social media footprint should be source of shame-face. and yes, we get this opinion is coming from a guy with 7800 posts on a game development message board at the armpit end o' the internet, but am retired. so there. HA! Good Fun!
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    Coming across multiple issues with the ps4 version. Combat UI is horrible to the point of nearly making the game unplayable with overlapping windows for the action bar and combat text. Movement becomes broken when switching to a custom formation and I can no longer move through narrower areas if my character is moved to the back. Load times are insane! Nearly a minute and a half to load an area that's one room and a single npc making quests or tasks where you need to move in and out of multiple areas repeatedly a chore. I could understand the time if you're loading a larger map for the first time but not consistently. I'm really enjoying the game but some of these issues are sucking the fun right out of it and I'm just curious as to whether or not we'll see fixes for these soon? Thanks in advance for any information. Edit: Also now experiencing multiple crashes at random points, lagging and freezing during combat, PC's being dragged around an entire map to attack enemies and the Take all command not working after ship combat.
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    hunter biden had no business getting the job with burisma. truth. bad optics. however, conspiracy theory o' getting the prosecutor fired to somehow help biden's son is just complete and utter nonsense. is questionable shokin, the corrupt ukrainian prosecutor, were even investigating burisma at the time he were fired, and is no evidence at all hunter biden were being targeted, so is weird how this story endures 'mongst the conservative radio crowd. funny thing is, the conspiracy theory mighta' been been more believable if biden had somehow undermined attempts to get shokin fired. IF joe biden had interfered with US efforts and european union demands to get shokin removed so as to keep a corrupt prosecutor in place, one who might be convinced to go easy on burisma just to protect his son's job, then we might have a story. but somehow the conservative radio ilk complete reverses plausible and implausible. *shrug* conspiracy theory nutters is just so weird. is absence o' evidence which sets their brains afire with suspicion. HA! Good Fun!
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    Today in "The Outer Worlds is a documentary":
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    Maybe the problem is not the game or its sales numbers, but rather is the (unrealistic) sales expectations Obsidian had for the game. If Obsidian's sales expectations for the game had been about half a million, then surely they would not be seeing the actual sales numbers as having been anything bad. And, for a game like PoE2, perhaps the sales expectations should be in the half a million range given the kinds of games that appeal to large numbers of buyers these days. Speaking for myself, I would much rather have a game like PoE2 that sells only half a million than a game like D:OS2 that sells two million. So I am very happy that Obsidian gave me precisely PoE2 than give me a game very similar to D:OS2 which I would not have bought. The game preference niche that I belong to may be only half a million strong, but those people deserve to enjoy their preferred style of game just as much as anyone else. And it's very nice that up until now Obsidian has been willing to cater to that niche group (whereas Larian chose to walk away from that group in order to increase its sales). Sales numbers in some absolute sense should not matter. The only thing that should matter to a developer is whether they made money off the game or lost money. This is the lesson I believe Obsidian should take from PoE2. But sadly I am certain the lesson they will take is that there is no room for such a small niche game like PoE2 within Obsidian anymore, and that they too must abandon their small niche group of fans in pursuit of a much larger group of potential buyers for their future games. At the very least, Microsoft is sure to insist on it.
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    Since I just finished up Poe1 after not playing it for about 3 years.. my new thought is that maybe it has to do with Poe1 being fairly convoluted and how it often makes you feel like you've messed up or made the wrong decision. (or you feel like you made the right decision but the outcome isn't what you expected or wanted.) Even though I still remembered most major plotlines and decisions I still found myself saying "huh? what? why?" and reloading quite a lot just because the dialogue choices sometimes weren't exactly clear. Instead of feeling like I was roleplaying a characters response I often felt like I was playing a guessing game or in some situations, like I was trying to solve a dialogue tree puzzle just to get the response I want. Something like that could easily put people off from wanting to play a part 2. Or maybe it just had to do with lack of advertising. ( I honestly don't remember seeing Poe2 advertised anywhere.)
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    For everyone clambering for a shred of hope: Wizards of the Coast’s new studio, with ex-Bioware folks working on new IP SF RPG https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/01/31/wizards-of-the-coasts-new-studio-is-making-a-sci-fi-rpg-with-ex-bioware-devs/
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    Hi. Are you a wall of draining abuser? Ever got mad when there was no beneficial effects to drain upon to? If your answered "yes" on both questions come and visit us on "Deck of Many Things" and buy Cap of Laughingstock to ensure that all enemies around you always have that sweet buff on them so You can enjoy yours too. Captain Thaenic.
