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    Might have been quoting me.
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    I imagine something like this was going through the head of the whistleblower:
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    Not "news" per se, but a nice vid all the same!
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    I still believe though there is a 10th circle in hell, reserved for people who got the best armour in Bloodlines. I also believe we'll be sitting around there, with marelooke blaming me for getting him to buy games, and others complaining that keyrock posts screenshots of weird indy games nobody else knows the names for.
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    Adding "Woedica's crap dialogue" so that players do understand the lore and story better IS polishing the game. This was done based on feedback of the community who said that it's easy to miss certain points of the story. I think it's one of the best patched additions to the game - after the additional subclasses. There was so much polishing with Deadfire going on after release that I find it rather silly to harp on that specific aspect. This statement - as the rest - is only your opinion. The same as the assumption that one could make a RTwP game as Deadfire a lot less messy and create something that is on par with TB combat when it comes to tactical depth with just more polishing, knowledge and skill. I don't know if there's a company out there which has more experience and more skill with RTwP implementations than Obsidian has, let alone the funds and the willingness to attempt a RTwP game - just to prove your assumtion. Pillars of Eternity - as an IP - is not bound to any specific mode or ruleset as we can see: else we wouldn't have the Tabletop Version which uses - no surprise - a turn based ruleset which is classless and very different from the two CRPGs. Should they continue to bring and improve RTwP if they decide to make a successor (a third isometric, party based Pillars RPB with the Watcher)? I do think so. It would be very weird if they didn't. Does that mean it shouldn't come with both combat modes? No. If we learned anything from the introduction of TB mode it is that now Deadfire game appeals to a lot more potential customers: We saw a surge in sales numbers as soon as TB mode was introduced. If Obsidian would make a PoE3 with the same/similar engine and ruleset and not leave TB mode in - they would bid adieu to a big chunk of customers in spe. Why would they do that? That would most likely be economically stupid. And I'd rather have a realized PoE3 with good RTwP/TB mode than a non-existent PoE3 with perfect RTwP mode. I'm trying to be objective. Again: I don't play TB mode with Deadfire. I started this ride on RTwP and am not willing to change that. But that doesn't mean that TB mode is bad or that people who prefer it are dumb, millenials, console gamers (which intrinsically seems to mean they are bad players) who like to press x - or whatever kind of subjective and prejudiced pablum gets brought forth to make TB and the players who like it look somehow inferior (to prove which point exactly?). Just because one likes cake doesn't mean that pie is the inferior pastry people who like pie are epicurean savages cake would appeal to more pie lovers if it just was done better and had more icing every new pastry in the shop should be cake or at least there has to be more cake in the shop as a general rule one can't like pie as well It's just liking cake then, nothing else.
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    gotta say, we were shocked by the bears v. vikings. the bears were w/o two starting interior dl and their best lb and eddie jackson were hobbled, but still started. held the vikings and cook, who has been the nfl's best rb through early season, to 59 total yards in the first half and no scores 'til a late 4th quarter drive when bears were up 16-0. with defensive coaching change we weren't sure what to expect, but the D has actual been getting better every week in spite o' injuries and other losses. 6 sacks? get hicks, r. smith and b. nichols back and bears will be the most boring playoff contender in the nfl, for no other reason than their defense will keep every game close enough that even their disappointing offense can at least compete. perhaps the bigger surprise is how jameis winston has been getting better every week and right now looks like a decent qb. ... anybody got a bible handy? this has gotta be a sign of the Last Days, no? seas turn to blood kinda stuff? HA! Good Fun! ps am knowing the win were against miami, but the chargers... don't know what to say 'bout the chargers. a 2-2 start is not meaning the chargers is doomed, but we honest thought the chargers were the most balanced team in the nfl coming into the season. looked strong on both sides o' the ball... could compete with anybody and should beat almost everybody. been waiting for them to get their act together and am not sure we can count a win 'gainst miami as a sea change.
