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Patch Notes: 1.03

Darren Monahan


These are the patch notes for patch 1.03. This patch is now available on Steam, and will be available on GOG soon.



Note: We have hotfixed the problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests.


Second Note: We have also fixed an issue where people were unable to open certain doors due to the Fog of War.


"Big Ticket" Items

  • Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke... but might be a joke.
  • Double-clicking to equip items was causing passive abilities to get removed from the character. This has been fixed and we were able to retroactively fix the problem for people that have already run into the issue. If you open your saved game in the latest patch, your characters will be repaired.
  • Fixed a problem where attributes on characters could permanently increase by equipping certain items. This will also retroactively fix the problem in saved games that have characters with this issue.
  • The crash in Raedric's Hold has been fixed.
  • Fixed the looping audio sounds that can occur if you play with minimized tooltips.
  • Previously Wizard summoned items could persist after the spell's duration. This has been fixed and it will also retroactively fix the problem in saved games that have characters with this issue.
  • The items Drinking Horn of Moderation and Talisman of the Unconquerable were causing Ciphers to permanently lower their amount of focus gain. We've included a fix to retroactively resolve the issue on Ciphers but the effect is still on the items. Unfortunately the fix will not fix the broken effect on those items, so you'll need to keep those items unequipped until the next patch. If you do equip them, perform a Save/Load to fix your Cipher.


  • Added graphics setting to toggle antialiasing levels. This can improve performance on lower end machines when disabled.
  • Added pro tips to the Glossary.
  • Many new icons for items.
  • Added new voice set reactivity for lockpick, poison, enemy spotted in stealth, spell failure, death, immobilized, and completed task.
  • Added indicators on the loot screen when looting crafting and quest items.
  • Party can now use lockpicks that are in the Stash.
  • You can now cast AoEs on party member portraits and the spell will be targeted at the companion's location.


  • Monk unarmed attack buffed by 1 point at the top end.
  • Arbalest damage has been lowered.
  • Fast melee weapons do slightly more damage.
  • Slight bump to sabre damage.
  • Tuned down Mind Blades.
  • Tuned ranges of many Wizard spells to be higher.
  • Slicken spell is now a single hit AoE.
  • Chill Fog is now a friend or foe spell.
  • Curse of Blackened Sight is now foe only.
  • Changed reload speed multiplier from 2 to 1.2 for Sure-Handed Ila.
  • Fixed the price on Seal of Faith.
  • Adjusted price on figurines.
  • Adjusted price on rings.
  • Tuned up the Goldrot Chew.
  • Reduced the penalties for Bonded Grief.
  • Tuned up Bulwark of the Elements.
  • Modified attributes of companions and Itumaak.
  • Raised the bonus for having fewer than six party members from 5% per character under the limit to 10% per character under the limit.
  • Added cooldown to NPC Rogue's Escape ability usage so they won't use it back to back.
  • Rebalanced fight difficulty and spell selection for the Old Watcher.
  • Lowered the scale of the Defiance Bay reputation by 15%.
  • Beloved Spirits adds 0.4 Endurance to Ancient Memory instead of 2.
  • Changed duration of the Flagellant's Path defense penalty.
  • Adjustments to the Mantle of the Dying Boar.
  • Reduced the price of the Brighthollow Hearth and Courtyard Pool.
  • Heart of Fury will now apply to all damage types.
  • Tuned damage on Brilliant Radiance down.


  • Fixed issue with Wizard's summoned magical items getting stuck after save and load. Wizards will be restored to a proper state after loading a game.
  • Changed one of the fatigue status effects to not end with combat.
  • Fixed save game issues with spells and abilities that place down traps.
  • Fixed issue to prevent Ciphers from casting abilities without the required Focus.
  • Restored modal flag for Reckless Assault.
  • Set Transcendent Suffering to not be combat only.
  • Fixed duration issue with Plague of Insects.
  • Fixed companion audio triggers for some status effects.
  • Hunting Bows had the wrong speed descriptor. They are now listed as Fast.
  • Character Hit Autopause option should be working as intended.
  • You can now close the Grimoire and Chant UI with a hotkey.
  • Fixed issue with summoning magic items while unarmed.
  • Fixed delay issue on Knockdown.
  • Fixed a few issues with Dominate and Charm spells.
  • Fixed a bad item mod on the Ring of Protection.
  • Fixed issue with the Terrible weapon mod.
  • Changed bad data in ranger summons.
  • Made Takedown to be consistent with Knockdown.
  • Fixed multiplier on Blooded.
  • Summoned weapons will be removed when Spiritshifting.
  • Fixed issue with bouncing reflected melee attacks.
  • Party members will no longer switch to different weapons after being Charmed or Dominated.
  • Ancient Memory is now Ally only.
  • A summoned weapon will not unequip the grimoire.
  • Fixed Spellstriking mod.
  • Fixed trigger count issue with the Prone reduction mod.
  • DOT spells should clean up properly when combat ends.
  • Fixed Deflection +10 mod.
  • All Exhortations are now combat only.
  • Only play weapon ineffective VO if the attack is hostile.
  • Aggrandizing Radiance will now last until combat ends.
  • Holy Radiance is now combat only.
  • Carnage now works better.