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    Yeah, that's what I was confused about. So Biden brags about getting Shokin fired, people interpret that to mean "Biden got prosecutor who was looking into his son fired!!!", but from what I very quickly read, Shokin had been starving the Burisma investigation and nothing about it seemed to be aimed at Hunter Biden himself, so none of that really adds up.
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    Neither Facebook nor Google earn their money in the traditional sense of business- their model is based on addicting people to theoretically 'free' services, then selling the people using those services to 3rd parties via adverts and the like. 'You' don't pay them, they get paid to sell you to others. They also make massive profits and hide that- kind of, since it's so blatant- in tax havens via 100% bogus 'licensing' charges to subidiaries in Ireland and the like. If they were Euro or Chinese companies instead the US would whine about them cheating their obligations louder than an airfield of idling jumbo jets and slap whatever taxes they wanted on them.
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    It won't be suppressed ( rule of thumb is that buffs orginated from items that are turn on automatically are treated as passive edit. "claim" from necklace is suppresed btw)
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    Oh man that's too bad. You are right: we had that bug on PC as well but since I haven't seen it for ages I forgot what the solutions could be. I will try to find out and if I do (and it might work on consoles) I will post again.
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    To a certain extent, you do have a valid point here, and I agree with you. For me, the best example of this problem was in PoE, in Teir Evron, where I was supposed to find out that the gods aren't real. I picked the dialogue options that seemed most reasonable to my character from a role-playing point of view, and after the conversation there I was somewhat baffled. Thinking: what just happened there? What did I learn? Clearly that was a turning point in the story, but how? Either it was not well-written in the first place, or the game allowed you to make your dialogue choices in such a way that you only learned something like half of the stuff the game expected you to have learned.
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    Here's your answer: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ondra
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    Oh no, I have discovered the new (to me) "paintbrush" tool. But I need a bigger wall to write on! Time to build a Great Wall of Scribble that stretches across half the map. Because I can. ...its main purpose is for decoration tho. You can paint different colors/textures that aren't available as building-blocks (the "bookshelves" are paint) onto blocks to hide the ugly (or cure boredom). Sick of concrete or steel grey everywhere because it's the best defensive material? The magic of the wipe-on, wipe-off, then wipe-back-on Magic-Paintbrush has you covered. Forgot to paint the floor...
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    You should work on your reading comprehension. I didn't change the subject but brought in the reviews as a counterargument - which was precisely aimed at your "bugs lead to massive sales drop" theory. No change of subject whatsoever. I also never said that you were ungrateful. If you should quote me if I wrote that. I said that if you get something for free you will be less likely to get angry if it doesn't work as expected then if you had to pay for it - which was also aimed at your "bugs" theory - especially because you brought up the Deadfire Pack as an example for bugs that would make hundreds of thousands of players so angry that they would skip Deadfire. You should be able to comprehend that. At least if you are not trying to misinterpret me on purpose. You changed the subject by deviating into the realms of "It all doesn't matter because Microsoft bought them". This is plain obvious. Thank you. Exactly my point - neatly summarized. Sarcasm is uncalled for. I am well aware that the console port has massive issues atm. Those may indeed lead to frustration and bad sales numbers. Or it may not. Nobody knows yet. But I'm not denying that it may happen. However - we were speaking about the poor performance in the past - on PC. The release on console has nothing to do with that. Especially not since it just started and nobody here has any numbers. We could talk about the combined sales numbers of PC and consoles after some months. That might be interesting. And then bad porting might indeed be a factor for disappointing sales numbers. But in this thread it is not relevant. It's just another smoke screen.
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    @Wullack: But you did change the topic. You did not even make the attempt to answer my question concerning the source of your supposed information. Care to elaborate on that? You can't just make very strong claims without backing them up.
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    It was all a dream...of Bob Newheart's previous sitcom character. It was hilarious, imo. Ymmv.
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    Nostalgic or frightening? Undecided.
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    If I were doing it in terms of percentiles, I'd give it to the 49ers with a roughly 60-40 split. Not a strong favorite, but a favorite. And since I want the Chiefs to win, that makes it a no-brainer to choose the 49ers, .
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    Britain's officially out of the EU - https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51333314 Still holding out hope the Union will shatter and Ireland will reunite.
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    Watched Parasite at the movies with a group of five, we all absolutely loved it. As usual with Joon-ho Bong, it's an expertly crafted, fascinating and unpredictable blend of genres that results in a film with appeal both to arthouse enthusiasts and mainstream viewers alike, with a clear sociopolitical backbone throughout. It's his High and Low, an utter masterpiece. Much like @Hurlshot, it's my turn to stan this movie and tell everyone to go see it right away!
