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  2. I somewhat like Low but I still am not finding in it what so many others are. "Warszawa" is a lovely track but the rest is sort of interesting but unmemorable to me. I feel "Heroes" not only has some absolutely killer and eternal tracks in it (title track of course, but also the likes of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Blackout"), but it also feels rawer and livelier when it is going for that rockier mood. Either way I think Eno outdoes both albums with Before and After Science, also somewhat in the style.
  3. Yes, though that also has problems since a big cache takes up lots of extra on die space, though much like HBM it should also help a lot with raytracing. The trouble is that a lot of the leaks are mutually incompatible; even with a lot of SRAM 16GB on a 256 bit bus is... unbalanced. HBM would solve all their problems though, not on die, reduced wattage, increased bandwidth; and this sort of situation is what it was intended for. I'll freely admit I'm in a minority expecting it though.
  4. Not my thing. But anyway, apologies for disturbing anybody with my mere pipe dream. Video games is serious bidness. Must remember to wear a permanent frown when venturing through the wastelands.
  5. I want a monitor set that opens up like a dartboard cabinet, with an ~30" screen in the middle and two more-or-less square displays inside the "door" panels. Running 3x27" right now but I really neither need nor want the screens on either side to be that wide as they're not used for displaying games (with rare exceptions). But matching not just the height but also the pixel density with various monitors of different sizes right now is nigh-impossible so I have to live with just having three identically sized ones.
  6. Reason number #1425 why I didn't bother to try to grab one from the getgo.
  7. I watched The Devil All The Time a few days ago and thought it was pretty good. Yelling "DELUSIONS" to get out of **** seems like a winning move tbh.
  8. Apparently some 3080 cards have problems crashing when they hit high boosts. Allegedly the EVGA card I still have on pre-order. Good job I have a FE on order now. Which was also over $100 cheaper. Yep, I almost always have 2 20" 1080p windows top left and right, and a ultra wide window at the bottom. It works as 4 1080p monitors really well, that was the plan as I was replacing a multi-monitor setup. I've had a multi-monitor set up since 1996. It's not quite as good at single window workflow, as a small monitor would be, it's just OK, but I can imagine the problems being exaggerated with a monitor twice the size.
  9. Resident Evil and perhaps Heroes of Might and Magic.
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  11. I'm optimistic enough about it to pre-order (on EGS, UPlay proved to be more user-unfriendly). It is a single-player action-adventure and should be hard to mess up (there's nowhere to put lootboxes or MTX). The graphics and animations seem good (though, some cut-scenes look less intense, but I hope that it will be fixed by release), level design and combat should be fine. I hope to see WW and T2T remakes as well. Also Jordan Mechner, the developer of the original game, has played a few levels and approved.
  12. Feel like this bug has been in for a bit but not really addressed. When you jump on a blueberry that is attached to a branch then knock it off the player will remain in the air till they move.
  13. I want +new game feature and more side quest .Maybe a murder mystery side I want more and I know you can do it OBSIDIAN Ps Thank You for a amazing game
  14. Dunno, I played MGS1 and 2 a lot on PC back then. I actually never played these games on console. Only for MGS2 I had to install some patch if I remember right, but everything else worked.
  15. Stray looks nice. The Demon's Souls remake also looks promising. Prodeus is another title that might deliver. Then there is the Nier remake which I mistook for a new game. Psychonauts 2 is shaping up to be a faithful sequel. Cyberpunk 2077 and Avowed also tickle my fancy a bit.
  16. What you have missed: Drudanae is now called HoonDing and mostly only posts screenshots. Usually without comments, though the screenshots often include text. A number of people have kids now. I don't really post Mordheim screenshots anymore. You can now win the internet here on the forum: it counts the likes and other reactions you get throughout the day and whoever gets the most for that day wins. Or Raithe wins. Usually Raithe wins. Keyrock still plays games nobody else even knew existed. A number of people play Conan Exiles and the screenshot thread will every now and then be filled with impressive feats of digital desert architecture. And scantily clad characters taking it all in because a) it is hot there and b) they spend all their money to pay for construction materials and the cost of steel and concrete went up again because the oil price went up and that left tehm without money for a coat.
  17. If anybody had a bit of time to test the file above and tells me how it feels, I would be very grateful. I'm working on the new version of the mod at the moment.
  18. Small update - Collecting equipment from backpack will auto re-equip. Haven't tested if you have new gear on or if inventory is full when collecting again though.
  19. Cyberpunk like everyone else. On a tier below that, BG3. Looking far forward, Avowed and Star Citizen (completely unironically I swear). More speculatively, Saints Row 5? And as a basic remake, the upcoming complete release of the Overcooked series in one package with the first game in the second game's engine. That interests me more than any other launch title for either of the new consoles.
  20. I have heard rumbling about Big Navi having a very sizable cache as a way to address the bandwith discrepancy between GDDR6 and GDDR6X.
  21. I was going to say "nothing," but then I looked up some lists and ... ...when did these two happen. I'll probably buy the Evil Genius one when on/near when it releases (Steam page only says "2021") just to check it out. Stronghold Warlords I'm more iffy about (maps again look small vs. 3d structures and I didn't like SH2 or SH3 all that much) but I might check it out too. Maybe it'll at least be a bit better than SH3. Dunno if it'll have a sandbox mode tho.
  22. Lack of talent, imagination, and humor are limiting factors. Edgelords would end up making something where they virtually harm their ex. Me too. Ace Attorney might have already done it.
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