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    I'd like to see a near future rpg. With a very branching story and true multiple endings Basically I envision a Blade Runner type backdrop. For the character I envision a character who's goal is to effect some sort of crime or injustice to society for his own personal reasons. Not at all the "hero icon", a character of the times not scared to walk in the grey to get what they want. The focus should be branching story something like Alpha Protocol just more focus on branching story with multiple endings also a single game with no cliff hanger endings. If there were to be plans for a sequel use a new character and tell a different story in the same theme. Branching story and multiple endings should be the main focus. But not the type of branching and multiple endings most games have where on the last mission you get the option to press a button or not press it. I mean branching like at certain points in the game you would be asked to make choices that decide what branch you move too. With at least three main choices leading to three main end branches and each of those three main end branches should have a success or failure option. So basically you could win the game on the good path failure or success endings, nuetral path with fail or success endings or dark path with fail or sucess endings. And the branches would be wildly different such that the zones and missions would be completely different. With at least three main choices leading to three main end branches. I understand that in one play though one player might only see a third of the game. But that's the point exactly and it's what no one has done before. I would like to see you aim for lets say a 20-40 hour game but in any single play though one player would only see 8-15 hours of the created content. Ideally the endings would be so varied that you would hardly be able to tell that the character at the different endings was the same character the game started with. Well thats my ideal game. Branching story and character/personality development.
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    Magnificent Chris Avellone, thank you for taking the initiative to study the kickstarter possibility. We all hope that the skill check is successful. Makes me wonder how you get the time to have the real work done Because of that I'll try to be succinct. The type of game we want to see is: - the type of game that gets co-...moneyblocked by publishers, aka Isometric Turn-Based cRPG (sic) And that is basically my only requirements If Obsidian goes forth with kickstarting their project, it's guaranteed that I'll support it as long as the above is true. Because with you as Chief in Command of Good Things to Come we know that good writing, great story, interesting characters, choices and consequents, non-linear, multiple solutions, multiple endings will be present in the game. And those are the type of things that RPG dreams are made of. It would be great if Master Tim Cain and Sawyer could contribute to this project as well. As for the game setting, ranked by preference: 1) cyberpunk (Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Bloodnet, Gattaca). The world needs it! There isn't really any good cRPG in a cyberpunk setting. None! (ok Deus Ex, but it's an FPS/RPG) This is also the opportunity for a new IP. 2) steampunk (Arcanum alike) with some Cthulhu twists in it 2) Planescape, however given the license issue I guess this is a no no. The best bet would be a spiritual successor, but that isn't really a setting, more like a gameplay aspect. 3) hard sci-fi space opera. The problem would be it would require many work hours in game to write the lore. 3) retro-futuristic alien infiltration/invasion during the cold war with a B movie artistic vibe to it Some gameplay aspects that would make me very happy (obviously that these need to adapted depending on the setting and balanced to avoid repetitiveness): - dystopian world (Brave New World, 1984) - mature and politically incorrect. Including themes such as: dangerous political games, global conspiracies, religious brainwashing, racism, drugs, misogyny, slavery, sexual discrimination, taboo subjects (even if only present as a comic factor), and yes tasteful rape as well. It would be up for the player to... well... deal with it
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