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  2. I had an idea for a build and I want to ask if this makes sense. My inspiration was to create the main char from this game: Virgo vs the Zodiac She is a self rightous over zealous fanatic on a crusade to restore order (or what she thinks of it). Everyone with a different opinion is a heretic that needs to be purged with fire and steel. Default equipment is spear+shield but she can use other weapons too. The game is a lot about defending and counter attacks. My idea was to have a steel garrote paladin/trickster rogue. Steel garrote heal themselves when attacking an afflicted target. I guess this means the enemy needs to have any affliction. Rogues have persistent distraction, so I should heal myself every time I attack an enemy engaged by me. Paladins have high defenses and tricksters have wizard spells like mirror image to increase defense even more. With such a high defense enemies would miss me often so I can riposte. With a large shield, spear modal and persistent distraction I should be able to engage 3 enemies. With large shield modal on, heavy armor + stoic steel I should have very high defense and I take very little damage, but I cannot move. So I am a pillar of eternity. I stand there, enemies try to attack me but I avoid their attacks and stike back, healing myself with every attack. I upgrade the paladin aura to have constant healing. I use my guile for wizard buffs and my zeal for sworn enemy and eternal devotion. questions: - Is it true that steel garrote + persistent distraction = self heal with every attack? - With paladin defense + wizard buffs, will enemies miss me often so that riposte makes sense? - Can you riposte every time? Usually I attack or I am in recovery. Does riposte cause recovery? - Does practiced healer increase healing from all sources, including the steel garrote+persistent distraction stuff? - What stats would you suggest? Max res for defense, but you also need some mig for healing+damage and probably per because your acc is low with a large shield. Con seems unimportent because you are hard to hit and you heal yourself all the time and dex seems also not so importent because you are slow anyway. Not sure about int, it would be mostly for buff duration. Role playing wise she would be human, but a wild orland may be better for min maxers. - I will not solo the game, but it could be one of the better chars for this. You are hard to hit and you heal yourself all the time. But you are quite slow and immobile.
  3. The only way I know how to do it is to go to the ProgressionTable and reduce the level number
  4. I'm not sure if the StackIfAlreadyApplied works there. Also I would copy the whole item gamedatabundle and overwrite that.
  5. Debuff Will with either a spell (for example Miasma of Dull-Mindedness lowers Will by 40 points), apply an Intellect-affliction (Confused/Charmed/Dominated: -10 Will points - for example Cipher's mind controls) and/or a Resolve-affliction (Shaken/Frightened/Terrified: -10 Will points - for example Barbarian's yells) and/or with weapons (all clubs with activated modal: -25 points; Willbreaker Morning Star: -3 per hit). Best is to first hit them with a club and then cast Miasma, followed by a fear effect (like Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage and such). There shouldn't be much Will left after that. "I hit him with a club: he left no will after that..."
  6. Sure-Handed Ila is particularly good with reloading weapons (guns and crossbows/arbalests). Because the -20% recovery and -20% reload bonus both get applied to those weapons. Add stuff like Acina's Tricorn and Maia's armor and you can reload pretty quickly. The other chant you might want to have is Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr (gives your party's weapons and also your summons a burning lash). As Chanter subclass you have different options: Beckoner for the double wyrms (they do quite some nice ranged damage) and later double Ancient Weapons etc. Or Troubadour because you might want to stack Sure-Handed Ila and Mith Fyr without a gap. I think I would pick Troubadour. He ca also run just one chant (like Sure Handed Ila) with Brisk Recitation and then dish out summons and other invocations like crazy. You can go Arcane Archer and raise Arcana and then pick Spearcaster. It also profits from Arcana. You could take some other subclass and aim for Dragon's Dowry which has the highest damage per shot in the game. Both work very well with the Ranger's Takedown Combo (+100% dmg for the next attack). Red Hand is also always a great option. When using blunderbusses maybe Sharpshooter is good because of the +1 PEN (blunderbusses tend to have a bit low PEN). Another nice weapon is Watershaper's Focus: with Blast modal the recovery will be lengthy, but the chant and gear can counter that somehow and the build-in jum stacks with Driving Flight, making proccing Ondra's Wrath enchantment rel. reliable. Because ofthe two jumps this is also a great weapon for Arcane Archers (since their imbue shots will trigger their spell on every jump which is quite hilarious with something like Pull of Eora and Binding Web). I wouldn't pick Ghost Heart though because your summoned Animal Companion can't be on the same battlefield with your other (chanter's) summons. A Wildryhmer with Dragon's Dowry/Spearcaster/Red Hand/Watershaper's Focus, Sure Handed Ila, Mith Fyr and a pack of Wyrms is pretty devastating at range.
