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  2. Over/under on Cowboys turnovers this season: 100,000,000,000,000,000 1/2
  3. You can't, which explains the growing divide amongst the U.S. population. It's no longer just Democrat vs. Republican, oh no sir, there's now a class factor into play so now it's Democrat vs. Republican vs. a growing sector of the working population who is fed up with both parties and the system itself. Nobody can predict the endgame here but it's sure get a little ugly.
  4. I started up Paradise Killer. Initial impressions are very good. You can definitely see the Danganronpa influence. The backstory of the game world is really ****ed up. The island was created by a syndicate worshiping alien gods who previously sank the world into war and bloodshed. They kidnap people from the outside world and force them to worship said alien gods in an effort to resurrect them and all those kidnapped people eventually get sacrificed. The island is inhabited by some really wacky and colorful characters. Unlike Danganronpa, the game isn't linear, you are in an open world and it's up to you where you go and how you proceed with your investigation, there is very little hand holding. It's a detective game where you actually feel like you are doing detective work, piecing together a puzzle, weighing the testimony of individuals, following up on clues, rather than going through a checklist.
  5. I do not see much difference than the slave wage in the US for example. I mean, who can live for a minmum wage from a single job in US? And a lot of services in US is for a minimum wage workers, or near the minimum.
  6. You could also make arrows from weed stem pieces, quartzite for tips, woven webbing and feathers. Could be the T3 one where you'd need to place weed stems through a sawmill workstation to turn them into usable consistent pieces.
  7. I think something like this would be nice. I think instead of on the stone wall it would need to be in a cool ice box which could be its own mini biome. Here you could have some half rotten food with maggots and larvae infesting it, and you'd see fly eggs too that you could also use for bratburst. Of course a spider or two here since this is a feasting ground for them. Maybe the location of the ice box could be near the hedge to explain the abundance of spiders there. You'd enter the ice box through a tiny crack at the bottom and have to traverse through the ice and water at the bottom and slowly climb your way up to the straw. There could be plastic in there that could be harvested to make a T3 plastic blade, causing enemies to bleed, slightly faster and less damage than the poison effect but stacks up the more you slash. T2 fly armor set could also be useful. Each of the 3 pieces could give you the Airborne Acceleration buff that allows you to move faster when jumping and have defense slightly worse than spider armor. All 3 pieces give you the Glider ability, allowing you to slowly descend from high places like a dandelion tuft but can control your direction better, of course giving you all movement bonuses too.
  8. Today
  9. Fighting breaking out again between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Not much doubt that it's the Azeris starting it, as Turkey has been importing their Syrian cannon fodder/ jihadi child beheading rapist kidnapper cannibal ethnic cleansers there over the past 2 weeks just as they did in Libya. Tried it a few months earlier too, since they though Turkish drones would be a game changer but they failed utterly against an integrated defence. That is near exactly what actually happened here. Not just for agricultural workers either, the big scam is 'path to citizenship' stuff where you advertise a position with awful conditions/ reject all candidates/ hide the advertisement then claim that you cannot fill the position and need to bring someone in. That person literally pays for the privilege, since after 3 years they can apply for Permanent Residence and then citizenship. For most of that 3 years their employer holds their passport and pays them nearly nothing while charging them for accommodation etc. If they lose the job, complain, fall out with the employer they get deported; so they don't complain. 'Funny' thing is that the only reason it's stopped now is because of covid, though to be fair we've actually had a few 'slavery' type- one literally for slavery- convictions under the current government as well. Really though, if the workers were eastern european women working as prostitutes it'd be utterly obvious what was going on with forced accommodation and their passports being held, but because the employers are 'small business owners', themselves mostly immigrants- NZ born people just exploit agricultural workers the same way- and the employees are mostly east/ south asians if you complain about it it ends up in a racism debate (and, of course, most Chinese/ Indian immigrants loathe the exploiters because it's their community being exploited and they cop the backlash when it's exposed). And you should hear the wails of despair from the agricultural sector about not being able to import indentured servants from the colonies (Samoa, Fiji, Tonga) to pick strawberries etc. My personal favourite was that 'islanders are strong and can work a full day', as if ~10% of our population isn't islander, double that if you count Maori as well. It's got nothing to do with strength and everything to do with you being able to completely asterisk imports over on pay and conditions without them being able to or knowing they can complain about it.
  10. My external backup disk has a folder for each partition I had. C through S. Well... I had three disks and was a firm believer of not wasting precious space by making partitions too large way back when FAT32 was still a thing. Good old times.
  11. Ugh, green are the worst. I quoted a fancy red one. I think Amazon charges .99 cents for green.
  12. Impossible considering 70% of the American-controlled economic sphere of influence is based off of consumerism which inevitably leads to people leaving what they perceive as their "poor" countries in search of more wealth, it's like gravity and sucks people in because it doesn't leave much room for alternatives. Some people in Mexico actually love it there in the rural areas because even though they are technically "poor", they don't know that they're poor because they're all in the same boat. Most, I think, however, would rather gravitate towards the U.S. to seek better income and quality of life (Which is a risky double-edged sword if you ask me). Also speaking of Amazon and Bezo's, their business practices certainly "sounds good on paper" (to quote die-hard economic rightists) but herein lies the dangerous internal contradiction of what goes on with the nuts and bolts of Amazon employees. http://www.usforacle.com/2020/04/28/online-shoppers-should-be-aware-of-amazons-grueling-working-conditions/#:~:text=Amazon warehouses%2C for example%2C have,only two 15-minute breaks.&text=The 600 workers who signed,per 100 full-time employees.
  13. Elerond

