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  1. These are the patch notes for patch 1.03. This patch is now available on Steam, and will be available on GOG soon. Note: We have hotfixed the problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests. Second Note: We have also fixed an issue where people were unable to open certain doors due to the Fog of War. "Big Ticket" Items Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke... but might be a joke. Double-clicking to equip items was causing passive abilities to get removed from
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  2. Thank you for all the work you guys have put into this. This is a very long list. Hope it make through the QA test phase.
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  3. Yeah the mid/late game wizard should be very good but the early not worth i think. I have no idea what they did on Mind Blade so let wait and see. As a matter of fact, wizards in PoE actually start off very strong, what with their fan of fire dealing 70+ damage, or their ability to use bows and suchlike. Allow me to compare your PoE wizard with a BG1 AD&D wizard. Your BG1 wizard starts with a grand total of 4 hp, 3 level 1 spells known, 2 casts per rest. Your standard Magic Missile spell starts at a single missile dealing 1d4+1 damage. At this rate, even a stray cat
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  4. What about stronghold bug? Not giving the achievement?
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  5. Are you planning to reduce the stunlock/freeze on phantoms? A level 3 monster that one hit annihilates? I also ask that you please don't nerf spells too much.... solo/small party is hard already on normal for people who don't want to min/max or memorize quest order/benefits ....... please...... I hope Mindblade isn't nerfed too much - once you hit level 5+ it doesn't have as much an impact on groups, plus I've seen people resist (dodge?) it prior to level 5. Slicken is one of the few great wizard spells..... these changes make me sad. It feels like the devs want us to play one way:
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  6. Tuned damage on Brilliant Radiance down. Why oh why would you do that? It's the only offensive 'per encounter' ability that Priest has, and you go nerfing it?
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