  • Fixed issues with factions and super friend quests with Lady Webb's dialogue.
  • Adjusted trigger in front of the Salty Mast to fix a possible way to skip a required cutscene.
  • Fixed issue with the Winds of Steel quest line.
  • Fixed a trigger outside the First Fires Keep that could have been avoided.
  • Many fixes to music, audio, and VFX to a scene near the end of the game.
  • The prybar should now display the correct image in the Raedric's Hold moat scripted interaction.
  • Changed faction on the Hall of Warrior's containers.
  • Fixed scripted music for the forge knight combats in the keep.
  • Visual effects in the introduction cutscene should now be triggered properly.
  • Fixed conversation of the guards in Raedric's Hold to not repeat.
  • Added cape and armor to the loot for the Fampyr boss.
  • Fix to Osrya's starting timer not being attached to the trigger in the area.


  • Fixed sound issue when collapsing the tutorial UI.
  • Fixed issue with double clicking items to equip. This is a retroactive fix and will restore characters with proper stats.
  • Fixed issue where camping supplies were disappearing when added to Stash.
  • Cage Cursor setting should not turn off after loading a scene or cutscene and is now on by default.
  • Fixed cropping on a few portraits.
  • Fixed issue with highlighting dead bodies and containers in the fog of war.
  • Fixed item stacking issue that was stacking items inappropriately.
  • Reduced the intensity of the explored fog of war on the area map, and fixed an issue where the shadow layer was causing the area map to be darker than it should be.
  • Small UI updates to the journal screen.
  • Reworked the enchanting UI to work better with multiple lines.
  • Fixed UI sorting issue in store.
  • Fixed UI sorting in crafting menu.
  • Fixes to Capitular glyphs in end game slides.
  • Fixed issue with stronghold alert widgets not hiding properly.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon mods were incorrectly being displayed in some cases.
  • Drag select should work properly when starting the drag over an enemy.
  • Fixed a few issues with drag select and formation rotation causing issues when the mouse goes over UI elements.
  • Fixed some control issues with holding down keys.
  • Shot on the Run recovery value should be now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issues to how the HUD fades out during conversations.
  • When the party receives or loses items, those log messages now go to both logs.
  • Cleaned up the character sheet formatting and made more items clickable.
  • Store item names can now take up two lines.
  • Spells now show DT bypass in the description.
  • Consumables now show per-Rest and per-Encounter usage limitations.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed stats issue with saving and loading on the same map where a companion is found. This is a retroactive fix and will restore companions and characters to the proper state.
  • Fixed issues with save games in Raedric's Hold, causing the game to not function correctly or freeze.
  • Ranger Animal Companions should not disappear anymore and broken animals will be restored after loading and saving the game.
  • Fixed possible issues with disappearing items and weapons.
  • Minor fixes to a few select voice over lines.
  • Fixed size issues with equipped capes on Godlike characters.
  • Changed Explorer achievement to check for 152 maps rather than 160.
  • Fixed many issues where combat would not end properly.
  • Updated credits with more backer names.
  • Updated paperdoll level up lighting.
  • Scripted music should now be restored properly after loading a game.
  • Updated Temple of Eothas render.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with Fog of War on some areas.
  • Fixed sounds on movie that plays near end of game.
  • Reduced antelope feet sliding.
  • Fixed issue with weapon caching causing issues when weapons are swapped.
  • Interstitial music no longer loops.
  • Fixed issue where party members could take damage in cutscenes.
  • Fixed voice cues during looting for full inventory.
  • Fixed transparency on ghost characters.
  • Fixed issues with cutscene pathfinding if the game's process is halted.
  • Fixed issue with Expert mode settings getting saved improperly.
  • Fixed issue where characters were not properly stopping at the last waypoint of their path.
  • Adjusted Skuldr scream vocals.
  • We now handle some edge cases in resolution management on some hardware configurations.
  • Fixed issue with the party member Knockout achievement not reporting the correct numbers.
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Recommended Comments

I'm eager to know how long we'll have to wait ? My saves are beyond broken by now, and I'm not starting them again. Got one on Path of the damned and 1 life ...27 h each.


