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I really prefer 2d rpg's to 3d rpgs. I have a lot of reasons for this.


2d is easier to code and so there's less bugs and or crashing, and there's also much less processing power required to make the game function, which means the game can run on several computer systems, even those without graphics cards.

This also makes it so that its easier to create more content. Isometric 2d is also easier to make tactical and strategic. Like bioware's infinity engine games were all very strategic and you had to consider a lot of things when taking on opponents, whereas dragon age, the *spiritual* successor to baldurs gate (hahaha?) has more tactics than most rpgs these days and yet the amount of skills and spells you could get in the game is an insult to baldurs gate players imo.

Take a 2d castlevania versus a 3d castlevania. The sheer amount of content in something like castlevania symphony of the night is mindbogglingly much compared to ANY 3d castlevania game, and I can imagine that the funding behind the 3d castlevania games is probably so much bigger. There's a reason platforming died.


Consider now something like diablo 3... It has to be bigger than diablo 2 in scope, why do you think it has had a development time of 11 years now and is still not released yet...? - Blizzard is trying to make a 3d isometric hack and slash rpg bigger and better than a 2d isometric hack and slash rpg, and thats no small feat!


Considering the insults bioware keeps throwing at me with dragon age 2, boring mmo, mass effect - yes I know the game has really good storytelling but I'm really at heart an rts/platforming/rpg gamer, and when things compine elements from these franchises then I am happy... And considering how all modern games are fps/hybrids of somekind and considering how much I dont like fps. It doesnt make me all that happy to see more mass effect games. Fallout new vegas was amazing though. Which has to do with soooo many choices you had just like in the original fallout games. Do you make a stealthy dude, do you make a conversationalist? or do you make some brutal fighter which is able to destroy the world?!?!? And all of my choices seem to reflect everything in the world, and that imo is much better than linear storytelling which mass effect, dragon age, or whatever would shove down my throat.


These days the games I play the most are either indie titles, obsidian titles due to superb dialogue, or replaying old classics, so I would definately back you with, well I can pledge you 50 dollars now for whatever you make to make an original IP. Here's hoping that my dreams come true and yours aswell.



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Hi Chris,


First off, I support another game along the lines of Planescape: Torment.


I recently installed the game on my wife's computer and convinced her to try it. She is an avid reader (mostly fantasy) though not much of a gamer (Chrono Trigger, FFVII and dozens of unfinished attempts at others). She rabidly tore through PS:T in a marathon of gaming which culminated with her burning 2 1/2 days of sick time last week to finish. Needless to say, I am now replaying PS:T as well. It was a joy sitting side by side with her, playing through this great game and randomly reading aloud bits of enjoyable dialogue or narrative to one another.


Though the hardcore RPG demographic would certainly eat up another game like PS:T, I am writing this post with the hopes of convincing your bosses at Obsidian that there is likely a fortune of untapped, inactive gamers that would get behind an amazingly well written game. A game not necessarily complex in rules, but in well thought out story. Lets be honest, no one plays PS:T for the combat, though if postings on the Internet are to be believed, this game continues to see immense popularity over a decade after it's release. That is no small feat.


Hopefully your Kickstarter project will get the go ahead. I know plenty of loyal fans of yours that will fund and purchase your products regardless and you have my full support. Thank you for your years of dedication to the genre.

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Augghh, so many things come to mind!


I certainly agree with something Planescape or an Isometric turn-based rpg. I wouldn't mind something like NWN2 graphics-wise but with more freedom in terms of character face creation so the player could tweak things more.


Other than that anything in the Forgotten Realms (or any other D&D setting) could do.


But most of all I'd love to see some new IP. Planescape and Fallout really stand out because they don't fit with your usual fantasy or sci-fi setting. I'd love to see a type of fantasy that isn't all orcs, dwarves and elves (how about unique races for a unique world). And I don't mean just grabbing an existing culture and making a fantasy version of that (though this can be done well sometimes), I mean completely making everything up. It would be so nice and refreshing.


I really liked how colourful the spirit creatures were in NWN2: MotB. The way that you worked your character up from such a low level to practically being able to take on gods in NWN2: MotB and BG2 really gave a sense of your character progressing. And the way both those stories tied to the players character personally (I don't get this whole thing against 'chosen ones' some people have, they can be used to create very good and immersing stories). Would definitely like to see something focusing on dialogue, character interaction and player choices in dialogue too. I dislike the way a lot of games seem to be trimming down on what the players character can say these days. I don't care about the players character being voiced, I want the freedom to actually make my own character, not have it decided for me. Bring on the interesting and intricate plots that can actually surprise and shock you. Also: Choices that aren't plain black/white or good/evil. I am a big fan of neutral options, or being able to sneakily have things both ways by double-crossing people.


I've been interested in the idea of a science fiction setting with magic for a while too and how that might work. But there are so many different ways you can go with making up something new. As long as it was an rpg where I could make my own character I don't think I'd be able to resist trying it.


(Whoops, I ramble)

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I could spare a lot more than the $10 I gave Doublefine on a isometric turn-based cRPG. I was going to list the things I'd like in my cRPG but I've played Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale. The money is here for the taking.

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We're all crossing our fingers.


I hope this gets the go-ahead, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with the outcome if it does.

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If Obsidian is going to get real with this, I just hope that there isn't going to be any unhealthy competition or clashing of funders with Fargo and his Wasteland 2 - seeing as both cater to the same oldschool RPG demographic. Both projects deserve to be done and it would be a shame if either ended up eating from the otherones table.


Nah, most likely the fans who support Wasteland 2 will hear about this and support Chris while the people who support Chris will go and support Wasteland 2.

I knew about Wastelands 2 kickstarter from Chris blog so I'm going to contribute to both games (if this actually goes ahead). Niche audiences are usually very passionate and would like their niche to be fulfilled through as many avenues as possible.

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my two cents - PLEASE make another planescape! top-down view, turn-based combat, set in the wonderfully rich planescape universe.


obviously the story from PS:T doesnt lend itself very well to a sequel - that's totally fine. new characters, new storyline, but i want to go back to sigil. i want to find portals to other dimensions. i want to pick a faction, and then drop it and pick a new faction.


Sigil has SO much depth to explore... take us back!! and please, keep it top-down and turn based. we don't need another FPS-RPG hybrid.

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