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  2. I feel sorry for those who have paid for the game and yet received a flawed product. Versus Evil or Obsidian is trading their reputation for money.
  3. Nope, I just don't think the comparison is fair as the politics are completely different and to my initial point before people got carried away with the specifics of the language, I"m condemning the looting which seems a common occurrence in these events and my perceived lack of admonishment by the media. There's a lot money pumped into institutions by global actors that are securing their narrative. Regardless of the framing, the HK people rebelled against an encroaching totalitarian regime. I would hope we can agree on that. Nope, different times and more complex situation. I don't subscribe to the idea of the noble savage, whilst some tribes were not at fault the savage attacks of others did much to earn retaliation. Also, removal its not ethnic cleansing. I often find that people that think like you don't actually try it. 2 hours a day over the course of a year comes to 730 hours, that's more than enough to develop a good level of proficiency in a skill. But if you rather watch a movie that's fine, just don't blame your luck when you're not trying (not you in particular, the general you. Funny, if we were having this conversation without the benefit of anonymity I would be cancelled. If I however said the most heinous things about white people and cops I would expect to met with agreement. This is what the mainstream is about, they're just not as explicit about it as the radicals. Black entertainers like the media are not about to potentially offend their base by insinuating that the looting its wrong. Failure to do so creates the perception of silent approval (even if incorrect) that emboldens the extremist behavior. It's why we are in this situation in the first place, when people go tribal they stop holding people accountable and you see the worst come out. That goes for the looters and the cops. I would have challenge the idea of disproportionate policing, generally black neighborhoods have high crime rates. It makes sense that a lot of policing happens there, and it is good as it happens to make black neighborhoods safer. Bad policing should be condemned, but the alternative is no policing and a rise in crime. I think it was in Chicago where the mayor decided to side with protesters and the cops just reduced their levels of proactive policing. That just led to more crime.
  4. Guess we've finally arrived at the destination predicted by Malcador. Regardless, I sincerely hope you're right. Though I'm thinking US steel workers may have felt as you do now.
  5. In 20 years from now I'll be either getting ready for retiring in Costa Rica or selling complex 3D printable models online. With the advent of more advanced 3d printers, I can safely say that my job its somewhat secure.
  6. I'll agree that you can probably predict a riot *in which black people will participate* shortly after the nth occurrence of cops murdering a black person. Not much else though. And if cops showing not just disregard but overt contempt for the lives of the people they are meant to be serving isn't grounds for civil unrest, I'm not sure what is. And I'm glad you're learning new skills. Doctors too, learn new skills for about ten years before they are ready. And you have AIs that can diagnose certain diseases with greater accuracy, and robots that can perform simple surgeries better than humans. An artist never really stops learning, but "art" produced by computer programs is good enough that most people can't tell the difference. That's happening right now. Look back twenty years and think about how much the world has changed. So I hope you'll remember this conversation when twenty years from now a "self-made" data scientist sneers at you for not having learned how to code complex analysis algorithms in whatever language they use by then, from an online course in your spare time.
  7. Doing a one city challenge game now as the Cree. Early game so far has been about spamming their unique recon unit for goodie huts and to meet some suckers friends to trade with.
  8. Continuing to slowly build my empire in X4. I modded all the weapons on Kresusiso I, my flagship Rattlesnake Destroyer. They're only tier 1 mods, but that's still a major upgrade. Now every part of the ship is modded (tier 1 weapons, tier 1 shields, tier 3 engines, tier 3 hull). My flagship's damage output is staggering, and this isn't even its final form. I fought a couple Xenon K Destroyers. In the past, I had to be very careful about what angle to approach at and keeping my distance, maneuvering around it when they turned to point their main guns at me. Now, I am still careful to approach at an angle where the main guns are pointed away from me, but after that I don't really need to do evasive maneuvers because I chunk through the K's shields and hull at such a staggering rate that they never get a chance to point their main guns at me. I destroyed a couple Xenon stations and probably a couple dozen Xenon frigates and at least a hundred Xenon fighters (they just kept sending fleets of fighters and frigates to their doom), all in friendly space, so I got paid for all the kills. I was tempted to spend the small fortune I accumulated on another Rattlesnake Destroyer, but instead I invested in further expanding the production capabilities of my HQ. I am currently in the process of building antimatter cell production, hull parts production, and engine part production. The last 2 are direct wares in producing ships. While I don't yet have the facilities for building ships (the blueprints are absurdly expensive), I'm another couple steps closer to a self sufficient shipyard. To be perfectly honest, given the cost of blueprints for production facilities for small ships, medium ships, large ships, and extra large ships, all the blueprints for the production facilities to make ship components, the production to make intermediate wares, and the production to make basic wares, and the blueprints to make the ships themselves, building a self sufficient shipyard is definitely not worth it unless you intend to produce a ludicrous amount of ships. I guess I'll just have to produce a ludicrous amount of ships.
