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    Next U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to be named after African American Pearl Harbor hero First thing that came to my mind was if that was the character Cuba Gooding Jr played in the movie Pearl Harbor. It was. Since this is the random thread, Cuba Gooding Jr went to my high school in Arizona. Not for very long, less than a year, but long enough to be immortalized in a year book and local history.
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    I think I am pretty far along in Outer Worlds. At least it feels that way - all companion quests done, no other side quests available in any of the areas I have visited so far.
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    This is an anagram of Action Used, and you know a game in which actions are used? BG2.
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    Also Darkwing Duck. Which incidentally stars Jim Cummings. Who was the voice of Minsc. In BG2. it all adds up
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    The Packers better find an answer for the Niners rushing attack and they better find it REAL soon. Edit: Ouch. Just when the Pack had a promising drive going they turn it over. Barty, Mannock, blink twice if you're still OK. Packers have to stop the Niners right here. If San Fran scores a TD off this fumble I think the game is just over. Okay, this game is OVER. Sorry Barty and Mannock. Handsome Jimmy doesn't need to throw another pass in this game, the Niners run blocking is out of this world spectacular.
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    Ohhhh, so that explains why you're not liking her too much. Yeah she's definitely not melee/frontline material. She is best for shooting from the back. There's even a specific build for her you can find in this forum that makes it possible for her to one-shot powerful enemies later in the game.
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    A guy from Nordland, in the northern parts of Norway, finds roman coin from the time of Marcus Aurelius. It's the northernmost finding of roman coin in Norway. He also found a 1000 year old viking sword. Apparently metal detecting has become a big thing here lately. https://www.nrk.no/nordland/nordligste-funn-av-2000-ar-gammel-romersk-mynt-pa-donna-1.14862482 (google translate needed)
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    When a character attacks with the Powder Burns modal, it places a debuff that Distracts them for 10 seconds. This is a hostile effect Resolve reduces duration. Intellect also increases its duration, which I am looking to prevent. My solution was to apply a StatusEffect (SE) that grants -10000 INT before the Distracted SE is applied. This guarantees 1 INT at the time of Distraction being cast, so you get -45% duration of positive buffs. I then increase base duration of Distraction to 18.181818 seconds so that when the -45% is applied, it goes back down to 10. The -INT SE is removed on attack, so it doesn't affect anything else. This gives larger numbers than expected using the calculation sheet provided and through in-game testing without the mod using a character that has 10 INT. When reversing the mod (adding 10000 INT and reducing duration of Distraction to 4.44444 seconds) we get smaller numbers than expected. Unexpected values only occur when there are multiple sources of Hostile Effect Reduction (RES + Solitary Ring of the Wanderer for example). Ideal solution SETS the character's INT to 10 but I don't know how I would achieve this since it requires a dynamic value and I don't know if attributes are compatible with dynamic values. Duration Formula.xlsx
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    We're already in a green washing race, though of course it's mostly accountancy tricks with carbon instead of dollars- especially so for countries with a carbon credit or trading scheme where you make actual money by padding your environmental credentials. I'm sure some people will believe that MS is 'carbon neutral' in reality instead of just on paper so they can feel virtuous for buying a Surface Pro or xbox or whatever; but yeah, practically MS will be doing the carbon equivalent of licensing their tech at an extortionate rate- which coincidentally is just slightly less than their gross profit in whatever region- from an Irish subsidiary. (To be fair to MS they are far from the worst offender)
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    "Better" is subjective. I decided to install Extended 3025 based on what I read in this post. I wrote RT off because I hated the Korean MMO-style grind it introduced in the first releases, and from what I read, it hasn't got any better with new versions in that regard. Systems-wise it's second to none, though. Also 16 GB is the minimum so your PC doesn't crap out while the AI thinks. Advanced 3062 might be more up your alley.
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    He obviously didn't do enough loyalty missions.
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    Hopefully will get usual suspects bent out of shape. Quick check on T_D funnily has people going on about there obviously being a conspiracy here - I guess DNC Operators carried this out after stealth killing Paddock and planting his corpse.
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    I finished Shadow of the Torture Porn Raider. Good game, definitely my favorite in the trilogy. It's the most exploration and puzzle solving heavy and combat light of the 3 games and it has the best designed tomb puzzles and the best run for your life setpieces. There is still plenty of killing, with one sequence in particular roughly 2/3 of the way through the game where Lara goes full on psycho murderer killing spree, but the combat is spread far apart and there are long stretches in the game where you do very little to no fighting, so I can see how some people that play these games mainly for the combat might have not liked this game as much. I'm at about 93% completion, so I might try to 100% the game. I have a few days to kill. I think I'm going to start playing Kentucky Route Zero around the 24th or 25th. No way I finish the first 4 episodes before the 5th one comes out on the 28th. I'm so excited, I've been patiently waiting so long for this. /rubs hands together
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    So, when does the scouting combine start? But seriously, maybe now you see where the "most fradulent" narrative came from? It was super embarrasing. For the second time this season. It was just plain bad all over. With all that said, it's still a way better season that anyone expected, including myself. Happy and proud of the team but still a bit sour to go out in the way we did.
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    Microsoft aiming to be carbon negative by 2030 https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2020/01/16/microsoft-will-be-carbon-negative-by-2030/
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    That'd require Trump to be a different person As expected, some good cosplay at the event
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    Well thanks, I almost forgot that existed!