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    One of the nicest Riposte tanks I know is Unbroken/Trickster. Unbroken has nasty disengagement attacks (+10 PEN) and higher AR (when using a shield) and Trickster can terrify with Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage. And of course Trickster has his Mirrored Image which stacks with Vigorous Defense (which leads to very high deflection). If you have engaged 5 (or so) enemies you can terrify them with Repulsive Visage (or even White Witch Mask) and most of times, when they leave your engagement in horror, they will eat a nasty disengagement attack. Not only nasty because Unbroken's +10 PEN (an maybe Overbearing Guard as well), but also because Trickster can unlock instant Sneak Attack & Deathblows on any engaged enemy with Persistent Distraction (Distracted + Flanked affliction). If you use a shield and Kapana Taga you can instantly have 4 engagement slots with an Unbroken without any ability investment (no Defender Stance needed). You'll get 5 if you take Persistent Distraction as well. I like to use the Reckless Brigandine in order to get to 6 engagement slots - and that's the max I find to be useful. You will very seldomly be able to engage more than 6 enemies because there's not that much space around you anyway (except when you face really small enemies). If you use that setup you can skip Defender Stance and take Mob Stance instead. Not only will you get a free Attack on killing an enemy but this will make you faster with every enemy you threaten. Same with Reckless Brigandine (quite similar enchantment). Add Entonia Signet Ring for +5 to every defense for every enemy who engages you. Than you'll have a rel. fast hitting tank with good staying power who will really prevent any enemy whom he engaged to get any further. At the same time he dishes out repectable damage. Riposte adds to that. If you use a large shield + modal you can also take Adept Evasion and be nearly untouchable by your own party members' AoE spells. You just shrug them off. If you don't like the Reckless Brigandine or Kapana Taga I would recommend Hold the Line or take Defender's Stance instead of Cleaving/Mob Stance. Cleaving Stance also works on Riposte-kills by the way. Another nice variant of riposte tank involves the Greatsword Whispers of the Endless Paths with its enchantment Offensive Parry. You can use it as a Rogue/whatever and stack it with Riposte, but it also works very nicely with other classes. For example a Shattered Pillar generates wounds from the Offensive Parry, a Cipher gets focus from it, a Steel Garotte can drain health (as long as the enemies who are attacking suffer from an affliction) and so on. For example Trickster/Steel Garotte can stack Riposte + Offensive Parry, use Persistant Distraction to distract enemies and heal himself on every RIposte/Parry. A Shattered Pillar/Soulblade can fill his focus and wounds on the fly while casting cipher spells or doing Soul annihilation - just by Riposting/Parrying.
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    Hello players! I asked our narrative team to send me their favorite "dumb" line used in the game, and now we want to see which one of these lines you like the most. There is no right or wrong answer, and this is all in fun as everyone who submitted a line knew what I was planning to do, so go ahead and take a gander at the different options. At the end of the poll, I will reveal who submitted that line to you all! On a side note, if you haven't played a "dumb playthrough" yet, I highly recommend it. I'm halfway through my own playthrough, and it's been entertaining to say the least! Thank you, and the poll will end on Wednesday, 1/29, at 3 PM PST. Continue reading for more context on each of the lines listed in the poll above. ----------------------------------------------------- Choice 1: ADA: I am ready and eager to assist. Awaiting your orders, Captain. Inquiries are good, too. Player: What's going to happen if I skip the Hope? ADA: If your calculations are even slightly off, you could crash the entire colony ship into Terra 2. Or the sun. Player: Good thing I'm great at math. I know all the best numbers. ----------------------------------------------------- Choice 2: Player: What? A test? No one told me there was gonna be a test, dammit. I hate tests! Hermit: Yes! That's the spirit! A fellow traveler, one close to the truth themselves! Vicar Max: No, he's/she's not. Just… a bit dim. Player: I don't need to stay here and be insulted. I can be insulted anywhere. ----------------------------------------------------- Choice 3: Huxley: Hello? Hellooooooo? I hear boots out there! Wait, can rapts wear boots? Player: Law help me, it's a talking door. ----------------------------------------------------- Choice 4: Minister Clarke: Slowly and loudly, Aloysius. That's the only way these morons understand anything. I SAID, YOU MAY TELL CHARLES TO GO **** HIMSELF. Player: WHO IS CHARLES AND WHY ARE WE YELLING? ----------------------------------------------------- Choice 5: Player: What's it like being in command around here? Junlei Tennyson: Frustrating. Everything down to the circuitboards is past warranty, so I have the pleasure of making life or death decisions on a shoestring budget. Plus, there's no time to train my successor or document fixes in a way that anyone outside the family would understand. Player: Where's the self-destruct mechanism? Junlei Tennyson: I hope that was a joke, Captain. I really do. ----------------------------------------------------- Choice 6: Parvati: Are you out of your mind? You just- you just killed him. Player: I know, it was great. Parvati: You enjoyed that? Are you some kind of psychopath? I can't- I need to leave. I need to get away from you. Player: Look, I didn't mean to kill the guy. Sometimes I just get confused. Parvati: You can't help yourself, huh? Took a couple knocks to the cranium? I get it. Let's just… let's just move on. I couldn't forgive myself if I let you loose upon the Vale, unsupervised.