  7. why doesn't the z key get the companion to follow also have to press the 'e' key sometimes several times to get to work?? think there are major glitches on the pc keyboard version using a logitech g910 and no prbs with other games seems like a time lapse between key press and action -
  8. Hello, I would like to know which type of weapon are each summoned weapon (to combine with the appropriate weapon skill)? Is there any source of informations somewhere ? I start with : Wizard : Caedebald's Blackbow is a War Bow, Citzal's Spirit Lance : is it the one hand lance or the two hand ? cobra strike : No idea about what weapon it is Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff : Easy it is a two hand staff (the melee staff) Any other ?
  9. My favorite way is the club modal. It reduces will by 25 for 10 seconds, and unlike many other ways of lowering will, it does not require you to beat their will save to begin with. If you have a cipher, two great spells are Psychovampiric Shield and Borrowed Instinct. PS is -10 resolve, which not only is reduced will but also increased debuff duration (and hey, reduced deflection so it's easier to land the club modal). Borrowed Instinct gives the cipher a big chunk of accuracy, and you can use it on any little ****noob target you can find. You can use it on a sigil or a damn barrel then you'll have +20 accuracy for trying to land PS or for trying to use BI on the target you actually want to mess up, because hey, BI is -8 int for the target which is, you guessed it, reduced will... On top of this, ciphers have a passive available to them (late, but available) that grants them +10 accuracy for will attacks. Power level 6: The Empty Soul. A case could be made for Tenuous Grasp, but I much prefer PS, and they don't combine all that well (I'm guessing because most enemies don't have 15 resolve for you to take away). The main problem with TG is that it applies two t1 afflictions, so resistance is very effective against it. But, resistance to resolve afflictions does nothing against PS. There's also https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Willbreaker for... breaking opponents' will, as you might have guessed.
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  11. In game, if you go where you have all your quests, you have tutorials for the basics and encyclopedia for anything which concern affliction effect, and which spells do intel/will/dext/perception ... affliction... If you are on PS4 press L2 -> on the right of the wheel (at 2 o'clok) the log/journal/don't know the real name in english, click it, then L2/R2 to navigate in this menu
  12. I plan on doing a Wildrhymer aka Ifan Ben Mezd run next savefile, and it has that pl 3 phrase "Sure-Handed Ila nocked her Arrow with Speed". Is there a build yet, tat makes a good Wildrhymer build?
  13. There is a thing among stats which is called "Will". It pretty much sucks because many of my abilities needs to tackle that.. "Will" thing to even work. SO.. how can I deubuff enemies "will" stat? Maybe it is a "noob" question, but if someone could help me with these game mecahnics, because I just really dont get it. Also, how can I improve my summons? I mean my summonded Drake does piss poor damage and then vanishes after 25 seconds. In my experience enchanters really suck asses because thats all they can do really EDIT: I am lvl 16 Harbinger and on the icy island getting wrecked by that Messenger, did he got patched or something becaue too many tryhards were bitching about too easy fights? Well, ef you then..
  14. mostly boring to mediocre show but awkward teen romance part are might be better than avatar
  15. Once there was a a loud mouthed hyena. He spent his days mocking all the other animals on the savanna, even the the Lion king. One day the lioness asked the King "Why do you let that stupid hyena taunt you like that? You are the king. Do something about him" "Just leave him be" the King replied "He isn't hurting anyone. Just let it go" However the lioness felt the need to teach that hyena a lesson so she began to chase him. The chase went on for miles and eventually the hyena led her to a fallen, hollow tree trunk and ran through it. The lioness tried to follow but got firmly stuck half way in. The hyena then got behind her, mounted her and had his way with her. Once he finished and left she got herself unstuck and walked home ashamed. She found the king waiting for her. He sighed and said "He took you to the tree didn't he?"