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    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Brilliant game. 2nd in a series, in fact.
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    Always been a sucker for extravagant uniforms though;
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    Actually some good things were made more than 20 years ago, for example the devs of bg2.
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    Did we used to have a military thread? I seem to remember it but I also kinda remember Sinbad playing a genie. Anyways, the new Space Force uniforms are pretty bad in my opinion. They look like the Army pajamas with the old, old jungle/woodland pattern. I was expecting something a little but more spacey and/or modern. I've seen the arguments in favor but I don't think they hold water. I don't care if they think camo is associated with the military or that because almost all will never go to space that they don't need something more fitting. None of them are likely to be out in the field and needing to blend in either. Wasted opportunity to do something interesting.
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    ya remember how I said we'd need to play perfectly, get lucky, and not ever fall behind by more than a score? we fell behind by 4 scores, got a bunch of bad bounces, and played horribly. whoops.
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    Console gamers: low iq pothead trashscrubs (I don't believe they all are but I gotta keep it fair!)
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    Oh Allah (Peace be Upon Him) yes. They have a catchy name ("The Network", would probably work better in arabic though), neckbeards like true salafis, preaching in their places of worship (reddit etc) etc etc. Haha yes. You can add lazy and feckless- and overly sensitive- to that list as well. The absolute state of the PC gaming market can be summed up by comparing 'Good Old Guy' GOG's turnover vs 'Evil Gommie Spywar'e EGS turnover. Exclusives 100% work, outrage is 100% useless and good will is about 95% useless unless you're a corpulent ex Microsoft Seattleite with a knife obsession (and even then it's 99% inertia rather than actual good will). Anyway, for some 100% genuine and true random news, since exclusives 100% work CDPR is making Cyberpunk2077 GOG exclusive which is why they're delaying it for 6 months. In a shocking twist they will then make it EGS exclusive for the next 6 months.
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    My new 55" tv arrived. It's... pretty awesome. Need to rewatch a bunch of movies now. Fury Road, Interstellar, etc... it's like being in my own little cinema.
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    Epic Games Store has generated $680M so far, with exclusives being 'critical' So much for the jihad.
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    Again, I never claimed to have made a survey about "how many people care about these problems", nor did I claim to know that this was the only reason the game didn't sell well. I just pointed out some practical gameplay problems, which we are able to identify by playing the game and without making any surveys - unlike the "setting theory", which is based on pure speculation, for which you *do* actually need a survey, if you want to make these claims. And that's why I found it amusing - because some people seem to prefer making pure speculations, instead of first examining what is right in front of them. And I obviously disagree with that speculation, so I wouldn't say "what I so think played a role was...", unless I was dishonest. Let me stop you there before you say "oh so you are able to identify the problems by playing the game after all", ergo, "so these shouldn't really have affected sales", like you have said earlier. Proliferation is what creates traction and people don't just watch reviews or peruse stores to buy games anymore. Marketing is only starting and then stoking the fire. It obviously is very important, but social media (steam, twitter, twitch, fb, etc) are even more so, in this day and age. Put simply, proliferation happens by "word of mouth" - which translates to tweets, posts, wishlists, recommendations, streamers etc etc. Streamers themselves work with traction in their majority (it's like any market would be) - because it is their job and make money off of it. A poorly proliferated game (for whatever reason) will have less viewers, streamers, recommendations and traction. So don't underestimate the value of intrinsic characteristics when it comes to sales.
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    I made aglio e olio with crackling pork belly on the side. First time I've made either of those specific dishes and it was very good but I think next time I'll cut down on the olive oil for the pasta. Pork belly came out perfect.
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    Deaf man sues porn site over no closed captioning. https://www.tmz.com/2020/01/16/pornhub-sued-class-action-deaf-demand-closed-captioning/ Don't want to miss out on any of that scintillating dialogue.
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome, Concrete Monster! I'm glad to see you posting! I'm sorry I wasn't around to greet you when you entered the challenge. Also, please accept my apologies for the response delay to your recent post. It's good to meet you and it's good to see people active. Best of luck to Elanna! A Priest of Eothas is a compelling choice from an RP perspective, in my opinion. I look forward to future updates, Best, A. PS: I'm almost ready to start posting on my solo rogue. I'll likely start today or tomorrow!
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    Yeah, the Engwythans were good at three things: soul manipulation, mathematics, and growing big crazy structures. Their metallurgy was generally garbage and they weren't particularly advanced in any other fields. Glanfathans have surpassed them in mathematical discoveries and astronomy. The other "big" cultures have also discovered an enormous amount of knowledge about souls that the Engwythans never did -- though there are still aspects of Engwythan technology that contemporary animancers don't fully understand. As a side note, while Glanfathans are dominantly elves and orlans, Engwythans apparently had a strong representation of every race in their society.
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    It would most like go to either NIS America or Aksys Games (who did the translation for Tokyo Xanadu). Xseed leaned too heavily on the Falcom games selling well to English audiences, which they did but not as well as Xseed needed them too. They had to expand their staff a lot in order to releasing translations and ports for all the Trails in the Sky games, Cold Steel 1 and 2, Zwie 1 and 2, and the first 6 (I think) Ys games in less than four years. After Cold Steel 2 they downsized a lot and now Xseed is a fraction of the size it was even just three years ago.
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