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  1. I'd like to see a near future rpg. With a very branching story and true multiple endings Basically I envision a Blade Runner type backdrop. For the character I envision a character who's goal is to effect some sort of crime or injustice to society for his own personal reasons. Not at all the "hero icon", a character of the times not scared to walk in the grey to get what they want. The focus should be branching story something like Alpha Protocol just more focus on branching story with multiple endings also a single game with no cliff hanger endings. If there were t
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  2. Magnificent Chris Avellone, thank you for taking the initiative to study the kickstarter possibility. We all hope that the skill check is successful. Makes me wonder how you get the time to have the real work done Because of that I'll try to be succinct. The type of game we want to see is: - the type of game that gets co-...moneyblocked by publishers, aka Isometric Turn-Based cRPG (sic) And that is basically my only requirements If Obsidian goes forth with kickstarting their project, it's guaranteed that I'll support it as long as the above is true. Because with you as Chief in
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