  9. "This is, again, bull****. There is no approval, tacit or explicit, of rioting from mainstream media, " The mainstream media absolutely supports the rioting.
  10. At that rate of death, coincidence seems less likely than conspiracy. There is no struggle against authority which is completely different, and Hong Kongers are accused of the same **** as protestors here. The only real difference is that you support one government putting down the boot and not the other. To boot, you're obfuscating and victim blaming, which is par for the course. People shouldn't have to be model citizens not to be targeted by jack booted state officials, regardless of any characteristics. Men commit violent crimes more than women and male on male crime is the biggest cause of death for the fellas. Do you think it would be fair to say that because men made a culture out of toxic masculinity for police to start aggressively targeting men? Lmao swap "CCP' for "CIA' or "State Department" and this is exactly what China stans say. I guess one thing yall can agree on is that Hong Kongers can't tell their own stories without being pawns of a nefarious organization. Do you think ethnic cleansing is "live and let live" behavior? This is like some sort of self-help tweetbot. Reducing success to "just work extra hours" is some clown ****. This is, again, bull****. There is no approval, tacit or explicit, of rioting from mainstream media, and the only "black media" I've seen supporting it is radical media run by folks outside the political spectrum that already believes the US should be destroyed. Most black celebs are focusing on a man being murdered more than the looting, but their comments are **** like "this is why voting is important" because the author of the infamous crime bill will surely be the guy to tackle police brutality. And the idea that low standards is more oppression than disproportionate policing is utterly laughable. Like white people thinking you can't do anything is worse than the disproportionate responses from police or less job opportunities.
  11. I am guessing the money's going to go to some new agency Jared will concoct.
  12. That certainly will become an issue in the future as automation takes over.I can only hope that new jobs open up as technology advances but I don't see a clear solution.
  13. Fair enough, maybe the language is incensing. I do stand by the fact that you can accurately predict a black riot shortly after an incident involving a black death by a person of a different race. I'm not, I am however learning hardsurface sculpting, organic and anatomy sculpting, tried my hand at Marvelous designer and during the years I was inactive in the forums learned to 3D print and design for 3D printing. Your reductio ad absurdum completely misses the point that we all have transferable skills from our professions that would lend to another job, which would only require minimal retraining. I don't know why people like to be hyperbolic and expect a truck driver to become a day trader, he/she could move on to being a mechanic or a train driver
  14. In other news, Donald Trump is withdrawing the US from the WHO. Probably won't make much immediate difference as the US has been in arrears for its contributions for ages, but it's always interesting to see the dichotomy of Trump simultaneously raging about the US not being backed up enough and losing international influence to others like China then turning around and tearing up agreements and leaving organisations; often handing the most influential mantle over to China in the process. At this point it's difficult to see even Trump being stupid enough to not see the connection between the two, guess it's politically expedient though in focusing the us vs them attitude.
  15. Nothing wrong with being a steel plant worker or whatever, I really couldn't care less what job people work 99% of the time- but the vast majority of such workers will not be retraining in the way Hillary suggested or you seem to be suggesting because it's fricking impossible for them to and there simply aren't enough Economy 2.0 jobs out there. The fantasy that there are is convenient because it places all the blame on those who fail. Everyone doing an online course to become a web designer or starting their own business is utterly impractical. Most importantly, the situation with Steel Towns in the US is identical to what we have here with single industry towns like the Freezing Works Town- once the big employer goes the vast majority of the money is gone too, immediately. Good luck opening up hundreds of new businesses in a town with much of its workforce unemployed, or competing as a self taught web designer against tens or hundreds of thousands of others. As for the handyman, trades are an absolutely fantastic option for many. My brother in law is an engineer- and after 4 years at uni he'd be making more money for less hours worked if he'd stayed as an electrician. But, you can't have the entire steel plant retrain to be electricians or builders when there's no money in the town any more, what are they going to build or wire when no one has any money? End of the day if you're in a service type industry you have to be serving people with money or you are going to fail.