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    It's so stupid, no doubt. Star Trek that you actively try not to think too deeply about is something I can't believe exists today but it's what we got. Not sure why these are the types of Trek shows we're getting. This stuff is not art it's just a product meant to sell subscriptions so why not make just one show that appeals more to the Trek fans they already have and appeal to new fans that may want something smarter. They can keep doing the shows they feel like making as well since they've stated that they always want something Star Trek on but just give us something. Read a rumor that Seth McFarlane and NBC were and maybe still are looking to buy Star Trek. Hopefully that's true even though the rumor also said CBS was so puffed up on initial Picard reviews that they were asking way too much. I like to include the Seinfeld finale on lists of best final episodes to see if people call me out on it. Don't think it has happened yet.
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    check out the Community Patch. Its make riposte a better skill : Riposte proc chance changed from 30% on being Missed, to 25% on being Missed and 25% on being Grazed https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/335
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    There is an RPG system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serenity_Role_Playing_Game I played it briefly and it was good (mechanically). Not overly complicated. It even won the Origin awards for best RPG in 2005. It has a kind-of follow-up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_Role-Playing_Game I don't know anything about that one. I think the world (or better: universe) of Firefly is great for a Role Playing Game. The TV-show gave plenty of inspiration but was vague enough so that you can be creative (with settings, cultures, characters, items etc.) without the feeling that you are breaking lore all the time. So I think it would work as a CRPG as well.
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    Good day, I am trying to build the most effective fireball build and wanted suggestions on gear, stat attribution, etc. for a fireball focused build in Turn based mode. Thanks for any help.
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    Today I became the answer to life, the universe, and everything. There was cake.
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    Just another day in Mordheim: The Mordheim Inquisition were scattered across the ruins, making them easy targets for Daemons and Undead. They fought back bravely. And luckily the Undead cared not what they attacked, though the Daemonette made short work of the zombie. In the end, of the three fighters who had to be carried back to camp, one made a full recovery, while the other two would not fight for the warband again, their injuries too debilitating: (one armed archer?) And while all that was happening, the leader was gathering shiny green rocks:
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    I am, well, me, and I approve this thread. This is far from my area of expertise, so I only have nitpicking to contribute with here. Boeroer, while that is a wealth of creativity out of you, I think you missed that OP wanted a build for TB. I've never tried TB, but I believe I know that you only get one action per turn, so something like spamming Sworn Enemy wouldn't be nearly as smooth as in RTwP. Though, if you want to use it, both its upgrades would be nice for this build. Also the general speed/recovery shenanigans of barbarian might not shine as much. Flame me hard (pun intended) if I'm wrong And this next one I am more certain of... the axe with +2 fire PL is called Magran's Favor. Magran's Blessing is a shield
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    Barbarian can get +25% dmg to fireballs when <50% hp (Blooded ability), stacks with Human racial ability Monk - bonus ACC from Dance of Death Weapon - Magrans Blessing comes late. Until that i recomend Griffin's Blade - 10%dmg with spells Second ring - Kuaru's Prize - +1Int/Per +5% spell damage Gloves - Firethrower's Gloves - +1PL to evocation spells, +2Dex
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    Easy: grab two Necklaces of Fireball and put one on and the other into the stash (NOT character inventory). In each encounter you can then spam 8 Fireballs. After the encounter you put the empty necklace back into the stash were it will form a stack with the full one. If you seperate them again both will be full again! Yay! 8 Fireballs in every encounter without any costs. Use Magran's Blessing Favour and Sun & Moon and grab Ring of Focused Flames and Otto Starcat as pet. This will give you +10 accuracy and +5 Power Levels with fire attacks. Then go and get Rekvu's Fractured Casque and Rekvu's Scorched Cloak and cast fireballs on yourself until you get knocked out. Rise up again with the minor injury "Serious Burn". This will make sure you can never get interrupted