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    You should feel free to move the discussion to this thread
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    Wow. You're still going. I'm aware that my defense being fake doesn't help my defense. My defense wasn't a defense. You won the CNN debate by default because it wasn't real. Hell, you're misrepresenting fake arguments. How is it even possible that I admit the whole thing is a joke and I still come out as least ridiculous? I doubled down because of the way you acted, not because of CNN. My "dogged criticism"! Intentional ommission isn't forgetting. I haven't followed the US primaries at all, I've been too busy. I don't care whether Bernie or Warren get the nom because as far as I can tell they both want the 'hardcore leftie' thing of taxing the countries' Bezos (honestly I'm fine as long as it's not Biden...) and reigning in US megacorps is what effects me in Europe. I've favored Bernie a little because I remember him from last time, I honestly don't know wherethey differ. How can you still be going on about my perceived political bias? I kept going not because I give a crap but because it's 8 AM, I've been up all night again because my infant son's lack of sleeping schedule exacerbates my chronic insomnia and I've run out of YouTube videos. I'm BORED, not biased. I wasn't trying to win, I was trying to see how much more you would project and invent about me, and I tried to bow out of discussing my intent because your perceived construct of me was starting to get depressing. You're so invested in my original jab when it was nothing more than a Clone High reference for chrissakes, to an episode of a cartoon where teenage high school clone JFK smears teenage high school clone Lincoln in an election for high school class president by making a video of him saying he loves eating babies! This must be how Gfted1 feels. I get it now. (If anyone is reading this, send help).
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    So sayeth the wise Alaundo.
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    Forget about Bhaal or Sarevok, the true God(dess) of Murder is Lara Croft: I ain't even gonna lie, I'm generally not into the killing portions of these games, but when she rose out of the water with the flames behind her and vengeance in her eyes, I was thinking "Aww yeah, I'm about to murder the **** out of some fools!" And I did.
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    Nice tin foil "theory" you've got there.
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    yes. The untargetability of knock-up lasts for one second, and then they spend one second standing up, for two seconds total out of commission. Yes, you can't do anything to them while they're untargetable, but it means an extra second to gear up for an attack or let a resource recover. You can see me using this on the un-interruptible Oracle of Wael as part of my ultimate run below. (note - as a plus, this worked especially great for a tactician because while they're untargetble they don't count as being in combat, so a tactician (or a party with a tactician) against a solo perception-immune enemy would be repeatedly triggering Brilliant, which is actually better than just one prolonged Brilliant, since just activating Brilliant gives you resource back)
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    Well I wasn't really demoted because I was never promoted. I started out here as a political hire. I was the only veteran to apply and was hired for a job I wasn't really qualified for because hiring veterans is a priority. So I started out as a glorified number cruncher auditing public works projects for cost overruns and materials compliance. After two years of demonstrating that I could see lightning and hear thunder, and possessed an advanced understanding of mathematics and data analytics I started to find myself with much more interesting work. Last year I was managing my own projects. So, now we have a new director who took one look at my resume and education and decided (presumably) that a knuckle dragger such as myself has no business managing projects for the TDEC so I'm back to being a glorified number cruncher. I was a little put off by the whole thing. In fact I was quite upset about it. Then I remembered it's just a paycheck.
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    Tehran '53 set the bar for the whole series
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    I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned the Kickstarter scam par excellence: Star Citizen. Which, funny story, is not a scam at all but rather a case study in how crowdfunding success can completely bog down a project. Ironically, I'm sure it will be a wildly successful commercial product... at some point in the 2030s. In any case, how many actual demonstrable scams have come through Kickstarter? Seems one of those words that people throw around so often that it's become almost meaningless.
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    Well, at least it's not Tehran '76.
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    What I meant is that additional attacks are from main hand. I understood that Elric was concerned that Inner death will proc another inner death.
