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Patch Notes: 1.04

Darren Monahan


These are the patch notes for 1.04, which is now available on Steam. It may be a bit before it's available on GOG and Origin, as they manually put it up.


We are now working on patch 1.05 and will launch the beta for it during the week of April 20th. We're continuing to read through support threads and e-mails. Thank you, everyone!


Update for GOG Linux Users: 1.04 is available on GOG, but not as a patch - unfortunately you have to download the full version of the game. GOG doesn't support patching for Linux for Pillars of Eternity unfortunately. They have the file version listed as

Items, Spells, and Abilities

  • AoE indicators should now properly resize if the caster has a sub 10 Intellect score.
  • Fixed an issue with over-time aura spells not applying the correct value on the final tick.
  • Knock Down will now correctly be applied for the full duration of the effect.
  • Mantle of The Dying Boar will now trigger at 33% Endurance with the effect of 5 Endurance a tick.
  • Talisman of the Unconquerable will now give a 1.25 Focus multiplier instead of .25.
  • Blooded should trigger properly in all cases now.
  • Boar Animal Companion bonus damage should now work as intended.
  • Prone Reduction mod should now work correctly.

Quests and Companions

  • Fixed Aloth and Kana speaking when they weren't in the party in one of the last levels.
  • Sagani's fox-specific banters now require the appropriate items in the player inventory.
  • Falanroed's dialogue no longer displays a script node.
  • Durance will now properly discuss your dream with you if you've already discussed his staff.
  • Relaxed some constraints on Durance's quest conversation. This allows all characters, regardless of background or stats, to finish his quest.
  • Players can now loot the nest in Oldsong.
  • Fixed an invalid conditional check in one of Pallegina's conversations.
  • Heritage Hill tower will be fully revealed when exploring the map.
  • Fixed spawn issue in a scripted interaction near the end of the game.
  • Fixed an invalid creature spawn in the Ogre Lair in Od Nua.
  • Sagani no longer references the antagonist by name before you know it.
  • A container in the Catacombs of Od Nua will now remember if it was looted.
  • The "Master's Tools" quest will now work if you have the required items before starting the quest.
  • The "A Two Story Job" scripted interaction will not require a second grappling hook to climb down from the window if one was already used to climb up.

General Fixes

  • Fix for camera movement problems when the game is paused or in a cutscene.
  • Fix to retroactively restore party movement in saves that display movement speed problems.
  • Made some fixes to movement speed problems that were being reported (e.g. Boots of Speed).
  • Fixed stacking health problems with the gul's "Vomit Blood" ability. This fix should retroactively fix your saved games.
  • Optimized Save/Load game system for better performance.
  • Optimized how scene transitions are handled for better memory usage on 32-bit machines. This may allow players to transition to new areas without running out of memory.
  • Sound Sets from hired companions will now be properly restored when adding them to the party from the stronghold.
  • "All Stronghold Upgrades" achievement now checks 25 upgrades instead of 26. This will properly reward the achievement if you already have fully upgraded your stronghold.
  • The "Kill All Dragons" achievement will now properly fire if they are killed indirectly (like by a trap). This is a retroactive fix and will be rewarded if the dragons are already dead.
  • Fixed issue where store prices were getting exceptionally large after receiving a discount.
  • Fixed issues with gaining infinite XP from bad Stronghold data.
  • World time will not get very large in some cases after Save/Load.
  • Modelling offset with Durance's head has been adjusted.
  • Icon scale is now correct on Hearth Harvest and Reghar Konnek.
  • All shaders will now compile properly under DirectX 11.
  • Restored all the missing effects in the intro cutscene.
  • Removed Blunderbuss item from an early game loot table.
  • Changed the cursor type on the blood pool in the Temple of Skaen to conversation.
  • Fixed a few save game issues with dead summoned creatures.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally a crash would occur when initializing the Steam API.
  • Draggable windows are now handled properly when running at very high resolutions.
  • Swamp Lurker's animation won't spaz anymore when the game is paused.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent binding mouse buttons to window controls.
  • Game will now pause if you Alt-Tab during a cutscene in full screen mode.
  • Audio will now resume properly if the game loses focus.
  • Fixed an issue with infinite load screen if you transition while hovering over a container.
  • Characters will now wait for their idle animation before trying to reload which fixes an animation sync issue.
  • Damaged characters performing AoE attacks will not overload their AI state stacks anymore.
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Recommended Comments

It's just that users go nervous when SOMETHING has been changed and they have no idea what it was. Maybe figurines are 10x more expensive again... we want to know about that. 