while casting and it also makes you heal from fire instead of getting damage. Nuke yourself with your own Fireballs: no problem, it even heals you. Then pick any class that gives you bonuses for spellcasting. This could be: Barbarian: higher casting speed from Frenzy higher casting speed from Bloodlust no recovery on fireball-kills from Bloodthirst Berserker: +2 PEN from Berserker Frenzy Furyshaper: +10% casting speed from ward Monk: bigger AoE from Duality of Mortal Presence (INT) +2 PEN from Thunderous Blows Helwalker: +30% additive damage because +10 MIG from wounds Paladin: +10% multiplicative dmg because Eternal Devotion adds a lash to your fireballs +5 ACC and +5% hit to crit from Exalted Focus +1 PEN from Scion of Flame +20% additive dmg from Sworn Rival (can be cast on every enemy in AoE quickly since instant cast with 0 recovery) Fighter: +5 ACC, 1 Power Level and bigger AoE (+5 INT) from Tactical Barrage or +5 ACC and +25% hit to crit conversion from Disciplined Strikes +5 ACC from Warrior Stance Ranger: in general just a crapload of Accuracy... Beguiler/Debonaire: Charm groups of enemies with Ringleader and then drop a 100% critting Fireball on them. Rinse and repeat... And so on... I'm sure you can find something in every class that would give a nice bonus to casting Fireballs but those come to my mind first. Of course you can also make a multiclass to combine many of those advantages. e.g. Berserker/Helwalker or Paladin/Helwalker or such. Or the Beguiler/Debonaire combo I mentioned. YOu can be very creative... Of yourse you could also pick an Evoker or aBloodmage Wizard and cast Fireballs the usual way - but why if the possibilities with the necklaces are nearly endless? You can also add two Missile Gloves and do the same, giving you a bit more option - for example if the enemies are immune to fire.
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    Visual Novel RPG. It has turn based combat and you level your characters. Loren the Amazon Princess by Winter Wolves Games. They do these kind of VN RPGs. I played Loren and both Planet Stronghold games of theirs. I mean to get Seasons of the Wolves and Cursed Lands, since those are in the same setting as Loren.
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    @Waski thx a lot And... need guide how to upload 13+h on youtube
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    The fact that i can pick pronoun/gender of my hero but still have freedom of design is good. Why not? If someone feels better running with androgynous character good for them, if other want to make a woman with a beard just for laughts even better. The culture in OT is retro futurism, so i would not expect much cultural drift, and even expect some traditionalism, they literraly sleep for last thousands of years. You can argue that strict definition of each gender is mirror of strict job position in corporate system. If OE decides to make queer character sure why not, the adventure seakers are generally misfist, so being queer is ok. But with all NPC you do what you have idea for. It is hard to get good execution of bad idea.
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    Water and tea. Apparently one gets very hungry and thirsty in survival games. Must be from carrying 200,000 pounds of stuff in your backpack.
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    can you see it now?
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    Metro: Exodus' final DLC "Sam's Story" coming out on February 11th, just shy of when Exodus' EGS exclusivity ends. The American character returning to the US on a Typhoon-class SSBN brings to mind a certain Tom Clancy novel and film based on the novel:
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    you have inspired us to watch blade:trinity this eve. well, that were enuff. however, seeing the trailer for morbius, other than wondering if we can get a j. jonah jameson quip 'bout the morbius name, can't help but make us wonder if ethics is an optional elective at the various Universities of Super Science in comic book worlds. HA! Good Fun!
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    Hmm.... it's not really a fair comparison, because the rose coloured nostalgia glasses does compensate for some of the technical weaknesses of older titles. So listing the crpgs that left the biggest, lasting impressions on this greybearded gamer. In no particular order: 1. Nethack 2. Ultima IV 3. Temple of Apshai I left out my all time greatest game favourite 'Lords of Midnight' as that one is genre hybrid which is hard to really classify. Should probably have a category all of its own (turn based exploration-strategic-warfare-roleplaying-game).
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    As much as I tend to dislike "Top x" threads, it's quite fascinating to see just how similar our lists look, yet on how many aspects of RPGs can a lot of us disagree. Just goes to show how incredibly flexible the genre can be I suppose
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