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    Hi ShadySands, We're excited to launch our next Kickstarter: Summer Daze at Hero-U. We're doing some exciting new things with this game to make it fun and accessible both for committed adventure gamers and for casual audiences. Summer Daze at Hero-U focuses on the core elements of characters, story, and player choices. It's of course set at Hero-U (as a prequel to Rogue to Redemption), and will be playable on iOS and Android as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux. As a past supporter and fan of our games, we want to ask you to consider pledging on day ONE so that we can have the strongest launch possible. The campaign will launch at noon PDT on Tuesday, Oct. 2, and run for 35 days so that we can celebrate Halloween with you during the campaign. We have some special early-bird tiers for the first backers. In particular, our Beach Blanket Beta tier, normally $100, will cost just $90 for the first 100 backers. We also have a special catch-up tier for players who don't have a Hero-U or Quest for Glory game key, or want to get extra keys to give to friends. The "Summer (and Winter) Games" tier is also limited to the first 100 backers. We're seeking $100,000, enough to finish and polish Summer Daze. We're hoping to raise an additional $50,000 to fund foreign language translations and English-language voice acting. Major success in the campaign will allow us to add even more cool stretch goals and add-on items. Extra funds could even allow us to start preproduction work on Hero-U 2: Wizards Way. You can help us reach these goals by supporting the campaign early and sharing it with your friends, social media, and favorite media outlets. Can we count on your pledge? Click here to count yourself in! Thanks! Lori and Corey Cole Transolar Games, Inc.
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    https://wccftech.com/greenberg-pleasantly-surprised-by-how-much-innovation-content-is-coming-from-the-new-studios/ "At Obsidian, there’s the team working on The Outer Worlds, a team that’s working on Pillars, and a team working on another secret thing."
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    Hi, just so you know: I discovered that both Whirling Strikes and also Heart of Fury do apply True Love's Kiss (neverending DoT effect like Gouging Strike or Brand Enemy) in their whole AoE. Enjoy!
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    That's why I was curious about what part of the Russia thing Gfted1 meant and thanks to him for clarifying. Did they actually change any votes themselves? Nope. Did they try to heavily influence the outcome of the election? Yes. Can we measure how successful that effort was? Not really, no. Did the Trump campaign "collude" with Russia? Insufficient evidence to bring conspiracy charges. Did they try to? Yes. Is that nothing? In my mind no, it's not nothing. PS I refuse to type nothing before the last name of the 15th chief justice of the US
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    Maybe we need a separate political "humor" thread? If you can call it that.
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    take away his phone and the nuclear codes hard to forget 'civil war' was one of Russia's disinfo points ... looks like Rudy's been served
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    Boeroer: Thank you for your well-written and thought-out replies to 3x0du5. On the basis of his reply to me, it seems fairly apparent that for whatever reason, 3x0du5 is unable to see the difference between an opinion and an argument, and the concept of backing up one's opinion also seems alien to him. Which does not bode well, as far as discussion goes. As for P:K outclassing Deadfire -- I think that's potentially a good debate. But what you say about dialogue in P:K is spot on. Given the amount of attention the developers gave to so many other aspects of the game, it's rather astonishing to see how poor the dialogue is. And not only poor, but cliched. I've said this before, but I'm saying it again: much of the dialogue and narration is actually so poor that I wonder whether it's meant to be a parody. Either way, it doesn't really work that well. I have now finished both games once. I liked them both, rather a lot even. I think it's a good thing that I don't need to choose between them.
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    They certainly know how to target mature audiences at least.
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    Looks like YAXC (Yet Another XCOM Clone). It promises to deliver "a gritty story for a mature audience", as opposed to the lighthearted story in the XCOM games. On the positive side, the game does feature an Asian lady flaunting generous amounts of cleavage, so there's that.
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    I've been failing to live up to my gimmick as of late, I blame The Witcher 3 (no point in posting screenies of that, I'm sure everyone has seen hundreds by now). I've been trying to make up for it by posting videos for upcoming indie games nobody else knows the names for.
