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  2. Aye, Im aware that for you and GD, accomplishing absolutely nothing is WAI. It annoys me, however at the end of the day, its not my problem.
  3. The Republicans compromise of putting it on the ballot sounds reasonable though. Although I do wonder if they did that because they know it'll fail in the ballot (which I suppose is the point) or if its simply the right thing to do. edit: Not sure if the US Senate has quorum rules, but if it does, I'm surprised the Democrats haven't tried using it.
  4. I'm on chapter 2 in Judgment. Chapter 1 is very linear, it has no side cases at all, everything is main story. Once you get to chapter 2 the game opens up and you get the side content you expect from a Yakuza game (this isn't technically a Yakuza game, but for all intents and purposes it's a Yakuza game). The story is great so far, but that was never in question. Ryu Ga Gotoku are, and have always been, great at storytelling. The writing is great, the characters, whether prominent or obscure, all have personality, the pacing is spot on. These folks know how to tell a story. I can also happily confirm that the English translation and voice acting in this game is top-notch. SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku have put more effort into the western localization than any previous title and hopefully it sells like hotcakes in the west because this level of effort is appreciated. So whether you go with Japanese voice with English subtitles or English voice, you're going to get a premium experience. There are also some quality of life improvements over Yakuza. For example, you no longer have to keep holding X to sprint, you can just press it once and Yagami will keep sprinting as long as you keep moving. Also, I like the combat in this game better than Yakuza. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it seems to flow a little better. Also, you can do attacks jumping off walls, which is all types of rad, though I need to work a lot on my aim with those attacks. Another small improvement is that you no longer trigger a cutscene for most fights (you do for boss fights). When you run into common mooks on the street you fight them right there on the street without a break in gameplay. In Yakuza games you fought them in, for all intents and purposes, an instance. I like how the bystanders react when a fight breaks out. Some flee, some stand around and cheer on the fight, and some film it on their phones, in landscape mode, of course, because people in Japan aren't disgusting degenerates. On the negative side, it looks like there's no karaoke mini-game. I get they had to remove some mini-games since they added some new ones, but of all the mini-games to remove, why karaoke? It's arguably the most popular mini-game in the Yakuza games.
  5. that is exactly what the folks in oregon is doing. rules require a quorum. only way for minority to prevent legislation becoming law is quorum busting. is not as if the minority created the quorum rules. they is working with what they got. HA! Good Fun!
  6. Today
  7. Gotta work with what we have. The WI dems did it in 2011 to avoid voting on the "union bill". Firing and horsewhipping for all!
  8. Missing Ectopsychic Echo, great with Ghostheart. Biting Whip is bad unless using Community Patch Mod. Draining Whip doubles focus generation. I would go Mental Binding instead of Phantom foes, especially if you go Eyestrike. Maybe pet damage buff if you like them ? Predator Sense is tempting with Recall agony and Disintegrate. Not 100% about the rest, but it sounds good.
  9. representing their constituents is their first duty. one wonders what other vital legislation is being ignored during this time, but if you got outnumbered senators from rural districts representing the folks who will be the people who disproportionate pay the functional tax resulting from legislation in question, people who is already having difficulty paying current taxes, their options for resisting is limited. sure, the senators could sit meek and silent and take their lumps, but such don't help their constituents. quorum busting has a long history. can't say 'bout oregon, but in 1988 (?) senator packwood were carried into the chambers by capitol police to achieve quorum. first time it happened in history o' capitol that a member were forced to make an appearance. more than 200 years o' quorum busting efforts w/o need resort to such tactics. time honored tradition. didn't need resort to horse whippings. the thing is, given increased national polarization, am suspecting oregon is not gonna be last state where we see such, and is gonna be interesting to see what happens when roles is reversed. tyranny o' the majority is always a danger in even our modern democracy. were worse in original democracies wherein every vote and trial were political theatre. even so, folks in oregon don't feel like they need bother with negotiations, 'cause they don't. thanks to gerrymandering and polarization, is easy to ignore and even punish those in a political minority by use o' democratic process. am personal supporting climate change legislation, but the oregon legislature is dumping the costs on folks least able to pay 'cause those folks is not gonna vote with the majority. the newish militia threat? now that deserves a horse whipping. if a minority group can't get honest input and consideration because the democratic process is rigged, am in favor o' creative means o' protest and resistance, but thin veiled threats o' violence is 'bout as blunt and uncreative as is possible to imagine. 'course those threats came after your post so am not giving you the benefit o' the doubt on those. nevertheless, we would agree that the minority senators should public condemn the militia threats in no uncertain terms. legislators running out on the legislature to protest tyranny o' the majority? these guys know the legal ramifications o' their efforts. oregon could try and impose harsher penalties on quorum busting gamesmanship, but they need a quorum for that too. regardless, in increasing polarized states such as indiana and alabama, states where the majority looks much different, we would be less than shocked if similar tactics is utilized to resist the tyranny o' the majority. regardless, history makes clear oregon won't be last place it happens. am actual hoping it happens more often so that polarization and gerrymandering issues final get attention they deserve. HA! Good Fun!