  16. I see, didn't realize it was that much higher level for a druid. Next to Maelstorm, its probably quite sad indeed.
  17. Tekehu gets his party friendly version of the freezing pillar on the last power level, which means there's only 1 use per encounter and with me it was competing with the Great Maelstrom, which I found to be way more effective. Based on the wiki it's a PL 6 spell on a wizard, but I didn't have Aloth available on my save file and Fassina (conjurer sidekick) get's penalized for using the spell, so... maybe on my next run I'll give it another go. I can see tts hobbled effect being useful for cc if one could cast it on a chokepoint. Yeah, it's true what you said about boarding actions in particular, but my excuse for using the same team is two-fold: 1) I guess old habits sometimes do really die hard. This dates way back to me playing BG2 in my early teens and during that I found sticking to the same party to be most effective (not really true though, but still hahah). I've played this way through Kotors, Fallouts, IWDs, you name it. 2) I'm playing Deadfire on PS4 and currently switching party members is quite bugged: sometimes the party members I swapped will continue to appear on the edges of areas, although they're not in the party anymore. Sometimes party members refused to be dismissed and their character portrait would still remain and take up a slot, although they were gone physically and at one point dismissed party members didn't seem to get any xp, but yesterday evening I did manage to switch Serafen, Fassina and Ydvin on the team and raise them to lvl 17 no problem.. In short, I don't want to deal with the hassle and can only wait for VE to sort this mess out. And yeah, these issues have been made known to VE; now I play the waiting game, not Deadfire.
  18. Started watching The Dragon Prince season 3. To be honest, it's pretty bad. Shame they weren't able to get back to the quality of their Avatar show.
  19. keep in mind the US ain't selling universal happiness. never has. the sales pitch here is opportunity. the chance to change your stars is why most folks will accept less today in the hope o' a better tomorrow. look at the forbes list o' richest people in the world and you is gonna see more than one self-made billionaire from the USA. take a peek at jeff bezos' story if you are unfamiliar. not universal happiness. universal opportunity. the thing is, opportunity as the reward is not what it once were. most folks ain't aiming for billionaire status, but they want a legit shot at better. ... this is where it gets tough for us. we grew up poor. grew up poor not just by US standards but by freaking gaza standards. compare gaza to pine ridge by any traditional measure o' quality o' life standards and gaza wins... save for literacy 'cause they don't much care 'bout educating their women folk in gaza. possible you think Gromnir is exaggerating? mentioned in another thread how we were watching better call saul season 4. character we most identify with ain't the lawyers but is gus. no coati, but we had coyotes and our home were a dilapidated patchwork structure with corrugated aluminum panels, and plywood salvaged from... various places. grandparents maintained as best they could with what they had. we were often hungry and during winters we were always cold. when we got old enough to realize how poor we were, we got very very angry. so at age 50, we give half our wealth away to a couple charities and retire. current have ~$3million in real estate and another near $3million in ira and other assets. have us try and tell you is impossible to improve your situation in 2020 US would be a tough sell. our relatives have no idea how much money we made in the past couple decades as we live relative humble (other than the 87 buick) and we don't intend on sharing such info. we went home to visit once in a rental car which were deemed too fancy and during the night the vehicle were demolished with frozen apples. why apples? apples is red, but only on the outside. get it? the thing is, am knowing just how lucky we have been. stuff weren't handed to us on a silver platter and mom and dad didn't send us to best schools and pay for college. woulda' taken very little to derail our ambitions. most important, our grandparents gave us hope. have tried to explain endemic hopelessness, but am thinking it is impossible to explain unless you lived in a place such as pine ridge or any o' the hundreds and thousands o' similar impoverished communities in the US. tell kids they may improve their situation when they live in conditions such as you see in linked images 'bove is a tough sell. tell kids they may improve their situation when they see their parents, uncles, aunts and cousins try and fail over and over and over again. if all the adults in your life has tried and failed, then what is the point o' trying in the first place? might as well make the best o' what little you got rather than wasting effort on hopeless. is entire communities in the US which has abandoned hope. those communities know (right or wrong) opportunity is a lie. is two fed political issues we believe to be most pressing: national debt and income inequality. national debt issues should be self evident, but ain't. income inequality has reached a point where am believing national government need intervene. mentioned previous in this thread how bernie likes to point out that the three richest people in the US own more than the bottom 50% combined. the thing is, if you have $1 worth o' assets and no debt, you own more than the bottom 50% combined. US manufacturing jobs are disappearing and won't be coming back no matter what trump promises. automation and ai will replace any number o' jobs in the coming decades, particularly those low skill jobs which require less education, which is gonna hit the bottom 50% harder, yes? just repeating self. regardless, selling overall happiness to Americans is not near as effective as you might believe. in the USA you gotta pitch opportunity as 'posed to general welfare. at same time, is a growing portion o' Americans who has complete given up on the opportunity sales pitch. is another cause o' divisiveness. HA! Good Fun!