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This change is what I had mentioned previously, the fix to the gul's attack and retroactive fix to health. It wasn't live until we posted it yesterday.


Also, we have just pushed the latest 1.04 beta patch live to all Steam users. 540 is the official 1.04 build. We will be sending out a backer update later today or tomorrow to announce it.

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Guys my character left perma-blind by a ghosdt and I can't hit **** because of it, can you please fix that bug too ASAP because I'm in the middle of the game and want to play it.

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The game is still way too demanding in terms of system requirements for how it looks. I just hope you guys realize that and work on at least some optimizations. =/

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If there's one thing I'd like to see added, it's the ability to define default behaviour when you miss a stronghold event due to travel. A number of times I've had a person show up seeking employment or asking for money or an escort and I've missed them because I've been travelling to the other side of the map and you only have a day to respond.


If you could set it up so you can tell the steward to automatically hire job seekers if you have a spare slot or auto pay/escort with the first available character, that'd be a rather nice addition. Not essential by any stretch of the imagination but twice now I've missed hiring a dunryd psion due to travel time and it's a bit disappointing, I'd like to give them a job since they've had a bit of a rough time of it lately

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After I was reloading my savegame, I noticed that the inventories of all characters, I had switched out at Caed Nua, were empty. So were the quick slot items... Only my main character and Eder (who I never switched out) still had all their items. Has anyone else encountered this?

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Did... amplified thrust just break? It's suddenly doing no damage, and when you click on the line in the combat dialog, the tool tip for the calculation shows up blank.


Edit: Yes, it looks like amplified thrust has broken completely. It was not broken with any of the previous betas.


Edit: Now I just don't know. Seems like it's working normally sometime. I'll see if I can figure this out.

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The latest patch has killed all my save files. I have tried the fix of removing the savefiles from %/Users/<UserName>/Saved Games/Pillars of eternity/ and re-adding one at a time to reload but all fail. If i select cointinue the game hangs on the load screen and if i choose to load an individual file it sends me bacck to main menu.


Any suggestions? i just lost 30+ hours gameplay!

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Hope you guys fix stacked Battle-Forge bug in 1.05 :(

it occurs when you reloaded save with low health & low endurance fire godlike, and rest.

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Could you guys please fix the animal companion fatigue issue. now that i am later in the game with a ranger and all my companions have decent athletics i shouldnt have to rest and reset my bonuses as much but because my animal still gets fatigued and gimped like they did at the beginning of the game my whole party has to suffer.

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List of significant outstanding, and commonly recurring bugs:


1. Already activated ability bug.








http://forums.obsidi...already +active


http://forums.obsidi...already +active


2. Sanitarium hostility bug.








3. Sound cutting from companion dialogue.








4. Reckless Assault bug.


http://forums.obsidi...already +active


http://forums.obsidi...already +active


5. Difficulty decreasing bug.






6. Defenses and afflictions don't stack properly bug






7. Status Effect Bug (Especially Blinded)














8. Various Quest Bugs




















9. Save & Load time bugs







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Do not get me wrong, I'm really loving the game ... but ... is there really the need to implement cosmetic changes rather than fix bugs?

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Just downloaded something... It appears performance has decreased :(


Just wanted to comment on this further.


It's just my computer that's had some VEEEERY spooky hardware issues. The machine spirits must have been very agitated. I think I've sorted it out now, it's worked great the last 36h or so since I just gave my graphics card a gentle nudge.

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List of significant outstanding, and commonly recurring bugs:



As always, thank you Baladas for compiling this! I can confirm all of these are in our bug database. For #3, we're having trouble reproducing, but our QA folks are reaching out to people to see if we can find out what's going on there. #4 and #5 are currently marked fixed internally for 1.05.


We won't have a beta until early next week unfortunately because of some missing staff this week, but the team is working on open issues!

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Hi guys! I've bought the game in the box and I wonder how can I apply the patch to my version. It seems there is no other solution than Steam (?), nor a phisical file to download (?) Please help me!

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There's a weird attribute/stat bug on chara creation, some values are shown as negative even at 10 attribute points.

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