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  2. First and foremost I appreciate all the fantastic advice provided on my SC Monk play through. I plan to do one more play through on this game and could use some help identifying what type of SC Wizard works best in this group and how to properly build a Cipher. Any advice would be appreciated on those builds and the ones I have already detailed. MC SC Wizard – Primary damage dealer. Beyond that I am not sure what works. Are summoned weapons effective in this game or am I better off going with an elemental play style? Serefen SC Cipher – Secondary damage dealer. Xoti will be in my party, preventing Serefen from remaining bloodied for long and diluting the strength of a Barbarian. Any thoughts on how to properly build him out as a Cipher? Aloth SC Wizard – Disabler. Effigy's Husk, Whitewhitch Mask, Eye of Wael, Arkemyr Grimore, Ring of Overseeing, Ring of Minor Protection, Boots of Stone, Stone of Power, Gauntlets of Accuracy, Cloak of Greater Deflection Arkemyr’s Dazzling Lights, Curse of Blackened Sight, Miasma of Dull Mindedness, LLengrath’s Displaced Image, Ryngrim’s Repulsive Visage, Minoletta’s Concussive Missles, Confusion, Arkemyr’s Wondrous Torment, Ryngrim’s Enervating Terror, Gaze of the Adragan, Substation Phantom, Wall of Many Colors, Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake, Meteor Shower, Minoletta’s Missle Salvo One-handed style, Bear’s Fortitude, Bull’s Will, Combat Focus, Scion of Flame, Secrets of Rime, Spirit of Decay, Rapid Casting, Uncanny Luck, Tough, Improved Critical, Spell Resistance, Prestige Eder Swashbuckler – Primary Tank. Reckless Brigandine, Kapana Taga, Cadhu Scalth, Helm of the Champion, Entonia Signet Ring, Ring of Minor Protection, Mirror Back, Gatecrashers, Boots of Stone, Token of Faith, Cutthroat Cosmo Disciplined Strikes, Guardian Stance, Refreshing Defense, Unbending Shield, Devastating Blow Weapon and Shield Style, Confident Aim, Rapid Recovery, Hold the Line, Weapon Specialization, Armored Grace, Superior Deflection, Uncanny Luck, Overbearing Guard, Weapon Mastery, Dirty Fighting, Riposte, Persistent Distraction, Adapt Evasion, Deathblows Xoti SC Priest – Support/Healer Off tank Aloth’s Leather Armor, Heaven’s Cacophony, Xoti’s Sickle, Xoti’s Lantern, Halgot’s Warmth, Ring of Focused Flame, Footprints of Ahu Taka, Gwyn’s Bridal Garter, Cloak of Greater Protection, Charm of Bones Restore, Suppress Affliction, Prayer for the Body, Pillar of Faith, Prayer for the Spirit, Dire Blessing, Consecrated Ground, Devotions for the Faithful, Barring Death’s Door, Pillar of Holy Fire, Storm of Holy Fire, Minor Avatar, Crown for the Faithful, Dismissal, Magran’s Might Weapon and Shield Style, Bear’s Fortitude, Snake’s Reflexes, Bull’s Will, Combat Focus, Scion of Flame, Tough, Practiced Healer, Improved Critical, Spell Resistance, Prestige
  3. oh, Seattle, near Redmond, I understand ... great map what a treat, 4pm the day before ... work never saw me leave so early on a Thursday also, PS4 pre-load begins tomorrow: backup for my abysmal inability at WASD; The Outer Worlds isn't, by chance, real-time with pause, screen-edge scrolling, is it ...
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  5. It's not realistic to expect to pass all skill checks, by any means.
  6. Why don't you simply look up your reputations with the factions on the character sheet - reputations tab? And check which flag you are flying in the ship menu.
  7. Depends on what you don't enjoy about Fallout. Design principles are of course going to be similiar. The biggest different is probably going to be the overall tone. With it being overall much lighter, this is space pulp/opera after all.
  8. Never did get this point on how this is misogynistic, any party member causing trouble for the party is asking to get axed. In any event, he's lucky the opposition was weak. Good to see Bernier lose his seat and his party get stomped, though, if just to laugh at his fans.