  20. Hahah, that's an interesting site and exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!! Case (thread) closed I guess too, heh.
  21. I'm quite surprised about your low opinion about Ninagauth's freezing pillar. It's one of my favorite spells on Aloth. Of course, don't use it on Cold resistant enemies, but otherwise...
  22. Biomutant in the final stages of development. I am still interested in this game.
  23. No government will ever be flawless, or even near flawless, but if you look at which countries attains the highest degree of happiness and democracy in polls and studies, they're countries with good welfare systems guaranteed by the government.
  24. Some mods to make Pathfinder: Kingmaker kinda good: Turn Based Combat. Makes the game turn style and therefor micromangement is easier. It also helps you actually see which feats are working and what are still bugged out. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/109 Cleaner. Reduces save file sizes to something not entirely bloated. Warning: has to be activated manually for each save. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/39 Closer To Tabletop. Lots of minor combat rule changes to make the game play more like PF 1st edition. Works great with Turn Based Combat. Warning: not always compatible with modder made classes. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/132 Bag of Tricks. This mod is mostly full of (individual optional) cheats, but more importantly it can be used to disable dialog restrictions based on alignment. Kingmaker is quite infamous for having 'lawful good' dialog options that are neither lawful or good according to the morality of the world. This helps you sidestep some really bad RP railroading. Warning: using it for alignment will destroy the mechanic as a gameplay feature because your alignment will be set to true neutral and won't shift regardless of what you do--still worth it, if you ask me. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/26 Respecialization. Can be used for player character or companions to change class or sub classes. It can be used as a cheat, but it can also be used to reselect level 1 abilities for companions. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/7 Fast Travel. Makes the movement on the overworld map much faster to watch (day and night cycles will also speed up accordingly), thereby mitigating one of the most boring parts of the game. It can also be used to simulate Pillar's double speed movement feature. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/1 Kingdom Resolution. This is a straight up cheat, but since Owlbear cheats with the kingdom management anyway, I figure it's fair. This does a lot of different things, but mostly what I like is it shows you a preview of what kingdom management decisions will get you since the game does a terrible job of giving you any real warning before hand or feedback until you get a result you didn't intend to. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/36 Highlight Learnable Scrolls. Simple quality of life mod that does exactly what the title suggests. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/111 Rest Less. Video games still haven't translated pen and paper resting competently into a digital space. (In pen and paper this is the time to roleplay with the other players at the table--at least Dragon Age: Origins paid homage to it with the camp.) This does away with exhaustion because eff that. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/17 Craft Magic Items. Directly from the nexus mods page: "This mod adds the Pathfinder tabletop feats Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Arms and Armor and Forge Ring, allowing crafting of regular and custom magic items of those types. Crafting costs gold (as well as any expensive material components required by the prerequisite spell(s)), and takes time." https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/54 Autoheal. This gives you three different hotkeys to have the party use healing spells to top off their health without having to go through each characters spells. It turns what can be dozens of mouse clicks into a couple of button presses. This will still use your spell slots. https://www.nexusmods.com/pathfinderkingmaker/mods/134 With all of these Kingmaker is almost enjoyable.
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