So, you're making "tests", ok, but if you don't have a date, maybe approximatively ? Like tomorow or next week ..

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 With all the posts regarding how hard/easy it is I'd say the game is already fairly balanced for the average player (stress on average)......


well they buffed fast weapons.  also if these nerfs cause you trouble, use the opportunity to explore the other options and combo.

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I don't seem to see a fix for the networking issue. Unfortunately constantly turning on/off network connections for one game isn't much of a good work around. :(

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I'm eager to know how long we'll have to wait ? My saves are beyond broken by now, and I'm not starting them again. Got one on Path of the damned and 1 life ...27 h each.


So, you're making "tests", ok, but if you don't have a date, maybe approximatively ? Like tomorow or next week ..


They said that they hope to be able to release the patch tomorrow.

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If they're not going to get the final patch out tomorrow, it would be most excellent if they could make use of the Steam 'beta' update functionality to get it out for brave souls a bit early.

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Damn, I was hoping a resolution for the Temple of Woedica main quest blocker. Patch notes looking good otherwise though.

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Sorry for triple post, I don't know what went wrong when I submitted my comment and I can't delete the extra posts...

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Noooo! Don't nerf Mind Blades!!! I'll keep the doubleclick bug, just let me keep my Mind Blades!


Seriously this is great -- love all the quality of life stuff like casting buffs through ally portraits etc.

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For players who own the GOG version, will this patch be available straight away, either on GOG or as a stand-alone installer?

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I wonder the if journal year multiplying bug is covered under "Small UI updates to the journal screen". It's not the biggest bug but it is strange that my game is now making entries in the year 171,000.

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Will this address issues with encounter abilities becoming permanently locked at 'Already activated'? I didn't seem to come across anything about it in the notes, and the unusable abilities seem to just keep piling up the longer I play.

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That's a good start indeed :)


Can't wait for 1.04 fixing Stealth and Backstab though , rogues know what I mean.

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Don't forget the Wizard buff they made too: Tuned ranges of many Wizard spells to be higher.  -- Will be interesting to see how much this helps their their spells.

Yeah the mid/late game wizard should be very good but the early not worth i think. I have no idea what they did on Mind Blade so let wait and see.




As a matter of fact, wizards in PoE actually start off very strong, what with their fan of fire dealing 70+ damage, or their ability to use bows and suchlike.



Allow me to compare your PoE wizard with a BG1 AD&D wizard.

Your BG1 wizard starts with a grand total of 4 hp, 3 level 1 spells known, 2 casts per rest.

Your standard Magic Missile spell starts at a single missile dealing 1d4+1 damage.


At this rate, even a stray cat could kill you.

Although, if you were smart, you set his constitution at 16 so to be fair, your wizard would actually have 6hp , that's a 50% increase.

With a whopping six hit points I'm not sure a cat would be able to kill you outright... a dog now... I wouldn't hold my breath bro, hope you're good with that sling !


Your level 1 wizard can get killed in the first minute of BG1, when you enter a house just to be assaulted by an assassin and his trusty dagger.

A dagger deals 1d4 damage + the strength modifier.

Just the one unlucky crit (1/20 chance) or regular hit that does 4 damage (1/4 chance, discounting any STR bonus) and you're restarting the game.


That is how a weak wizard starts, not with spells that :

- can crit

- can slow the attack rate of a whole group

- can deal over 70 damage as an AoE



So my friend, we will have to agree to disagree here.


Wizards start off very, very, very strong in PoE when compared to a whole array of DnD games (BG series, IWD series, NWN series...), in my opinion.

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Anyone know what "fixed spellstriking mod" entails?  As far as I've seen, spellstriking functions as a once per encounter, guaranteed on crit proc and I'm curious as to whether that's how it's supposed to work.

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No fix to Stronghold resting bonuses not being combined? No way to rest from anywhere inside the Stronghold once you take possession yet?


Link to thread.

Well, I guess those can go in the next patch. This one looks pretty chock-full of more pressing matters. Thanks for sticking around to support release bugs guys. You'll get your hard-earned vacations soon.

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what about the empty treasury?


Good point. Here's another to slate for the next patch. Could be these issues didn't make it into the main bug megathread so you guys just didn't see them yet. You have a lot on your plate.

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