  10. Ah my bad read stacking and i thought you meant the hunters claw mechanic. How is this for level progression? Ghost Heart/no subclass elf. 1- Eye Strike/Marked Prey 2- whispers of treason 3- Iron Will 4- Biting Whip/2 handed Style 5- recall agony 6- phantom foes 7- hammering thoughts/ marked for the hunt 8- protective companion 9- take-down 10- take-down combo/penetrating vision 11- stalkers link 12- concussive shot 13- Driving Flight/ Detonate 14- Borrowed instinct 15- ringleader or puppet master depending on focus issues (30/50) 16- disintegrate/concussive tranq 17- 18- 19- 20- Any glaring mistakes?
  11. Finally finished Witcher 3. Got the really good ending. Did every single quest. What an incredibly awesome game! Will be doing the DLCs next. :)
  12. I meant Marked Prey, Stalker's Link and Survival of the Fittest (+20/+30 stacking accuracy). Marksman also stack, but only with ranged weapons. Hunter's Claw may be an option too if you go melee, but I don't use it so I can't tell how convenient it is.
  13. Thank you for your response! I think I'll test out both the Brawler and the Swashbuckler multiclasses while saving Barbarian for another playthrough. From what I've gathered Monk provides Fighter with interesting abilities and buffs (and crushing damage secondary weapon for Devoted) while Rogue seems to provide nice bonus damage in the form of Sneak Attack and tons of full attacks for dual wielding sabres (additionally Gouging Strike seems fantastic for big baddies as the duration seems to last the whole encounter). I even remember using the Apprentice Sneak Attack to surprisingly good effect in the first PoE so with the multiclass it must be even better. However, I feel it's better to ditch the Streetfighter as getting flanked may prove problematic with Eder in my party tanking and hogging engagements. Not choosing Streetfighter makes it easier to sneak around the enemy backline to take out problematic threats if needed. I'll look into the Trickster and no subclass Rogue.
  14. Imo, you shouldn't put so much of your faith into Trump, hes a clown. But Im totally down for horsewhipping people that run from their duties.
  15. those who defy the word o' almighty trump should be censured. nay. they should be horsewhipped and driven naked through the streets so that their shame should be lasting and public. this is the gospel. learn it lest ye too might suffer. all hail the trump! HA! Good Fun!
  16. The main issue I'm having with the Berserker/Monk multi is that I really love Helwalker, and I really hate Nelpazca's drug micro. Sure you can automate the drug taking, but I usually play with almost no resting, and having to continously deal with the withdrawal penalty especially for dialogue checks is just a huge pain. OTOH, I don't think Helwalker-boosted Frenzy damage is a brilliant idea. Anyway, I was just searching through the old posts on how to build a Barb debuffer, and 99.99% of the great posts are by you, so thanks a lot! You are truly a treasure trove of information. So the good news is I don't have to reroll my Devoted/Helwalker built around Amra, since Clear Out/Knockdown does target Fortitude, and so is the Skyward Kick as backup if Discipline ran out. The bad news is Voidwheel would be so much better since the Lance proc targets Fortitude as well, and the self-damage would help to generate Wounds without cancelling Dance, and Unbending would mean I'll be super-safe. Oh well, live and learn. Now I just need to figure out who to replace to bring in the Howler Konstanten. Eder brings along an extra pet with +5 Accuracy with Persistent Distraction bonus, while Pallegina brings the Shared Flames + Focus aura + Fire chant. So it's either Xoti, the perma-Whispers machine, or Mirke, the DPS blender. Probably Mirke I guess, since I don't really like the Friendly Fire of the Powder Burns modal.
