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  2. Definitely will grab that on the next sale. Hooray for the weak CAD.
  3. Life in Initech gets better as we are to be slaves to biweekly planning sessions.
  4. What is this, a Sierra adventure game?
  5. All we ever do in this forum is the same stuff over and over.
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  7. I agree though I think the general reason behind this is to not punish first-time players who at some point in the game find a new cool weapon that they want for a character and feel they can't because they haven't invested a proficiency point into it. This is something of a tricky point, because regardless of the game making it very clear that proficiency only grants a modal and has no negative side-effects if you don't take it, the fact that it's a spiritual successor for a series of games that heavily punish the player for using weapons they're not proficient at means a lot of players come with the preconception or psychological reflex of assuming one *must* use weapons they're proficient in and *must* invest proficiency points based on the weapons they intend to use and not the modals they grant.
  8. It's the same person that asked earlier. Still, I thought we already went over this as well.
  9. That seems to be right when I look at the combat log. Then the wiki is up to date as well. I somehow rememberd that it scaled better.
  10. The thing with the PEN modals which suffer a 50% recovery malus is: it's just better to switch to a weapon which either has higher PEN and/or targets a lower AR. For example: it's way better to switch from sabre to war hammer. If the enemy's slash AR is only 1 point higher than pierce or crush. A bit less base damage but no recovery malus and the same PEN compared to the sabre+modal. And you spare yourself a weapon proficiency point. On the other hand you can't sustitude a Morning Star's -25 fortitude debuff (that targets deflection) with something else so easily. That makes it far more valuable for me. Also because a lot of great spells target fortitude while it's the defense that's usually the highest on most enemies.
  11. Shut up you guys, I'm waiting for a patch!!!
  12. Disco Elysium. Haven't seen word o'mouth this strong for I dunno how long. This is going to make not playing until sufficiently patched so much easier.
  13. To Obsidian, I was looking forward to purchasing this new game from you company but after learning that your new overlord is not allowing a 4K option on the ps4 there is no point. If this was also happening on the xbox I would not have a argument, but this is a cross-platform game and this kind of intentional limiting petty. I try to be positive but in this case I hope this game tanks and I hope I never see another game cross-platform for you again.
  14. That's up to you. No swords no sorcery (so far?) Here. Technology wise it seems fairly all over the place - its borrowing from many different periods. Haven't made up my mind about the setting - am a bit lost, but that's fine, so is my character. While it does give me planescape vibe, its focus reminded me of Fallout: mostly focusing on your character and your reactions rather then straight up world/plot development.
  15. This is the kind of first-person feedback i've been hoping for to help me decide on the game. I am completely sold on this game's RPG elements. I just tend to dislike games that are not of a 'medieval' nature and instead are 'contemporary,' so that's the only thing that sort of concerns me.
  16. First five hours in and so far it's brilliant, though tone wise unforgivibly ruthless. It knows it's noir, and doesn't try to misinterpret it as cool. Very interesting character build system. Writing has a very distinct voice and I am digging it. Spent half an hour inspecting a folder and then died reading a postcard and had to redo it again 10/10.
  17. Interestingly (and certainly knowing a lot less about the subtleties of the game mechanics than you do!), here's how I looked at them: it became very obvious very quickly that Penetration is important. Therefore, modals that improve penetration are my first pick, because they will benefit me. That was essentially my only criterion. I don't know if that was anywhere near the ideal approach, but it did work.
  18. It won't capture it, though, simply because it is impossible to capture playing tabletop with a group of friends in the same room with you. This, on an abstract level, is why I feel it shouldn't even be attempted, because even at its best, it's only going to be a pale shadow. A proper single-player cRPG campaign can do many things that a good PnP cannot, and vice versa. A cRPG multiplayer falls somewhere in between -- it's not the "worst of both worlds" but it's a way of playing that I don't find particularly fruitful.
  19. Were you watching the US version (rooted from AIP) or the Italian version? Bava's films didn't fare well in their US cuts. Its been a long time since I've seen Black Sunday (I think I've seen both versions, but alas couldn't tell you their differences), but I don't recall it being terrible (with the consideration that Italian horror films do things differently than most other horror films). I think there's three or four different English language edits of the film of varying lengths. As a side not Black Sunday is loosely based on Gogol's story Viy. There's a good Russian/Soviet adaption of the same story Viy 1967.
  20. monk with flail and small shield is cool concept definitely gonna try that, however I was looking at Last Defense and it has 8 base pen and + 2 more from enchant 10 pen is something legendary swords have wondering if i could make it work on shield and spear build with some additional PEN buffs / armour debuffs it does not have to be completely op, but has to handle itself on potd with deadly deadfire light, maybe focusing more on cc and tanking, will probably use soulblade/monk then another guy with spear and shield either last defence or retaliation shield from huana negative, these shields coming later in the game is not an issue since my hirelings will have them already on them at lvl 4
  21. Don't most people in real life style their hair, choose clothing etc. Yet 99% of the time you're not looking at your own face/body. My only concern is why does every character look like a lesbian?!!??!
  22. Gabbard is broadly speaking right though 'economic strangulation' is a lot more accurate. OTOH Biden managed to claim that US troops had been fired on by Syrian troops while retreating; while they have been fired on both times it was Turkish troops or their proxies doing the shooting. Indeed, you can literally go on Youtube and watch US and Syrian convoys drive past each other without issue. I had a bit of a laugh at Yang saying Bing was useless. I mean, it does allegedly have some uses. Pity he didn't quite name Apple as the crappy navigation app. Volo did already mention Natives and transgender as having the highest suicide rates; " white men tend to have relatively 'high' rates of suicide outside of transgender people or Natives (here in Kanada)". I won't check, but I'd bet pretty much everything I have that suicide rates are higher for native americans in the US and aborigines in Australia as well- but, white males are also above the average as well, just not as much.
  23. I think he's talking specifically about physical appearance customization.
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