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  2. Vitalis, my understanding is Soul blade's soul annihilation attack was seriously nerfed. I only have played post nerf, and found it underwhelming. I love Beguiler; it is a very "witchy" class with the focus on deception/mind control powers, and is really OP, since casting these powers can restore focus for you, allowing you to cast them again and again. But personally I love ascendant the most. I just love spamming mind blades and other damaging powers while in the ascended state. And a multiclass with barbarian is great for the extra recovery and attack speed and penetration (if you go with berserker).
  3. If you say so... The US Census declared that in 2014 14.8% of the general population lived in poverty: 10.1% of all white non-Hispanic persons 12.0% of all Asian persons 23.6% of all Hispanic persons (of any race) 26.2% of all African American persons 28.3% of Native Americans / Alaska Natives So in absolute numbers, maybe. But not really. Minority demographics might feel disproportional numbers of them are affected. Coincidentally also a larger percentage of those groups that feel a systemic discrimination against them. Edit: As for the agitators and extreme violence perpetrators... I read Trump blames the far left and antifa and what have you. But then, he's not exactly known for his cognitive abilities. I'll take BBC News words over his (and Fox) any time of day when they say recent arrest were members of the far right community, throwing molotov ****tails at the police (at the 9:08 paragraph) https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-us-canada-52903545
  4. Most poor people in the US are white. Another ignored fact. Also, the white people who may be 'influencing' this mess are likely middle or upper middle class. Blacks themselves have repeatedly stated this too on video during this riots. Plenty of videos showing them chastise these agitators.
  5. I think (as in no hard facts) that the repeatedly flaring up riots over police brutality in the US the last several decades has more to do with poverty and social unrest than race. That poverty is more widespread among some minorities just skewers the perception that race is the issue. When the number of people living under poverty line bounces between 10 and 15% the last many years, I believe it's inevitable that social unrest will flare occasionally. A moron for president, spouting aggressive, empty headed rhetoric doesn't do anything to calm a population down.
  6. So.. they're so fed up.. about white cop racism... they are killing blacks? Okay then. The first cop 'officially' killed in this mess was black. Stop making excuses for the rioters. You sound cop apologists. Defending the bad ones only make sit harder for the good ones. FYI, More whites are killed by cops. Nobody gives a crap. LMAO And, again, four cops involved in this situation - 3 of them not white (albeit the one who did the actual deed was white). These protests should be about cop brutality not 'racism'. These rioters should be locked up for LIFE. The cop and anyone who commits murder during this riot should be FRIED.
  7. They're fed up. I got "lucky" because I was born white but being poor and black or a dark skinned minority in the U.S. has been extremely stressful for a long time, whitey American has a habit of trying to contain, control, and oppress people who look or act different than them, it's in their blood to be control freaks. Blacks survived slavery, I'm confident they'll survive slavery 2.0. As for these protests, I perfectly understand their pain but I can't bring myself to actually join because they have no agenda or political goals behind them, it's just comes off as little better than venting frustration. Perhaps if they made some coherent demands like demanding Trump resign and then they'll stop I would take them more seriously.
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  10. FYI, after the three officers that were at the scene at Floy'ds murder... I noticed something peculiar about these racist white cops.... they weren't white.... But, the issue is racism? No, it isn't. And, as long as people cry police racism they'll ignore the actual issues the poilice actually have. And, while people are 'protesting' evil Nazi KKK white violent psychopathic police, a black cop is killed, a balck protestor is killed by another protestor/rioter, black store owners are being murdered over stuff,... but, yeah, 'racism'.
  11. I think it would be more humanitarian to fire laughing gas, rather than tear gas at protesters. Haven't we had enough tears already?
  12. Awesome, glad to hear it worked! There is one ending slide with Ydwin which might be of use, from Beast of Winter: "gui\\endgameslides\\lax\\lax_endgame_11.png" (from Node 14 in conversations\lax02_01_iceberg_dungeon\lax02_endgameslides.conversationbundle)
  13. Maneater got out of hand quickly. Great Wheat Sharks everywhere.
  14. Big business gonna big business.
  15. https://thegrayzone.com/2019/12/04/ukrainian-nazis-hong-kong-protests/ Figures.
  16. Three new games became free on GOG. One of them is Warwind, pretty original classic RTS. https://www.gog.com/news/check_3_games_that_just_became_free_on_gogcom
  17. Well, akshually... "There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know." -- Donald Rumsfeld So sometimes you do know what you don't know.
  18. umm, no it it hasn't, it's expected to come back, but they might have missed to point about priorities. The fear has gone, now that there isn't the threat of emergency services being overwhelmed - for the time being - that's the difference. You don't know what you don't know, the fog of war is the fog of war. And remember, it takes 3 weeks or so to see any change in the curve from specific events.
  19. Pretty much the same, and Beth got away with it multiple times before Human Head made it public. Likely that this isn't the first time 2k has done it either.
  20. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/03/us/george-floyd-officers-charges/index.html Other cops involved are being charged now, Chauvin's upped to second degree murder.
  21. Reminds me of that Dragon Age bard that people complained about sounding fake, Leliana, and it turned out the actor was french.
  22. Holy moly, this guy is going to have a higher body count than Harold Shipman before this is over!
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