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  2. Imo the pet is the strongest suit when good mg solo because you can "stack" it with summons. I played a solo Stalker/Bloodmage in heaviest armor with Willbreaker and Blightheart. Made use of Takedown Combo from Bear + Essential Phantom with one-handed Draining Touch. Didn't try Megabosses (too grindy), but enemies like Neriscyrlas were done easily. A Geomancer has nearly everything imo: interrupts, good defenses and AR, good ACC, summons + additional body. It lacks healing first but you can manage with Corrosive Siphon until you get Wall of Draining and prolong healing shots from B
  3. I would do it the other way round: soften them up with Soul Annihilation and then finish them off with Barbaric Smash. For keeping the Rage.
  4. It's good to have fun. I'd say that's just discovering the Ancient though. The spore summons are very good in the early game and Wild Growth is great, too (has no/unlimited duration, so very long summon durations are great for tanking). I don't see any special synergy between Berath and Ancient that would explain any exceptional power growth. No speed bonuses, no spectacular ACC bonuses, not vastly increased MIG or INT for the DoTs without having to cast lengthy buffs first. You'll have multiple sources of certain spells like Touch of Rot etc. though. And thematically it's nice
  5. Played through the updated Solasta early access. Definitely has an indie feel to it, and from what I have seen so far story is basic, wouldn't say there is a lot of emotional depth but does have lots of heroics Playing a Paladin seemed right in this game. Interesting I thought the game started really well, its just a very straightforward plot, I don't think they built the game to incorporate consequence and choices, it is more a tactical RPG game with exploration and DnD rules. And it is 100 percent a DnD game with all of what that entails - dice rolls, per rest magic, etc. but the nice
  6. Just speaking for Australia, but the situation is similar here. Almost impossible for young people who don't have millionaire parents to buy their own home. Simply too many investors buying up properties and putting the squeeze on people rent wise, making sure nobody else can afford save up to buy a property (while the property owners are able to use the profits to buy up even more homes). Would be nice if they put a limit on how many actual homes any one person can own besides whatever they actually live in (not thinking about commercial property, office buildings etc. but actual homes).
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  8. Isn't this happening everywhere? 10 years ago I paid ~450€ for 60m². Now I pay 550€ for 37m² (was forced to move some years ago). And I'm not even living in the most expensive area around here. It gets worse if you get into Berlin. The government is trying to mitigate this with rent-limits, so the prices can't creep even higher, but this isn't solving the issue - it just moves the price hikes to the outside areas of these rent-limit zones.
  9. Mortal Kombat | Opening Seven Minutes | HBO Max - YouTube What is this? Acting?! In a Mortal Combat movie? How dare they!
  10. I don't rate shows*, but I do rate just about every single movie I watch. It's more about keeping track of what I've watched, relating how I felt about them to other things I've seen and how I rated those, not really any attempt at objectively measuring them. Also, people who rate stuff in increments of anything but 5% or 10% (e.g. 84%) are literal psychopaths that should be put down. *Somewhat because I don't have a platform to do it on, somewhat because shows are much more difficult to encapsulate and rate compared to a 1-3 hour movie. Yeah, Amethyst is thankfully more interesting
  11. Have you ever accidentally stumbled into a build that just works? Relevant details: I completed Pillars of Eternity with a roleplay build; a Death Godlike who was a priest of Berath. I used a dwarf body, because, Berath. Imported save file into Deadfire. Path of the Damned. Scaling difficulty, all upward. The usual. And then, on a whim, I decided to multiclass. Priest of Barath with an Ancient Druid. Just for funsies. Little did I know. First fight on the ship, I accidentally killed Eder and Irena. Immediately, I reload. Killed Eder a second time. Whoops. Friendly fire is mea
  12. The land of the free isn't alone, housing prices in Gothenburg has risen quite a bit the past year, 15.9% https://www.maklarstatistik.se/omrade/riket/vastra-gotalands-lan/goteborg/#/villor/arshistorik-prisutveckling And about 30% in my home town https://www.maklarstatistik.se/omrade/riket/vastra-gotalands-lan/alingsas/#/villor/arshistorik-prisutveckling
  13. I'm currently playing a Berserker/Soul Blade witch with Whispers of the Endless Paths. I upgraded it to mythic right away (using the Berath's Blessings gem) and it hits like a truck. You can hit multiple foes with barbaric blow, and then finish them off with soul annihilation. It's a really powerful combo IMO.
  14. I was sold on Forbidden Fist in one of my first ship battles with a Valian ship a few levels higher (2 or 3 skulls). In the past, I would avoid fighting them despite the excellent loot because of the fighters, who seemed indestructible with their incredible healing. But all you have to do is land one FF attack and they crumble like straw men. Enfeebled is a really powerful affliction. As Boeroer noted, all you need is high RES and you're set.
  15. I don't like comparing shows tbh. Too often it reminds me of comicbook fanbois arguing over which fictional character could beat the other, instead of just enjoying them for what they are. I also hate rankings and ratings, like what the **** does 84% actually mean? 16% of the show is garbage? In terms of anime the ones that had the biggest impact (not necessarily because of quality or present enjoyment) on me are Digimon s3, Berserk (90s), Evangelion, JoJo, Devilman Crybaby, and now Sailor Moon. They're all very different in all respects and comparing them wouldn't get me anywhere, like m
  16. Just a quick search and replace of 3 words and... "Xi began to speak at 8.20 p.m. "Chinese men and women," he said, "on February 22, for the first time, I voiced an unalterable claim in the Chinese Reichstag. The nation listened and understood. One statesman (Dr. Schuschnigg) did not understand. He was removed. My promise was fulfilled at Beijing. I formulated a claim again, and again the nation understood. "Today I speak for the first time to an entire people, as in the time of our struggles. You know what it means. There cannot be any more doubt. There is not
  17. There's a Wikipedia article on how it works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_square_puzzle Well that was entertaining.
  18. Sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones... bye bye dad, thanks for keeping my seat warm or me
  19. Correct. It's barely noticeable for the human eye, but that tiny overlap is the missing square when all added up
  20. Youve got it exactly wrong, yet again. Those are the only things I need to worry about. The rest of the world can form a queue and Ill get to you as my interest and resources permit. UHC! UHC! UHC! and UBI!
  21. Noob here, would it be worthwhile in TB to have a character that has as much engagement as possible and basically Aggro as many enemies as possible to set up and protect everybody else?
  22. I think the square comes from a slight difference along the diagonal side. There's enough slack in the positioning to cover it.
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  24. Xi says China 'will never seek hegemony,' no matter how strong it becomes (msn.com) Nice speech by Xi, most westerners don't trust him, and authoritarian governments suck but I think he's half sincere here.
  25. All the English clubs have pulled the plug now. What an utter unmitigated embarrassment.
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