  17. I have just realized Balance Nerfs are great with this community patch because specific changes can be removed as described in the Community Patch description. Feel free to nerf everything then
  18. Went fishing on Sunday and managed to catch a catfish and drum. Good times.
  19. That is correct. You will only see it happen more often in a given time (because you do more attack rolls in that time), but the increase of dps (percentage wise) should be the same. I think Berserker/Monk has great synergy since the Berserker Frenzy generates a ton of wounds while not breaking Enduring Dance. But as I said: something like Monk/Soulblade is also very nice. Shadowdancer also works well in general and also with Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming. You just have to use you mobility and focus on low defense targets like casters and so on.
  20. Thanks for the detailed answer! I really enjoy reading all your posts. The thing about increasing attack rolls is, from my understanding they don't really boost your overall DPS output that much, since you are just repeating that same strike. So for example, if I use a 2H weapon vs dual wield vs Sun & Moon, the final additional output is on average the same, right? Of course I may be wrong here, since I'm not sure about the probabilities stacking and such. That's a great idea though regarding Barbarian multi. Actually I'm thinking more of like you are having Serafen/Konstaten as the "Barbarian helper" in the group, while you yourself go dual wield Rapier/something else while enabling Rapier modal & purely using full attacks. The recovery malus doesn't affect you since only offhand recovery matter. Does a Fortitude-targetting full attack exists though? If not, you are then "forced" to use Barbarian as well, which is not really to my liking since too many overlaps between Monk & Barbarian skillset. Should still be more than viable though, since Stunning Surge means you'll have infinite full attacks.
  21. I think restraining it to small, fixed number of attacks would, very likely, change scordeo from something, that you can plan build around, to rarely used toy. Is it possible to exclude some skill (like blade turning and blade cascade) from SoT and wall of draining? Making it duration extendable only by int and items? It's fun, when used in totally-no-exploit-way of some builds, especially devoted/monk (shatered pillar with no wounds penalty?) with max int, high crit chance from discipline strikes and one handed style, flurry strikes and heartbeat drumming, and ooblit pet . Also blade cascade could work only if scordeo is in active weapon slot or only with that specific weapon, to prevent no recovery bleeding cuts. As for tempest upgrade usfulness, its better to buff it a little, instead of nerfing cascade so hard. Slightly higher chance to proc or raised amount of attacks to fixed three, would balance it.
  22. Everything that is tagged as melee weapon attack will work. This excludes stuff like Forbidden Fist - that is a melee attack but it is not considered to be a melee weapon attack (doesn't generate focus either). Whispers of the Endless Paths used to NOT trigger it with its AoE - but tehre have been some implementation changes so maybe it's worth another test. However, those additional attacks are never AoE attacks likethe original one. Just the individual attack rolls on that target get repeated. Best way to trigger Swift Flurry (and Heartbeat Drumming) ist to stack ACC and crit conversion like there is no tomorrow. For example early game: One Handed Rapier (later Rännig's Wrath) with modal on (--> +20+12+4+5 = +41 ACC, +15% hit-to-crit conversion). Also nice combo as Monk/Soulblade to make sure your Soul Ahnihilation does (almost) never miss. Also increasing the number of hit rolls is a good way: Sun and Moon rolls twice per attack, Clear Out rolls against a lot of foes if you aim it well and so on. Another very good way is to use a Morning Star, Enervating Blows and multiclass with a Berserker (for Spirit Frenzy's stagger effect, Brute Force, Barbaric Blow and Blood Slaughter) - because you will lower enemies fortitude by 45 points with Body Blows modal (-25), weakened (-10) and staggered (-10). This is a virtual raise of you ACC by 45 points (against fortitude). Endunring Dance can give you up to +12 ACC. At the same time the Berserker has a lot of crit conversions (Frenzy, Barbaric Blow and Bloody Slaughter). One/two-shotting enemies with low fortitude is a common thing with this setup.
  23. That depends afaik. If your inspiration (Acute or Brilliant) comes from an item or a passive ability it should stack with the potion. Also see Bardatto's Luxury with the enchantment "Tribute" which will give you a Fit inspiration that stacks (because item based).
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