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  2. Ya I do realize that Thunderous Report hits like a truck. Actually I've read your post before and successfully soloed PotD using your build, it was great. I'm just curious about numbers you can get from something spammable :3
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  4. "Your workshop isn't big enough." "Your (over 50) granary is full, m'lord." ...oh wait, sorry, wrong games. ...that type of thing is all very absurd tho. Sure, I get it - the fabled "balance" - but they almost always go overboard, imo.
  5. I love playing transcendents, and fists are one of the best weapons in the game, which you have from beginning to end. You are right that on multiclass monks fists are a bit weaker due to the loss of 2 power levels. However, you can make up for this by quaffing a potion of ascension, which adds +2 PL and lasts the whole battle. If your MC is nature godlike, you'll reach 10 PL, which gives you post-mythic fists, arguably the best weapon in the game. My favorite combo is a melee transcendent, using the forbidden fist and soul blade subclasses. Both give you really powerful attacks (the forb
  6. Very excited to watch Marleau break the record tonight. What a career! He's never had the massive seasons and awards, but at the end of the day he has had a tremendous impact on my home town and my hockey club. I basically grew up watching him score big goals for the Sharks. I was a senior in high school his rookie year.
  7. I was disappointed by season 1 because I was expecting getting to watch Dracula raze Wallachia. Instead it was arguably a prequel to the real 1st season, but fun regardless. SU. Garnet reveals one of her powers to Steven and he loses his mind.
  8. What about fist? IMHO the coolest weapon in POE2 is the fist, but multiclass monk has suboptimal power level, so it seems a little less viable. But I still want it to work (along with other piercing / slashing melee weapons) Ironically it seems a devoted fighter with monastic unarmed training is a better unarmed striker than multiclassed monk. Come to think of it, the fighter's ability is actually quite compatible with a melee (ascendant / soulblade) cipher. The penetrating strike and tactical barrage are both extremely good abilities which only cost 1 discipline, and unbending trunk
  9. What do you mean you're not rooting for Dracula?
  10. Finnish crime/detective series: Bordertown, via Netflix. I initially thought it would be in the crime-a-season format but what it actually does is spend two or three episodes per crime (10-11 eps. per season). I rather like that format. Not too short, not too drawn out for each one. Not a flashy series, which I like. Main character is kind of eccentric but I'm not sure in what way. Not socially attentive/personable, socially awkward, "lost in his own head-space" most of the time, but not purposefully mean/arrogant ala Dr. House or modern Sherlock. Has that typical grey/drearine
  11. As I fire up Winamp and it selects my Judas Priest songs....I've been unfair calling Beast in Black and others cheesy. Good Lord, I should delete these.
  12. Castlevania Season 1: This is in the very beginning, so it is not a spoiler:
  13. Everyone knows this noise: ...but did you know they purr, too?
  14. SuperS. And I remembered that somebody mentioned in this thread that the creeps wouldn't stay for too long. That helped a lot.
  15. nVidia's ARM acquisition may be in trouble after Her Majesty's Government announces a Public Interest Intervention on national security grounds. May be genuine, though the grounds seems a bit odd with nVidia being a US company; or it may just be the political equivalent of "nice little business deal you've got there, would be a shame if someone stopped it..." and the UK wanting to leverage some guarantees about employment and investment.
  16. I was feeling like playing Deadfire again. But since I won't use one of my PoE1 characters, I decided to replay the first game and do the whole journey for my new character, a Templar of Woedica.
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  18. Sure thing, I wasn't entirely serious when I posted that, outside of actually liking the small bits from McD's more than their regular sized fries. That Steven's bits would be really terrible in real life is something else. Most of his food would probably be. Yeah, fittingly, IC's speed was the most... insane. He even blew through SuperS as if it wasn't terrible and sucks out all your motivation to watch. I never thought I would have this much fun revisiting Sailor Moon, even with SuperS factored in. Not trying to rain on your parade here, but Ami's First Love is also a special t
  19. The fundamental problem with Assad losing, now, is that the stridently anti Assad Syrians are all either dead or fled already, so there's little additional damage to be done if he continues ruling except for the embarrassment. Refugees aren't willingly going to go home any time soon, and all you'd get from a rebel victory now is millions of pro Assad people fleeing the country as well, plus a bunch of genocidal score settling with Druze/ Christians/ Shia/ Alawite minorities. Assad was probably the lesser evil from 2012, by that time the largest opposition groups were already ISIS lite gr
  20. After several years of playing around with it, I finally decided to try running an ironman game of Stellaris. Suddenly I have achievements popping up.
  21. That would be the ideal...but there's probably a reason actual real life places only give you a tiny amount of them, as opposed to Steven getting entire bags/trays of them. My impression was that "the bits" at Frymans is the leftover crud that actually gets stuck in the friar itself that they would normally clean out at the end of the day, whereas at a fast food place like McDonalds, they seem more like tiny chunks of fries that get especially well cooked as a result of that size. It is a little sad that our Sailor Moon group watch is finally coming to an end. Heh: I started like a month
  22. I don't want to inadvertantly expose kids to a pedophile horse though. Regarding reaction videos, I have no idea why people watch those beyond bad taste. This thread is different because yall aren't colossal dip****s like youtubers (almost) unfailingly are. Additionally there's dialogue between people here, which significantly changes it from YouTube dip****s.
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