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Patch and New Features

Aarik D


Hi folks,


I would like to open up by saying thanks for all the support you have been lending to Pathfinder Adventures. We are hard at work creating new content, new features, and polishing existing features.


Since the launch of the game on tablets it is has been like working on three games at once. The Past, the Present, and the Future. It has been a quite the learning experience for a team of this size, that is for certain.


It's All in the Dice

We have a patch coming up right around the corner and when you read our patch notes (soon, I swear!) you might notice something cool.




Every person that updates to will get (6) sets of the Red Righteous dice. That's one for each character in the largest party available.


We created some new interfaces so that you can assign a different die to each individual if you would like, which looks particularly cool if you have some folks in the party assisting your rolls. There are also rarities associated with the dice, much like the cards in treasure chests, so that an uber set of dice might have some lightning, fire, water, attached to it as well.


If you happen to have the maximum number of sets for a particular dice skin, the game will automatically salvage that skin and give you 125 gold (25% of the cost of a single chest).


How Rare is Rare, Really?

While you are in the store you might notice that the card's rarity is better exposed so you know when you get that Legendary/Epic card... and you will hear the difference too. It's awesome. Additionally, the cards are weighted more towards where you are in the story. If you are only through Deck 1, you won't be getting a ton of cards you can't use in the immediate future.




The support team noticed that on occasion a save game might have gotten corrupted and could cause a character in quest mode to disappear. That sucks, a lot. So one of the programmers (Keno) wanted to make sure that he focused on some tools that were unfinished and did two things that we have wanted to do for quite some time: 1) Save syncing both locally and on PlayFab. This has the side effect of being able to play a save on different devices as long as the login is identical. We still have to create an interface for it, but this is just one step away from playing the same game on both Android and iOS devices. 2) A Character Creation Editor. If you should not be able to recover your character for some reason we can rebuild it however you like. This will have the side effect of allowing for character respecs.


But What About Deck 4?

You might be saying, "Why oh, why are you talking about this stuff, Obsidian. We want more content!" Agreed. It's been too damn long since we have given you a new deck, so George and Ryan "Hot Rod" Rodriguez have been on that and getting it tested like crazy by QA. It is the next patch after and just a few more weeks away. Decks 5 and 6 are currently in development and shouldn't have the same kind of delayed release that we had from 3 to 4.


Meanwhile, At Obsidian Headquarters...

What else have we been working on? Hmm, Character Alts (different archetypes and artwork) and goblins. Some party buffs. Daily Challenges with Daily and Weekly Quests coming very soon. We'll let you know more about them when they are in a more approved state.


Oh yeah, I nearly forgot...




Thanks for reading!



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Thanks for adding some developer names to the features! I started out being annoyed that the first few things are cosmetic, but it makes sense that not everyone can be working on adding new content or fixing issues

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I got an update but I don't see a version number in Settings. How can I see if I have the new patch?

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Our dealings with Chiquita (CQB) have been at a standstill and they will not be able to match the timeline we have set for phone release. This has not affected their stock prices negatively or positively at this time.


I assure you that this will not effect the release of but the "Banana Bundle" is looking less and less likely as thing that will happen.

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I've ordered you the banana slicer. Look for a package from Amazon. You have to order the electric power cord separately.

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Hmmmmm..., that's a fancy-looking dice skin in the example image!



Any chance the rest of us can obtain the Obsidian dice, or are you just showing off something that only the devs get to play with?  ;)

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