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    Mostly due to player feedback. There was a rel. big survey after PoE. It asked about a lot of things, including distribution of DLCs/Expansions, game mechanics like resting and so on.
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    By the same logic why would you play PoE in Real Time, if there is Diablo 3? Both are isometric RPGs with real time combat and D3 is clearly better as it sold better. You assume both DoS2 and PoE compete within the same space. They don't. According to Swen (maker of DoS2) there is relatively little overlap between those two games. One is absurd multiplayer focused sandboxy Coop RPG, another is singleplayer player-story driven RPG - both are RPGs, both are isometric, but their appeals are quite different. In this forum you are likely to find people who didn't enjoy DoS2 much(like myself) because we like games like PoE - that's why we are here. Being turn-based or RTwP has nothing to do with it. Why would someone play PoE2 over (or in addition to) DoS2 in turn based mode? Story focused experience with rich world and lore, interesting quests, well constructed city, factions, overall ability to role-play. In my personal opinion a much more flexible and impactful character creation and development. When my gaming buddy visits me, we will fire up DoS2 and probably have a great time. Tried to play it by myself and it was a boring slog.
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    EU4 campaign with Russia off to a good start, have Poland as an ally and have erased Tver, Kazan and almost all of Novgorod. Just need to suck up to Sweden and maybe go beat up Georgia next.
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    EXACTLY my point! The Russian thing was a nothingburger, with can cheese on top. And they cant even affect the HoR.
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    A follow up to Hero-U? Looks more like a visual novel than a point & click. Hopefully it's good.
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    She can't seem to answer that.
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    'Is just better'. That's it guys everyone pack your bags and go home. We were all wrong liking this game, lets just go play DOS2 instead, even though i have played it and don't like it. '3x0du5' has shown us the light by saying it is just better. And apparently if something sells more it is just better. Like Adam Sandler films, are just better than anything which makes less money... apparently.
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    @Gromnir Vikings @ Bears: I also expected the Vikings to play better given the injuries. Vikings seem to always play horribly at Soldier Field no matter how good those teams are, though. Chargers: They have so many bad and important injuries/absences that this is probably not as surprising as one might think. They did just finally get Melvin Gordon back, but they're a badly beat up team. Buccaneers @ Rams: Hell of a game. Thought for sure the Buccaneers were going to choke it, but they didn't. Packers @ Cowboys: If Rodgers plays amazingly at Dallas as he always does, we'll have a chance, especially if we get a score or two ahead quickly, which will play to our strengths for pass rush and pass defense. If, on the other hand, the Cowboys get ahead by a score or two early, I have to agree that it won't be very close.
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    Just finished a book on nutritional and palliative care for elderly dogs. One of my dogs is elderly and failing and the other is entering her elderly years with a serious health problem. After some very heavy and often sad reading the last few weeks it's time for something lighter: A whole LOT lighter. The Chet and Bernie series is silly enough that indulging in it is something of a guilty pleasure for me.
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    You absolute drama queen, get a grip.
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    the lions is the best looking 2-win team in the league. we rare comment before week 4 o' a season 'cause nowadays the first four games is kinda what the preseason were in past decades. with all kinda limits on contact and practices, thanks to collective bargain, the preseason is a joke, and it takes a few weeks to genuine figure out who is for real in the nfl. ... am gonna need a couple more weeks, 'cause am honest not certain 'bout cowboys, packers, chargers, browns, ravens, rams, bucs, etc. miami sux. is the one thing 'pon which am willing to stand. HA! Good Fun!