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    Again, there's an elephant in the room regarding Deadfire's dip in sales that no perception of quality can account for, I feel. The dip the franchise saw in performance wasn't a 10-20% or a 50% even, or a lack of continued interest or whatnot. From what I understand, the first game in the series has already sold about 2 million copies whilst the new one has struggled to make it to 400k. That's a 70-80% drop right there, and one for a game that, despite assumptions of the contrary, is generally rated quite positively across all user aggregate websites out there, including a 7.8 metascore, an 84% Steam user approval and a 4.4/5 GOG rating. Moreover, let's consider some notorious sequels to popular franchises: Dragon Age 2: roughly 2 million copies sold by August 2011 (down 50% from its predecessor) Mass Effect 3: roughly 1.5 million copies in its first month (100% up from its predecessor), roughly 6 million total (down from Mass Effect 2's 7 million) Mass Effect: Andromeda: an estimated 2.5 million copes sold across its lifetime (down 60% approx from Mass Effect 3) BioShock 2: 3 million copies (down 25% from the 4 million sold by its predecessor) Fallout 4: roughly 14.9 million units sold (up 50% over the next highest-grossing Fallout game, Fallout 3) Batman: Arkham Knight: 5 units sold in the first four months (down 17% from Arkham City by the same point) And more. It's arguable that all of these examples were met with much more vitriol from the gamer community and proved to be way more divisive if not outright trashed by the fanbase than Deadfire, yet the latter's drop far exceeds even the worst ones here. What's more, some games that were deemed disappointing relative to their predecessors even went *up* in sales relative to their previous entries as well, which goes to show how much the insular jabber of the diehard community often matters in these things. To be fair, Deadfire is a smaller game and thus likely more exposed to such talk - but again, when the talk wasn't even that negative to begin with, it's hard to point out to it as a major factor in the drop in sales.
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    Well living in a bubble is a wonderful thing, ain’t it? You never get to know how much you’re wrong
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    Death Taxes Video game releases getting delayed
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    Baldur's Gate 3 tease. More.on 02.27? https://twitter.com/baldursgate3/status/1217964674156810240?s=20
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    were weird and fun for us to get to kill tob Gromnir, but it bothered us how our player character in the game had to be the idjit getting used by melissan while our namesake were the one who were successful thwarting melisasan and uncovering her plot until we show up in saradush. due to limits o' bg2-style dialogue choices, we must needs treat the Gromnir npc like cassandra. as such we had a moment o' remorse (brief) before we got to the killing and l007ing o' npc Gromnir. @Malcador shouldn't cause much practical trouble... unless you look dangerous (i.e. dark complected) and/or are traveling from wrong country? terrible part is how even if trump isn't reelected, this policy is improbable to be changed back to pre-trump norms. is so much easier to take freedoms and liberties from persons than it is to grant 'em. HA! Good Fun! ps a certain mod forgets... again. he were offended at our suggestion o' his indifference o' reporter murder. 'course then we show his older (and apparent forgotten) post making just such a claim and only then do we get his sudden admission o' blanket indifference to murder. were so funny we immortalized in signature... and yet the mod still persists with the assault on facts and decency. good show.
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    Upload to imgur (or another image hosting site) then copy & paste the link here.
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    I don't think she can blame you for that since 95% of people have the fungus that develops into thrush. She's probably had it for a while but noticed it now? I first got it when I had an infection in the achilles tendon and got antibiotics for it. And I'll have you know that the first time I kissed someone I was 29 I wish I could get demoted and keep the pay I have. It's frustrating as hell to have a metric tonne of responsibility but not enough authority to make proper changes, it's taken away almost all of my motivation to do a good job, and start to halfass it like everyone else.
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    No suprise from a country that reelected mr. blackface.
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    Damn thanks a ton! I'm actually using the Devil of Caroc Breastplate on the Herald, but I'll try switching it out for something else, as well as trying the Patinated Plate on the Streetfighter. I was using the Bloody links earlier too, but it was so ugly I couldn't do it lol. Maybe I'll have to suck it up though. I'm so used to the defensive system from PoE1, where armor was way less important and many characters fought naked, so thanks for helping explain how it works in Deadfire as well. I'll definitely spend more time looking into the new mechanics in Deadfire. Also I just wanna say you're a legend Boeroer
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    Mrs. Hurlshot has thrush, so I'm in a bit of trouble about that. Thankfully I already had the gross mouthwash ready to go for her. We are going away this weekend too, so hopefully I can get out of the doghouse.
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    That was always meant to be ironic.
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    I happen to live in a 'dark dystopian metropolitan' area. It's called Tehran 2077.