  9. "At least he is less blatant about it, as far as I know anyway" The guy has repeatedly worn black/brown face to the point he can't 'remember' how many times he's done it. He's literally mocked Indian (from India) in their own country, he's been caught sexually harassing women, he's thrown out women out of his party after championing them because they refused to do his illegal bidding and lying about it, he's been caught mocking natives are discussing things with them. theen there's the whole point of him calling veterans greedy. LMAO EVIL.
  10. Doug Ford is the same kind of loudmouth fool as his crackhead brother was, arguably doesn't even have Rob's affability. But he's had somewhat unpopular policies usual Tory cuts to services, etc. (although for some reason they gave deputy ministers a 14% pay increase), and as such he's an anchor for Scheer - reason he's taken a 5 month break and is MIA related to all things relating to the election.
  11. Fair enough Still sucks i devoted her to religion expert and put everything i could into her studies and she is still short. First play through i missed a lot of skill checks cause i spread out points too much. This time i choose one skill for each guy and had him max their specialty. Now im still missing! Sucks.
  12. I am having an issue with the outer worlds not detecting my hard drive as NTFS when trying to install. It is NTFS though because under disk management that is what it is formatted as and this is the only game on the xbox app where i get this error. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?
  13. Meshback Ford? The only Canadian Ford I can think of is that (in)famous Canadian mayor who died of cancer a couple years ago. Or maybe his name wasn't Ford? I don't remember exactly. Edit: Rob Ford is who I was thinking of. edit2: Oh, BBC liveblog said that it was over Doug Ford (the brother of Rob Ford) and the premier of Ontario (basically the governor I think?) but didn't really give any context as to what the issue is other than it being a powerful position and him being Trumpy.
  14. The factions are all attacking. Even the principy who im helping. I even found furrantes sword and told alldice about furrantes doings so someone has to like me. How can they all hate me when ive helped some of them? I even found deroes corronet of waves mural. Ive helped mad martigan secure powdered soul stones. Huna ships i can understand cause maybe i pissed them off by helping principy and poor rotaro in the gullet slums. Even mighty rautau warships attack me directly after they praised me for restoring the grand rautau soul stone lighthouse. You have got to believe me.
  15. Hm, not sure Trudeau is either of those but he is helped by Scheer having that meshback Ford around his ankle and Singh not really hitting his stride until later on. Minority government being projected for Liberals apparently, will be funny watching Scheer's concession.
  16. I didn't vote in 2000 because I wasn't quite old enough (that happens when you're born in an odd numbered year, I'd have voted for Gore if I could though), but I did vote for him in 2004 on the thinking that we're in the middle of a war and we shouldn't change Presidents in the middle of a war or something like that (and maybe I wasn't convinced by Kerry, dunno). If that sounds naive, yes, I was more politically naive then. He still gets the blame for decisions he makes though, and theres evidence that some of them may not have been helping him in the best way possible. Not sure if he was aware that the whole WMD thing was false or if he just got convinced by others, I've heard of both narratives.
  17. My guess is he got a decent payout when they sold. Like many of us, I imagine the idea of striking out on our own with financial security was tempting. I wish him luck.
  18. The problem I see with the typical Bush criticism is: 1. The President isn't working in a vacuum. He has a full branch of people that are helping him lead. You get the impression that most of his big decisions were made with a lot of input and involvement of his full cabinet. LBJ had the same issue with Vietnam, and it is a shame how that affects his legacy. 2. It's a hard job. I didn't vote for him twice, but I don't fault his intentions or work ethic. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be playing a game and dismissing most anybody that isn't a yes man. That is bad.
  19. Call me when they need a butt model.
  20. At least he is less blatant about it, as far as I know anyway. I only know of Trudeau what gets mentioned here in the US. BBC liveblog shows that the liberals have an early lead, but it's probably not even 20% in yet, maybe 30% @ktchong Each to their own. I still like G W Bush as a person better than I do Trump, and that's saying something.
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