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NWN2 News November 21, 2007

Rob McGinnis


Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

November 21, 2007


This week we will take a look at some community content, a single player module and a return of the PW Spotlight. I have also started things off with a look at the 3C project - Something everyone should be interested in contributing to.


Community Content Compilation (3C)


The Community Content Compilation (3C) is an initiative to make custom content more easily available for use by the community as a whole.

Using a single repository for the content prevents useless duplication of files that shouldn't be duplicated in the first place. It's also more convenient for builders and players alike, as they would have fewer haks to worry about. Also, your module-specific haks can now be much smaller, and focus on module-specific changes instead of having to also worry about merging all the nice vault models together.


What 3C is about

This pack is a compilation of game components that require minimal 2DA handling to be used. I don't see why everyone should bother with this little yet essential piece of work unless they added more content themselves. This small bit of work, along with the hak file names, are the main factors that prevent the spread of custom content as we speak, so I'm killing two birds with one stone here.


What 3C is NOT about

3C is not the CEP. It's more specialized. Unlike the CEP (Community Expansion Pack) for NWN1, 3C specializes on base models, content, and only the 2DA files to make it work. No fluff. For your convenience, it does not (and will never) contain any scripts, TLKs, GUIs and the like. Those files are the sole domain of specialized ruleset haks and of whoever builds their own module.


3C Core Package


* 3C_core_creatures.hak

Creatures of all kinds. Hopefully more get added later.


* 3C_core_pcparts.hak

Wings, tails, faces, hairstyles and the like for Player Characters


* 3C_core_items.hak

Helmets, weapons, shields, backpacks, and item icons.


* 3C_core_areas.hak

Tilesets, doors, terrain and grass.


* 3C_core_placeables.hak (by MokahTGS)

Placeables. The gargantuan lot of them.


* 3C_core_vfx.hak (by MokahTGS)

VFX files compilation.


Extra Packages


* 3C_extras_fixes.hak (Done)

Various model and tint map fixes for NWN2's original content.


* 3C - Music Pack (Dragonsbane777)

Music compilation, to give it higher visibility. Might or might not come as a hak.


Follow this link to download: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2H...tail&id=186


for the 3C Forums, and additional information, just follow this link: http://planewalker.eamped.com/community-co...ion-3c-vc6.html



Community Works


Script: Creatures follow through transitions

Ever have trouble getting creatures to chase players through transitions? Take a look at this script by ArPharazon:





Tourney Field: Just add encounters




SGK73 has created another great prefab area for builders to drop into their modules. This time he brings us a tournament and jousting field.


You can download the Prefab here: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2P...tail&id=252 on NWVault.



Module Spotlight: Sands of Solvheil II: Beneath the Hearleforne

by Raith Veldrin




You've explored a lost stronghold beneath a rural river town, pieced together the workings of arcane magic, rediscovered divinity in an ancient ruin, and helped bring about an end to the war. Who says an empty cask of ale and pounding head don't make for a productive day?


Sands of Solvheil II: Beneath the Hearleforne picks up write where the previous module left off. You find yourself employed as a Royal Herald of the kingdom of Dalreon whose first assignment is investigating an anonymous street vigilante who operates beyond the law. Amid various events about town, you learn of mounting tension between the Crown and the new Temple of Tornne. King Jorllan soon tells you that your services are needed in the massive forest that plays home to the indigenous elven race. After Harrn's defeat at the battle of Jerichon's Field, and the subsequent Surrender at Storneth, the dwarves who had lent them one of their religious icons have come to collect. Unfortunately for King Ulivon of Harrn, the brigade that carries the relic refuses to return and has taken refuge in the Great Forest.




Fearing instability in the region should the dwarves take to arms with Harrn, you are sent to locate the renegade warriors and recover the dwarven artifact to secure peace in the North. The Crown also hopes the inclusion of the elves in this assignment may help to alleviate ages of past tensions with them and expedite an official treaty. Get in, shake hands with the pointy ears, find the barbarians, recover the item, save the day, get out. Sounds like a piece of cake as long as nothing goes wrong.


Along the way you'll discover more about the intricacies of the material world, as well as the ramifications of the flood caused by the Imlan Sea being expelled from its mountain basin. You'll be asked to help atone for the past sins of humanity, and learn of the problems that arise when arcane and divine magic suddenly return to a world that had long forgotten them.


SoSII:BtH will take you from Dalreon's captial city of Evertide, to the flooded roots of the Hearleforne in Lyritholln, to the frozen hills of Storneth in Harrn during your quest to secure peace among the sentient races.



Taking place in a custom setting as the second chapter of the 'Sands of Solvheil' series, 'Beneath the Hearleforne' examines in greater detail locations and races that were mentioned in passing in the previous module. While still in a relatively low-magic setting, noticeable changes to magic availability will be present. This single player adventure starts off around 5th or 6th level and should end with players approaching 10th.


This adventure is shoehorned between the originally planned parts I and II 'The Ruins of Kazatharis' and 'Crusaders of Shalihir' to act as a segue way letting the character further explore the world and plot, while allowing the adequate passage of time to set the stage for continued events.