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    am gonna give special consideration @Guard Dog 'cause he is the one person we frequent disagree with who will actual drop an issue before we do. find his reserve admirable, but don't tell him we said so. regardless, rare is Gromnir the last guy posting in a disagreement, even though may not seem that way if you has been on receiving end once or twice. am likely to get folks riled to point where they refuse to quit... even after they insist they has quit. but again, to stay on-topic... am genuine curious 'bout impeachment witnesses. is not a particular compelling reason to forgo witnesses, but as we said already, this is a political trial and issues o' probative value and relevance and every other standard gets thrown into the chipper shredder. has anybody seen any fox news polls regarding whether republican voters are interested in seeing witnesses? am suspecting such will be the tea leaves worth reading as to likelihood o' witnesses. if the core republicans want witnesses, then we get 'em. republican senators got no political reason motivation to call witnesses if core republicans do not want such. @Bartimaeus the image is an attempt at irony? so many misfires from tn such as failing to recognize how his ruse started before Gromnir were even involved in the cnn debate discussion. the character from tob named after Gromnir appears to be a paranoid who makes wild accusations. however, it turns out that the tob Gromnir character were correct and the only game character to recognize melissan for what she actually were. *shrug* based on the image and game context, we would say this were tn's attempt at an apology... if we weren't certain o' the opposite. so it goes. HA! Good Fun!
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    Doesn't need to be bigger, Gromnir knows what it is.
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    Huh? It works with every melee weapon attack no matter if it's your main weapon or not. It even works with "bash" from shields like T's Palm and also with Riposte and Offensive Parry. But it doesn't repeat the whole execution of an ability (like repeating a Full Attack) - it only repeats the single hit roll it procs off of. S for example with Sun & Moon it doesn't repeat both attack rolls of both flail heads but only the one it got triggered off. Same with WotEP: it only repeats the attack roll on the initial target but not the AoE cone. Maybe I misunderstood you though. Did you mean that it would get triggered but the additional attacks would be done with the main weapon? That may be correct. Forbidden Fist + community patch worked just fine with Swift Flurry for me (I mean oit got triggered). At least last time I played a Forbidden Fist (which was right after CP was released). So I assume that Inner Death would work the same once the weapon tag got added. If only the weapon gets to do the additional attacks then even better (because less balancing problems). It already has a melee tag. It lacks a "weapon" tag. The use would be that it triggers Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming, yes. Also works with Lightning Strikes and Turning Wheel I presume (didn't check if those already work which may well be). Since Swift FLurry usually is a worse pick than Lightning Strikes against everything but non-trash mobs I find it unfair that it even gets excluded from stuff that's not properly tagged. You execute those abilites with your fists I presume which should be weapons (I mean if you picture the monk doing it). So why no weapon tag? I guess it is a mere oversight. You mean it could potentially one-shot enemies? As it already does? Jokes aside: If you want it to make a reasonable aternative to Whispers of the Wind or other empowered PL-9 stuff (look at empowered Missile Salvo or empowered Greater Maelstrom) then you should add this. Keep in mind that it would only play a role against bosses with 300+ hp pool - all others would die anyway. I doubt that you'll get a chain reaction from Empowered Strikes. Afaik the additional attacks from SF/HBD will not be empowered and thus will not get +100 PEN and ACC - and then the high defenses of bosses will prevent a massive flurry chain. And the combined chance on crit is < 50% anyways. Also you can't use it endlessly like WotW because you pay with Mortification, not wounds. Worth a try I'd say. If it's too strong then it's easy to revert.
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    we call those days "summer" in ca. last summer weren't near as bad as were the previous year, but we nevertheless had weeks where the smoke were so thick the sun were not visible save for a couple hours before and after noon, and even then it were a lurid bloody-red... much like our perpetual irritated eyes. one o' our cars, which we were parking in the driveway in violation o' our cc&rs (shhh, don't tell local security) would daily become covered with a greasy film o' ash. ash is s'posed to be dry and powdery, like the stuff in your fireplace or in the bottom o' your weber grill, yes? unfortunately, whatever grasses and trees and shrubbery were burning made the ash... tacky. have never been a fan o' summers in our part o' ca, but they are increasingly becoming literal unlivable with predictable weeks o' hazardous air quality. only positive is in ca, unlike other places we have lived, pretty much everybody has air conditioning, so we could close windows w/o fear o' heat stroke. 2018 were worse. much worse. were months o' fires and smoke and ash. nevertheless, as apocalyptic as the view from our window appeared in 2018, things in australia 2020-21 appear even worse, so you got our sympathy. HA! Good Fun!
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    And yet you took the time to respond in kind. You're just a Euro punk is all.
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    Eh, I'm a hardcore leftie and I skim and dismiss your posts at best and skip over entirely at worst. Maybe consider it's not them.
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    Next consoles don't come out until after that. And last I checked, Europeans were subordinate to Americans.