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    Thank you! Great thoughts. I ended up taking Armor of Faith. I have to say that the biggest change with level 9 is that now that Kana has Dragon Thrashed everything just melts and my priest barely does anything :)
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    am hesitant to answer. even when it is possible to criminalize a person for murder/manslaughter/negligent homicide, we rare see a da do so if is the result o' accident. a doctor, 'cause o' a bonehead mistake, screws up a prescription and shady dies. perhaps a construction worker messes up construction o' scaffolding and not only does coworker die in fall, but shady dies. etc. the doctor and construction worker don't get away with anything, and chances are the doctor loses everything even if she does have malpractice insurance. will be wrongful death civil case to make folks pay. even so, if is mistake, we typical don't see da going for prosecution, in part 'cause juries won't convict for mistake even if unlawful killing of another with malice aforethought could be applied... even if manslaughter or negligent homicide could be applied, da rare does so. if the doctor or construction worker were on drugs when they made their mistake? then yeah, da goes after such stuff rabid and juries is willing to convict such folks. but mistake? am suspecting "because she is a cop" is why da isn't going for, at most, negligent homicide. malcador kinda gets backwards. da is obviously pushing this hard and is willing to risk censure to show the public how the prosecution is doing everything possible to punish this cop. is unlikely the judge would throw out the conviction, but the da could face some kinda punishment. why is da risking? needs to reassure constituents that justice is being pursued. am knowing this feels gut-level wrong. an innocent person, sitting on a couch in their own home when a stranger busts in, gets shot and dies and nobody goes to prison? how could that be justice? the thing is, the cop being on trial for murder is actual what is odd in these circumstances. so it goes.
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    I commented on this before, but I can't help but snicker at images of Trump standing in profile, or even in 3/4 view as in this photo: I swear, with that posture one could put a glass of water on the portion of the arch of his back that was closest to horizontal and not a drop would spill.
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    That's purely your preference, nothing more. Real-Time and Turn Based have their advantages and some people prefer one over another (or both for different reasons like me!) There are plenty great TB games. Funnily enough, while PoEs are great, it is not because they play in RT. Whenever TB is worth investing Obsidian should know the best after their little experiment with Deadfire. PoE system didn't translate perfectly into TB but it wasn't bad either (it had problems, but it was still enjoyable). If audience interested in TB only is big enough, it might be worth adding even if it will be mechanicly inferior to RTwP. I did full playthrough in TB mode, and it was quite fine. Ideally, I would love to see both modes available for PoE3 with ability to switch between them. We do have a few turn based RPGs, so I certainly would prefer if PoE still focused mainly on being RTwP RPG, and unlike competition, it's mechanics are designed to work in RT.
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    Stygian 32% off on Greenman Gaming.
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    She should apologize to the UN. 193 members x their salaries = a colossal waste of time and money for that dog and pony show.
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    Perhaps the long hyped bike simulator?
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    For @bugarup who enjoys the aesthetics of the game
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    Yes. In fact I know of not one single source of healing that gets suppressed. Afaik they all stack.
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    i would be happy with PoE1 rereleased with the deadfire engine
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    No, it probably means one of the devs that is working on Encased RPG used to work at Larian and another dev used to work at Iron Tower. Anyway, this looks like every single crowdfunded RPG. It could be good, I hope it is. I don't touch early access, I have no intentions of paying to beta test somebody's game. As far as I'm concerned, Encased RPG is not out yet. I guess the nice thing about early access is that there are plenty of impatient suckers devoted enthusiasts out there that will buy this unfinished game and play it now, so by the time this game comes out for realsies, 3 years from now, or whatever, there will be plenty of data out there with which I can make an informed purchasing decision.
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    Said some days ago that I wasn't sure what or how good this team actually was - well, there you go. Pretenders until further notice!
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    Or Pillars of Empire, the New Microbsidian game. I would pick the Rautai, they are a powerful Gunpowder Civ. Have you ever dream of wololoing with a Cipher Rush ?
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    But this assumes there is only one thing (TB v. RTwP) differentiating the two games. This assumption is flat out wrong. There are quite a umber of variables separating the two games. The dependent variable here, sales, could be driven by a range of independent variables and not just the one.
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