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  2. FYI - If you can make an item do the same wavy orb hit effect that a sceptre does, you're insanely lucky. I cannot figure out any combination of visual effects that recreates that hit effect.
  3. I would first make sure the ability works, but maybe you've already done this. I use a ring that grants the ability to see if the ability effects work. I still haven't added any of my abilities to a progression table since the newer versions, and that should be the right ID.
  4. This reminds me I have to read actual book.
  5. That's pretty much what the Daily Mail's rumour says when you read it, that Bond is pulled back in while no longer being 007.
  6. Today
  7. Politics is the biggest con going, you're all being taken for a ride!
  8. Part 1: I duplicated and changed a passive based of the tutorial https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107923-tutorial-adding-new-abilities-to-a-class-v410/ but it isn't showing up in the ability tree. Are these ID's correct? The intention is to add it into the general chanter tree at level 1. I can force adding the ability via console though. "$type": "Game.GameData.BaseProgressionTableAppendGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "CorpseMaker", "ID": "935b1a37-6f38-4ccc-bbc7-296f0f9999ff",  "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.BaseProgressionTableAppendComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "BaseTableID": "6b722b30-d930-43ae-b936-248a1616f48e", "AbilityUnlocks": [ { "Note": "", "Category": "General", "UnlockStyle": "Unlock", "ActivationObject": "Self", "AddAbilityID": "935b1a37-6f38-4ccc-bbc7-296f0f999901", "RemoveAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Prerequisites": { "MinimumCharacterLevel": 1, "PowerLevelRequirement": { "ClassID": "b4a0f1d1-b8f7-47e7-b899-99e478004a37", Part 2: I attached a few passive effects (5) to the above ability in a new gamedatabundle to see what would happen. Edited the skill effect values (except 1 effect) as well, so created a new file for that too and gave them new IDs. Now when I force add the passive ability: (1) The description of only the 1 unmodified effect shows up. (2) Besides the 1 effect (I see the armor penalty removed), the other positive effects are not being applied (e.g. - Shootist enchantment and Sky Dragon Wurm's ranged damage bonus). Are those valid positive effects to steal from? Do I have to give the modified effects new descriptions for them to work? If yes, where do I add them? Thank you
  9. With any mob in the game. I have an arsenal of tricks/meta-tricks like regaining all resources back in few seconds, but this one renders any encounter into nothing. Will only make it public after theres already 50 rewarded players, would not be fair to people who actually put effort and thinking into the challenge that a legion of no-life kids who can play 26 hours a day get rewarded instead of them.
  10. Well I just forgot about Belranga that time thought I was smart that went to Nemnok and no need to come back anymore. Nope. Lost my resting bonuses.
  11. Mike: "Script by J. J. Abrams and Chris Terrio, writer of Batman v. Superman, Dawn of Justice, and the Justice League." Rich: "...Is that a joke?" Mike: "No." Rich: "This movie is going to be awful. [...] None of these people have written anything good."
  12. I don't really care, but I wonder if they're actually making money with all these woke versions of classics? Because they keep putting them out, and I keep seeing people hating on them. Saw a trailer for The King's Man today. That looks like a movie worth seeing.
  13. Hi Decadency, im the guy who told you about the Nemnok>Belranga>Ashen path on the Victors Twitch channel. Did you manage to complete SSS without losing the temporal buffs? And btw, just found the mother cheese of all cheese, you gonna laugh when you see it.
  14. Yeah, Eotas challenge doesn't look so bad, with my pathetic path on test run(Neketaka - Poko Kohara - Neketaka, I really wanted that boots) I am in FS with 18days left. Only Auranic and SSS to do after.
  15. So what's one of your biggest gripes, then? I have no need for the turn-based mod, but then, I never even tried turn-based in Deadfire. For me, the biggest gripe in P:K is the cheating, because I think it's just really tasteless. The cheesiness of the writing is a bit poor at times, but I can deal with that.
  16. With the rumours saying that the new film starts with Bond retired, living in Jaimaica, and you then get the shift to M's office in London calling in 007, only for the door to open with this new Actor.. I kind of wonder if it's just the setup for that brief moment to cause some pre-release hype and "news" before Bond gets pulled back into the action.
  17. The US Military Has Responded To Plans To Storm Area 51 Air Force spokesperson Laura McAndrews released a message to people thinking of actually trespassing in September. “[Area 51] is an open training range for the US Air Force," she said in a release seen by the Independent. "We would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces," she continued, casually reminding any reader that there are probably quite a lot of guns on site. “The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets." What could possibly go wrong?
  18. Only when you have a serious speed buff. Beguiler is better if you don't want to stop casting (e.g. because your weapon dmg sucks anyway). Ascendant needs to use his weapons every now and then to refill focus. And once he does ascend he wants to spam spells as fast as possible. Else he could have just spend his focus the normal way and might have had the same results (see Disintegration example - except PL bonus). If you want to spam damaging spells and nothing else really fast then Ascendant may be your thing. But you'll have to pause casting in order to refill focus (with a weapon). If you want to cast nonstop and are fine with alternating between cc and dmg a Beguiler may be better because you don't need to interrupt your spell casting. Both are pretty great with Shared Nightmare: Beguiler's Deception spells can be cast without dropping below max focus (if you focus on deception only in that case) - giving you huge AoE with again gives you huge focus refunds. Ascendant will not spend focus while ascended and has more max focus which will lead to huge AoE sizes (that don't change) while ascended.
  19. Berserker/Ancient with Whispers otEP is great. I didn't even shift. Cast DoTs and hacked away. Try Taste of the Hunt with AoE cone of WotEP.
  20. I don't know if that got patched. What still works is: if the ghost blades from the weapon kill something they will proc another ghost blades instance - and so on. Chain reaction is possible. Same with Grave Calling (Chilling Grave): if Chillfog kills a vessel that will proc another Chillfog. Also Hel Beckoning: if your Noxious Burst kills a spirit it will proc another Noxious Burst.
  21. these are a request im making for a friend who just got into the game.
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