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    In practice I find that enemy AI doesn't do this a lot. If you're able to get the enemy AI back onto a tank via some mechanism, it's sticky for a while. I don't know what the internal workings of the AI is, but I have to imagine there's some sort of internal cooldown on changing targets. So there's that. It would be extremely annoying otherwise. On the topic of the enemy AI going after squishy targets - it's a double-edged sword. That's why rogues have so many escape abilities, and also why you can metagame this by taking advantage of this fact. It would be way worse if the AI enemy was actually more like a human, e.g. deliberately avoiding the high-defense riposte or blade turning squishy because they know they'll just get punished. I can see the virtue of the WoW/MMoRPG style aggro system, but it can also be extremely mechanically reductive. In Tyranny some of my parties boil every fight down to "taunt - taunt - taunt" while everyone dps-ses. In this vein, mule kick is better. The "knock up" effect also still works, so you effectively significantly increase the length of the time these uninterruptible enemies are quasi-interrupted. Dorudugan has sky high fortitude defense though, so I would be surprised you could do this consistently even with the -25 from morning star and bonus acc from mule kick. The only other uninterruptible enemy I can think of is the Oracle of Wael and they also can be proned/knocked-up. Must be a weird thing for designers to keep an eye on - no matter the enemy they have to add a prone/standing up animation.
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    There's going to be a lot of cancelled PTO requests for April on the desks of supes.
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome, Concrete Monster! I'm glad to see you posting! I'm sorry I wasn't around to greet you when you entered the challenge. Also, please accept my apologies for the response delay to your recent post. It's good to meet you and it's good to see people active. Best of luck to Elanna! A Priest of Eothas is a compelling choice from an RP perspective, in my opinion. I look forward to future updates, Best, A. PS: I'm almost ready to start posting on my solo rogue. I'll likely start today or tomorrow!
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    Finally caught the last episode of the first season of The Mandalorian.
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    When the police become the army the people become the enemy. If I were in charge I'd give every law enforcement agency in this country a simple choice. Either you give up your firearms while on duty or you give up your qualified immunity. You cannot keep both.
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    Your pics has me going back and replaying Ashen. As if I don't already have a mountain of games to get through.
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    learn to make sauerkraut. get the probiotics w/o the dairy and is perfect time o' year in northern california to fill up a big pickle barrel o' the stuff in the garage. be warned: cooler temps means it may take a day or two longer to proper ferment than described in the linked recipe. HA! Good Fun!
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    https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/366 This mod offers a choice of the 8 voice sets from the first game that can be used alongside those already in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! The installation is quite simple*, the zips are set up to extract all the necessary files to the correct directories. And won't require overwriting any of the default audio files to work. While there are some lines unique to Deadfire - such as acknowledging loot picking up & equipping rare loot, and rare selections lines for every voice set - ideally these should all sound quite close to how they did in the original game. I had actually intended to release this alongside the custom voice guide I wrote several months ago. Something that would act as a simple proof of concept. However each voice seemed to have their own weird quirks that ended up adding up to more work than I had time for. To a small degree I still think of this as a bit of a work in progress, but overall it seems like it is in a stable enough state to be released. There is one thing I'd really like input on; In PoE 1 were there lines that played when a rogue or fighter used an ability? A lot of actions share lines, and despite playing a rogue for over 100+ hours, I can't remember if the character says anything when using a non-standard attack action. Otherwise the only issue I'm immediately aware of (and not able to fix) is during character creation, if there are 16 (By default there are 14 male voices and 13 female voices) or more items in the voice list it expands outside of the UI. Which really makes pressing the next button without selecting one of the Vox Machina voices a bit of a challenge. As can be seen in the above video this is only in character/adventurer creation, so existing characters aren't affected by this issue. Thank you for reading! * - Currently this mod is setup with Windows in mind. I am not at all familiar with MacOS or Linux so I have no idea if it will work for those versions of the game. If someone has an answer for that either way please let me know!
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    I'd say spiritual needs are definitely a thing. Asking 'why we are here' is a big part of what separates us from all the other lifeforms kicking around on this planet. The 'what' is a lot more complicated.
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    How come? Her Animal Companion is even immune to engagement. You can retreat the bird at any time. As I asked: wouldn't Vengeful Grief + Revive Companion be a good thing? The bonus might last ('cause it has a 15 sec base duration) even though the malus is gone because the AC is back up again? If you have a SC Paladin in the party: even more so... Edit: nope... Vengeful Grief gets removed as soon as you revive your companion.
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    All the factions were selfish **** who just wanted to use me. **** them all. While I have a number of complaints about the game, finding all the factions unpleasant is one of the biggest ones.
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