    Politics 2020

    Allowing such agreements will lead to cheap labor import and lots of abuse. It is system which is used in Qatar and Saudi Arabia for example and it has lead both countries to have immigrant workforce who are quite close to slaves. And they also cause wages on those jobs drop so low that no domestic worker is able to do them an live with the wage.
  14. Elerond

    Politics 2020

    If you have lots of illegal immigrants in country, making their status legal helps to control their economical impact better. As it is easier to regulate how much companies need to pay them for their work. It easier to spot abuse and low wages. It make easier to see where there is need for additional services (schools, shops, etc. every day services). Meaning that immigrants don't only take jobs, but create them by needing services and stuff. Uncontrollable immigration is problem, because it puts stress on existing systems faster than those systems can answer to increasing demand. Even though there are limit how much immigration country can handle it is always better to make immigrants somehow legal if you aren't able to sent them back to their home country, because if you let them became gray invisible mass which size isn't know, they will cause invisible stress to existing systems which is much more difficult to handle, as many issues will keep themselves in shadows until it is too late. One of the best ways to prevent illegal immigration is to kill demand for such immigrants.
  15. The quality of the translation in french is good for what i saw so far. But yes in fact it is really good that the developers are so quick to add new feature, listen to the community and to add other languages !
  16. Gfted1

    Politics 2020

    Green bell peppers cost .62 at Walmart. That robber baron Bezos!
  17. That's been obvious for a while now, or else Wal-Mart would only sell products with a Wal-Mart label attached to them (to give a clear, concise example of said practices). I'm actually thinking about moving to New Hampshire and seeing how a weapons manufacturer operates (Sig Sauer is hiring machinists there). Even though I make decent money, not really digging the snow plow business here because the management is very strict and hypernationalistic (whilst buying all there parts from cheap labor overseas at the same time, they are truly loving Trump's tax cuts at the expense of the workers lol).
  18. I work for a manufacturer and even though I'm not directly involved with the supply chain planning I still rub elbows with them and look at their actions enough to say, there's a lot of planning involved with pricing. Now the driving and warehouse costs don't count as much because it is a running cost, unless you specifically have to freight the item separately so that it is stocked. Same with the website maintenance and other operational costs. The big ones are the production cost or the buying cost, because those are the ones that you can affect. If you can make an item for under a dollar and sell it for $3 then that's over $2 in profit per item sold. You usually work with the seller/factory in order to lower those costs, a farmer will sell lower if he/she doesn't have to transport their goods, that pickup might be handle by a local company that works with a bigger seller like Amazon. That's one thing people seem to don't know about when it comes to big corporations, they usually subcontract to specialized companies for a lot of their operations. Which creates jobs, for every major company there are a bunch of smaller ones that stay in business because of the bigger ones.
  19. Finished Cobra Kai season 2 today. Wasn't as good as the first season. Too much forced drama and a predictable storyline. Guess a tv show doesn't automatically get good just because you pour lots of money on it. Also binge watched The End of the ****ing World season 1 and 2. That show was awesome. Thought they wouldn't be able to deliver good with season 2, but to my surprise it was a perfect continuation. Kinda digging these 20 minute episode shows. They come with a lot less filler and are often more on point. Need to find me more such stuff.
  20. You realize that this value does not equal actual money and funds he can use at his whim? It's the stock market and largely free money printed by FED, which made the publicly traded company, where he has a significant amount of onwnership, that much inflated at valuation. The issue is not with those guys per se (they are a symptom of the issue) , but the mechanisms that pump the money into assets owned by shareholders and the expense of debt mechanisms and cash flows, which could help in reforming and stabilizing the middle class. There will be always poor and always rich, but the economic health of the society has two major indicators, wealth gap between top 10% and bottom 10% size and stability of the middle class
  21. https://llp.joomla.com/about Some interesting tidbits here on left libertarianism and the false dichotomies going around.
  22. That'd be pretty neat. Although the easier thing is to just buy local, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, Jeff Bezos and any other visionaries deserve a ton of money for their billion dollar ideas. I'm just not sure if it is ideal that it becomes a 200 billion dollar idea, in the midst of a pandemic that is wiping out smaller businesses left and right.
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