  16. So despite there being non-blacks rioting too and by your own admission it being limited to non-law abiding blacks, this is a "black" behavior how? Also, I really hope you're making headway on those free online network analysis courses. Advanced math is not something you just teach yourself overnight and it's not a question of if but when, that glorified Roombas will be able to do your job, whatever it is, for a fraction of what you make. Good luck.
  17. Has no clear evidence that it was the police, specially considering the level expertise to pull off suicides. You are making a better case that George Soros was behind the deaths than the Police department. The political situation of HK is completely different to the US, also the HK didn't make a culture out gangster behavior. It's hard to say that black people are unjustly targeted when ghettos are high in crime and black on black crime is one of the leading causes of death, and yes police shootings are in that list. I tend to look suspiciously on those groups since the CCP has their hands in a lot of organizations that aren't directly related to the state. Nope, still the same guy and I still love that guy. Specially since the Fed is a scam on the world's people. I don't know what you mean by better life, it seems like they are at least making a living. If you have a career you can develop into a better position, if you have connections you can find jobs at better places. I don't think everyone can just become wealthy but I don't think that's a reasonable measure of improvement. My point is simple if you try to make a better life for yourself you can succeed, I'm sorry that the people you know are content with their lot in life and don't put the extra hours to better their career or find a better one. Most of the time black men aren't being shot by the cops, but the tacit or sometimes explicit approval by both the regular mainstream media and black media during these events certainly does normalize the violent behavior. I don't assume they're the entire community, they're just the representatives with the biggest platforms so when they play into the narrative of black oppression, when the only real oppression is the expectation of low standards we have for them.
  18. Wow, that's a legit game. I wasn't sure what you meant either but then I went to the review area. Good times.
  19. Since 2005 we get almost yearly, at least some form of riot caused by black outrage. I'm ascribing it to every member of the race, but the pattern holds. If you look through my posts you would clearly see I separate lawful black people from hoodlums as I dislike the fact that they're both bundled up together in the mind of Americans.
  20. Look into the deaths of Ferguson protesters over the years. And people here are justified in resisting against state encroachment here, when it kills, imprisons, and monitors them. People everywhere are justified in doing this. Yeah, independent groups of journalists like Lausan is pretty good. State media is as bad as CNN. It must have been another Orogun01 who said they liked Andrew Jackson because he "kicked out the jews who ran the federal reserve". That there's a significant amount of people in America who do work hard yet don't make a better life for themselves despite trying, and that they just aren't black. Most people I know bust their ass for 40 hours every week and things like stable housing or retirement are out of reach. The idea that making it just requires hard work runs in the face of reality. Given who such conflations come from, I assume they think something along the lines of "I hope I don't get shot". Could have fooled me. Anyways, this is a load of bull****. Gangsta Rap isn't the base of contemporary black culture, it isn't even the majority of hip hop as a genre of music. Even just talking about "black entertainers" (and assuming they are the entirety of a community is a ridiculous stretch) most of the time I see them saying something it's about supporting black businesses or getting educated or some vague social justice thing. This bit reads like someone watched a music video and based their entire view on black people on it.
  21. Now playing Covid: The Outbreak from GOG. Not sure I like the game, but as an outrage generator it's the best thing since Epic Exclusives.
  22. Who are you talking about? Here or elsewhere? Who is defending crime? Who is pounding you? Look, I really hate how everything is sexist or racist or whatever-ist and that is used to immediately shut down debate these days, but if you say that blacks rioting is a "mainstay" of the US, that is pretty much by definition a racist remark. You are ascribing a specific behavior to a certain race. It also just happens to be patently wrong because it's not hard to find videos with non‑blacks participating in the riots.
  23. Nah, going to boil down to "**** you, I got mine".
  24. Is it a just a fracture? I met someone that had their bone pulverized, hope that's not the case.
  25. Sorry for the confusion, within the context of my post I referred to the black community as being a group of black entertainers. That's whom I'm referring, hi profile black people that tend to throw more kindle into the fire. Obviously members of the community would oppose it as they're directly affected by it.
  26. We have different thoughts on what "making it" means, I think of making a living as making it. Apparently you think that being a steel plant worker is not. More so with all the online courses there's no excuse other than not wanting to go through the effort (insurmountable as it might seem) Alternatively there are other jobs they can occupy that pay well and don't require them to change careers or take 20 different courses. I know a master handyman who makes a heck of a living working for wealthy people. While I agree with your examples and I know that with mass immigration comes a wave of crime (we clearly seen that pattern repeated in the US) I was referring to minority groups within the US.
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