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  3. Oh hell yeah, that'd be awesome! Well, awesome would be a Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy game by Obsidian, but it's up there.
  4. The odds are pretty low for that, it was expected after they did the card game but it looks like Owlcat did it instead. And a Starfinder take would be better imo
  5. That one sure was something else. Sailor Moon manga and late SM R spoilers I am once again editing this post because I watched more Sailor Moon
  6. The funny thing here in Brazil is that for all the drama from anti-vaxxers, now all I see is people impatient because the vaccination is going slowly. We are still doing it for people 80-85 years old. So either the anti-vaxxers are quiet now or they found out how to use their brains. The second option seems unlikely.
  7. SM R episodes 2-14 This series I’m watching with subtitles. I had to google the suffixes "san", "sama", etc since I didn't remember their uses exactly, but that is just a detail. The babysitting episode was great, especially when the baby peed on An’s face. Oh, and Ail and An didn’t seem to have learnt the concept of an open relationship well. Episode 14 deserves its own post, since it is the one with the psycho child. Btw, I already know what is her relation to the other characters.
  8. The problem is that land claim blocks beyond the first don't actually block spawns (it's bugged.) They only stop sleepers from respawning after you've cleared a POI, anyway. That said, zombies don't spawn on player-placed blocks (you can literally stop the horde night horde from spawning if you cover a large enough area with concrete) so you can build pretty much as big as you want as long as every block is one you've placed, instead of one that was already there. There's also a mod that stops sleepers from respawning in POIs completely, if you're interested in that. Playing offline, t
  9. The more I hear the more it seems that the Sailor Moon manga was a piss take.
  10. Bodies 'frozen' to wake up in the future - from baseball players to Bitcoin developers I do hope they preserved someone like this:
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hahahahaha. SMC, Act 24. SMC, Act 25:
  13. Most of this is second hand information, but yes, I've read that Minako's continously more and more goofball personality in the first anime was based on her in Codename: Sailor V. Sailor Moon manga Minako was the experienced leader type with a hotheaded streak who could be pretty pigheaded at times (in a side story she apparently goes and ruins a school festival Rei was helping out with, this might have parallels with the SuperS episode where she tries to ruin Makoto's attempts to flirt with an elementary school principal). Codename Sailor V was originally a one-shot manga. Successful eno
  14. I can't possibly top the Kristen Wiig furry pic, but here's a crypt entrance I found in the swamp biome: I almost died multiple times in the swamp, once to a particularly beefy draugr plus skeleton archer friends then later to a blob (essentially a jelly or ooze) inside the sunken crypt. The good news is that I survived both times and I found scrap iron inside the crypt. Once smelted down into bars, iron unlocks a new tier of weapons and armor, and, more importantly, unlocks the stone cutting station, which in turn unlocks stone building pieces. Now my goal is to find a good spot to
  15. As title says. Many people on Reddit reported this issue too, even for Xbox version. Every time the host eats or picks mushroom, the game crashes to desktop without any error message. I was able to replicate this bug every time. The game crashes about 1-2 seconds after picking or eating the mushrooms. I picked them from the mushroom garden. Tbh I had the same issue after eating Aphid honeydew once, but it never happened again. It is worth to mention that I consumed mushrooms or honeydew from the inventory, I didn't use the quick bar. The simple solution for the ones experiencing this cr
  16. From what I've read, the difference comes down to different ingredients and different cocoa bean sources. They taste different in a sense like wines taste different. It boils down to personal preference.
  17. That's not an apex predator, this is Or not
  18. Got my bonus recently, so bought a $1.50 pack of pens to gift myself.
  19. If Hershey uses local milk there's no reason to add* butyric acid as a 'preservative' at all, unless for some reason they want to store it longer term. Higher acid products tend to have longer shelf lives than 'straight' milk by a factor of maybe 4 times. Of course long term storage kind of defeats the purpose of fresh local sourcing. To be strenuously fair to them, there are seasonal milk shortages as cows dry off and have to go through another pregnancy cycle to start producing again, but those are managed and staggered, unless the US system is significantly different from elsewhere, and tho
  20. Still 7 Days/A19. I have discovered ... how to enable the use of multiple land claim blocks. LCB's are what you can use to define a smallish (relative to world size anyway) area where zombies cannot directly spawn (from sky to bedrock, square shaped), so you can have at least one base without z's popping into existence right in the middle of it, right. But you can only have one active at a time (place another one, first one "breaks"). There's also the portable bedroll, but same applies (so you could have two "base spaces" per map) but bedroll is also for designated - vs. random - respa
  21. Hi! I tried to use the available images for the Sign Frame item but it's hopeless. It's impossible to explain the content in each chest. I think Signs Frames that can hold custom text is actually more interesting for me in several scenarios. Most important when having +10 Chests in a row that each holds only one type of item. ...or maybe it would be faster to implement... It would add great value to the Sign Frame's if the user can choose an existing "item icon" as image and also add custom text (see attached examples). Cheers!
  22. Right, exactly. You can be dark and twisted and for adults, or you can be for and empowering young teen girls. Uh, it's a little difficult to do both at the same time in a way that resembles any sort of consistency or sanity. Just about impossible, really. Majestic said they originally wanted to make a show for Codename: Sailor V, but Naoko convinced them to make a show for a new manga, Sailor Moon, that she was making as they were producing the show, if I'm recalling correctly? That's why there's a lot of 'filler' episodes in the show, as well as entire arcs that don't show up in the manga. D
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