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    So Mirror's Edge with swords? Oh, and I've just released my latest pet project.
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    Your princess will most likely not be in this one, but have fun storming it non the less.
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    Not mine, but I thought it was worth sharing anyways: I have to say I am loving this whole trend of dubbing audio from Half-Life over other media.
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    Played some D&D yesterday, my pala/warlock is getting himself a Blackrazor. xD
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    Whoa, Mandalorian looks really good. I had no interest in Disney+ and now I'm like, what subscription can I cut to make that happen?
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    Gloryhammer seems composed in comparison
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    I was doing my once every 3-6month brief browse of GoG and realized at some point they'd added Hellfire to Diablo1. I still have that on original disc but I never liked it all that much and have never tried to install it on Win7 (or Win10). Still, you know I had to download it, since ez-Gog version (and since I already bought D1 from there, it was "free"). Might be good for winter boredom.
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    00:00-1:07: Yeah, this looks very good, somewhat western-y, a bit of a Rogue One meets Deadwood feel to it. 1:07-1:35:
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    Woha, it's like Manowar and Dream Evil had a superhero love child. Awesome.
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    Going camping, swimming, and fishing with the pups at my place up near Indian Creek. It's gong to be a good weekend.
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    That would explain why he sucks for me. I'm terrible at micromanaging during combat. I'm especially bad at choosing the right "buffs" for my characters.
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    (reposted from the movie thread, because I'm a doofus and posted it on the wrong thread ) Loving this record, it's full of really dense, alien textures with just enough of that pluralist fusion of the likes of Future Sounds of London or the Blade Runner soundtracks, to create that sort of compelling futurist experience, and with added spirituality to boot. Worth seeking out the full record (which, for Spotify users, can be found here).
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    This one's been done, actually.
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    I love the old skool faces in different states of bloody next to your health. Why did games stop doing that? It's so much better than red bar or screen turns more red as you get hurt.
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    Found some cool ones if anyone has time to watercolor or just likes them.
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    Say "Hi" to the Avatar of Derketo: Sepermeru for scale: Bye bye *blows kiss* So long suckers, I'm outta here! (I did make a backup of my save before doing that) I don't think talking about the "Leave the Exiles Lands" step is spoilers necessarily, but just in case: There's supposedly a major update coming out in September, curious what that's going to be. I'd mostly love more areas to explore but that seems unlikely as the devs have said the current map is already pushing the limits of the Unreal Engine. Only thing I still have to do now is the climbing up high achievement. I'll probably see if I can't just climb the Volcano for that one.
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    It might be different on PotD, but I just tried this fight last night (finally getting around to doing FS) and the Oracle is indeed immune to interrupts. Unless there's a second fight with the oracle that I haven't gotten to yet, at least the first fight there's a real easy way to slaughter it: Petrification. Resistance to body afflictions just means "Petrify" turns into "Paralyze" so with Gaze of the Adragan or Petrification you can disable it and just murder it to death before it can do anything.
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    Yes, unfortunately that was cut. IIRC, it's a bit more complicated than that, but also not quite that strict. I may be misremembering, but I believe to get out without fighting the porokoa requires the player already have a pretty good relationship with Galawain before starting the DLC and then returning the essence to the jungle most of (but not ALL of) the time.
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