To download: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2M...tail&id=188


Solvheil Development Blog: http://solvheil.blogspot.com



Persistent World Focus: Dasaria II

by DM Wired

About Dasaria II


Dasaria II (http://www.dasaria.net/forums) is a wholly-original, medium-magic persistent world leveraging the Neverwinter Nights 2 platform. Dasaria II continues the multi-year success of this storied campaign with a new story beginning fifty years after the "good guys" lost.


New characters begin their journey in the bustling port city of Cear, on the far reaches of the lands now occupied by the powerful and oppressive Varanite Empire. Most of the vestiges of the old kingdom are all but forgotten now -- or driven underground -- and even the pantheon has been rewritten to suit the land's new masters.




Why play on Dasaria? With an entirely original milieu, independent of thoroughly-explored properties such as Forgotten Realms, players have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in shaping the world and the campaign in Dasaria. The Dasaria DM team has always been a strong advocate of the player and his/her ability to influence the world, letting the characters themselves shape their destinies within the framework of the campaign, and this is echoed in the work of the world's builders. The development team too has always encouraged and fostered the creative ability of its players, creating content on-the-fly in order to appropriately react to events in the game world, and in working with and integrating player-submitted-content.


Campaign Background


With an empire in his hands, the rebellion of Dasaria crushed, and his bride kept sequestered away, Marcus knew he must protect his legacy.


The empire of Varana began to grow, and a new era of wealth and power could be seen everywhere. The former nation of Dasaria had begun to lose its identity as a new generation born under Varanite flags had begun. The Empire became the bastion of power and human civilization. Lesser races lived on the edge of the empire, and as with all large civilizations a few rebellions did try to rise. These were usually the dreams of ailing men and women who longed for their defeated country to rise back up in glory. These rebellion leaders were made an example of in crowded city squares across the empire.


But all is not well in this Empire of Red and Gold. A forgotten threat has begun to stir in the darkness; a long forgotten evil has been plotting its revenge. Soon that fury will be released on the lands, caring not for political alliances and countries. Fifty long years have passed since Dasaria was no more, now is the time for heroes to rise from a new generation.






New characters arrive at the Mistyvale Inn, a social hub on the outskirts of the port of Cear, where they are certain to meet a number of colorful characters who will begin to introduce them to the milieu and the overall theme of the campaign. Players are issued a high-quality, class-appropriate suit of armor to get them started. They can quickly gain their first few levels and a few gold coins with which to purchase basic adventuring equipment by speaking with nearby NPCs, who will set them about on some orientation quests about town. It is not recommended that new characters venture far beyond the city's well-defended gate, as the lands beyond direct Imperial control can be dangerous for the incautious.




Dasaria is a human-themed world and campaign, however players are free to select and race or class they choose. We impose no limitations on races or classes, save an XP cap for ECL races, although humans are clearly dominant. The origins, histories and customs of the various non-human races, while borrowing thematically from their FR-counterparts, are entirely player-defined. Members of the community who wish to participate in further defining these aspects of the milieu are encouraged to do so, and will receive staff support for their contributions.


Most of the early character-development quests can be completed within the city itself as players begin to unlock the secrets of Cear. As characters advance, they can graduate to hunting areas in the lands beyond the city, discover and explore any of several larger, higher-level dungeons that exist within and underneath the city, or participate in a number of skill-based intrigues introduced by class/skill-emphasized NPCs. For the combat-oriented, there is also a large arena with repeatable gladiatorial quests and persistent scorekeeping for PvP events. The respawn "death penalty," is also suspended in this area.




Far North of the city lie several outdoor areas, where hidden caves lead to mid and high-level dungeons. North of that lies the garrison town of Thrall's Gate, including several heavy milieu-driven quests which players can choose to solve in different ways to suit the loyalties and desires of their characters. It also includes what is currently our largest party dungeon. To the West of the garrison lies a series of high-level, undead-plagued lands and the lugubrious little burg of Aucklorn Mill, home of the mysterious castle of the reclusive Baron Korgov, certain to give Ravenloft fans a real thrill.




Dasaria is actively expanding all the time. Several new areas are already in our current PWC and will be unveiled through a series of upcoming DM-led campaign events.




What makes Dasaria truly unique is its extremely active, mature, and devoted playerbase. Many of Dasaria's regular players are working professionals or students and the persistent world maintains an extremely active forum at http://www.dasaria.net/forums, where its vibrant community is engaged in telling tales and stories, developing their characters, roleplaying with each other, and adding to the body of Dasarian lore when they cannot be in the game. Dasaria is so loved by its players, there is even a large gallery of Dasarian-themed art.


Many of our repeatable quests are epic ones, requiring a carefully balanced, PnP-style party to successfully navigate at the intended level, and in some cases taking hours to complete. This provides plenty of action for the gamer in you and plenty of room for immersive, in-dungeon roleplay.




While characters can acrue experience by completing quests, utilizing skills such as disarming traps, or killing monsters, Dasaria DMs also award small bits of XP for quality roleplay. In addition our DMs periodically lead player-initiated faction events, one-off PnP-style events, or occasionally produce impromptu puzzles or attacks for our players to overcome. The development of the campaign itself is typically moved forward through larger, server-wide events which occur over time, and in which players of all classes and levels are welcome to participate in advancing the story. These events are typically held on weekends and in time slots intended to allow our players in the US, Europe, and Australia to all participate.


In the words of one former developer, "

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