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NWN2 News October 19, 2007

Posted by Rob McGinnis , 19 October 2007 · 4603 views

NWN2 News
Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update
October 19, 2007

Hello everyone! It has been a while since the last Community Update. Things have been pretty busy here, with the release of Mask of The Betrayer in Europe and America - with Australia not too far away. The forums are super busy everyone seems to be enjoying the game.

This week we are going to take a quick look at some of the community works. Robinson Workshops is close to releasing a treasure chest full of builder goodness and There are some great placeable objects hitting the vault as well. We are also going to take a look at the Neverwinter Citadel community site.

A Look at NWCitadel
By: dunniteowl

The NeverWinter Citadel Project is a gathering place of members of the NWN/2 Community. It is a place founded on the principle of people helping people with module building in mind. The Citadel's premise is that, for our Community to remain strong, vibrant and healthy, there must be a place where anyone can go to learn about, teach, discuss and collect knowledge on all aspects of NeverWinter Nights 2 and it's predecessor: NeverWinter Nights.

The Citadel isn't like any other fan-related site. We don't require you to be a module builder, a roleplayer or a custom content creator -- or even to be able to use or run the toolset. All we really focus on is providing a place where anyone is welcome to talk about all aspects of NWN/2. If you have need of a tutorial, we can direct and assist you. If you are looking for a Persistent World (PW) or Roleplaying (RP) site, we probably know of it and might even have a link to it.

One of the things that sets the Citadel apart from most sites is what we do for our members. We provide not just general forums -- we can provide you with your own forum space to work on your module, project, idea or type of custom content. We have many members who will be more than happy to assist with just about any aspect of module building, custom content scripts and even some really decent modeling talent. What we have for our members isn't fancy -- it does work and it is free.

We also promote the use of common standards, practices and guidelines for the Community in order to reduce confusion and conflicting files when creating Custom Content, modules and campaigns. While not as popular as hoped, it is a good idea and one we at the Citadel consider well worth discussing. We encourage discussion on having standards and we will gladly promote standards and guidelines in all areas of NWN/2 that provides greater ability to create modules and content that doesn't conflict with Developer OC materials or other Custom Content.

By the same token, we don't have any trouble with asking Developers to assist us, the Community, in this process by asking them to provide us with more flexibility, power and access to files and code that allows us to increase our ability to customize. The Developers are as much a part of this Community as anyone else. After all, have you met anyone that designs games and doesnít like to play them? I havenít.

The Citadel has some really noteworthy members. Here's a "short" list of some of our more notable members:Importantly, no-one "owns" the Citadel. It really is a Community site for the Community. We currently have more than 450 members and, while we may grow slowly, we have a very open, friendly and one of the most extremely supportive group of members in the Community.

I can say that with confidence.. For the same reason that no-one "owns" the Citadel, no members are "owned" by the Citadel -- each member is a completely free "netizen." Many of those whom we call members are also members of other sites. Some are from DLA (Dragon Lance Adventures,) some from C.R.A.P. (Classic Roleplaying Adaptation Project,) ALFA (A Land Far Away,) and from The DMFI (Dungeon Master Friendly Initiative,) as well as members from several other PW, RP and Single Player (SP) Sites.

There is room for more here. I invite -- and would like to see -- more 3D model makers, Plug-in and Tool creators and PW Admins and Builders to act as content experts, coordinators and liaisons to others proficient in those areas. Those out there who enjoy showing others how to do what they can do, who enjoy learning new things and helping others get things done are always most welcome.

Additionally, we invite Custom Content Creators, Players interested in playtesting modules, Scripters, Area Builders, Placeable creators, PnP creators -- well anyone who's interested in all aspects of NWN/2 -- to come by, check us out and see if the Citadel might be another frequently visited place for you.

The more knowledge we can collect -- and provide links to -- the better off the Community is. The Citadel, in my opinion, is the best place for this. We are open to all and our mission is to promote, disseminate, collect and teach -- as much as we can -- all things NeverWinter.

(One of our most exciting activities currently running is something called the DMFI+FRW: Waterdeep [the Dungeom Master Friendly Initiative + Forgotten Realms Weave,] which proposes to create pre-fabbed areas for anyone's use. Though the initial objective was to create DM Friendly compliant module areas for use with Multiplayer/DM'd sessions; it has grown into a serious undertaking in order to create these areas. Since this project kicked off, we have begun to partner with folks from ALFA, who are also deeply involved in attempting to create the city of Waterdeep for their PW site. In order to reduce overall building time and to increase the level of quality, both sites thought it valuable to see if we could collaborate on this and it seems to be very doable. If this pans out, we could easily say that this is something never before done by any other sites within the NWN/2 Community. It would be great to have more folks on board for this from other sites.)

When I joined The NeverWinter Citadel Project, I did so out of response to an impassioned post by Papermonk on the Bioware boards for NWN2 (for Obsidian.) It inspired me to wish to do something for the Community that has provided me such pleasure, assistance, friends I have yet to meet and a common bond of a love of Role Playing Games in general. I am now one of three Administrators and a Moderator for The NeverWinter Citadel Project. After a year and two months, I am still inspired.

Come on by and see what the Citadel is all about. I hope that you will be inspired too. You are officially invited.

dunniteowl is a Community member of The NeverWinter Citadel Project, as well as a Forum Admin and Moderator. He is also a Forum Moderator (post Citadel position) on the Obsidian NWN2 Forums at Bioware, as well as a Community Representative for Obsidianís NWN2 Community. Additionally, he has been designing PnP D&D worlds since 1982, writing fiction and poetry since 1973, and also is in the process of creating a Science Fiction Role Playing Game System that may some day see the light of day. He is a father of one daughter and a stay-at-home, homeschooling parent. He lives in Texas (for now) with his wife, daughter, two dogs and two cats and thousands of books, videos and games.

Community Works

Robinson Workshops to Release Content Soon
Baron and Hellfire, the people behind the work at Robinson Workshops, are poised to release a lot of good content. I am told that, if all goes well, we should see some substantial tilesets and placeables released as soon as this weekend. Great work guys!

Towers Pack

To find out more about the towers, check here.

Cave Entries

To find out more about the cave entries, check here


To find out more about the chasms, check here

ArPharazon's Animated Catapult
ArPharazon has taken the static catapults included with the NWN2 toolset and added animations to them. They look pretty cool. If you scroll down, you will find a link to a movie showing the catapults launching an attack against a castle wall.

You can download the animated catapult from here, on the NWVault.

You can also watch a video of the catapult in action here.
No gnomes were harmed in the making of this item.

That's about it for this week. See you next week for another Community Update.

Oct 20 2007 05:10 AM
WB, Rob, and thx for the good news. original.gif
No gnomes were harmed in the making of this item.
Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word of the Citadel, Rob. I only hope that I have done proper justice to the site. It was an honor to be asked to write up something for your blog and I also hope that I did your blog justice as well.

The writer's perennial concern -- was it the very best I could do?

Of course, for all you that read the blogs, I take that same level of concern with the Citadel. Thank you, once again, Rob, for the wonderful opportunity. And thanks to all the members of the Citadel who make Admining and Moderating the site a thing of joy for me.

My Very Best Regards,
Admin/Moderator: The NeverWinter Citadel Project
Moderator: NWN2 Forums for Obsidian @ Bioware
Community Representative
(Blessed in all titles and still wondering, "How did I manage all that?")
Baron Rosencheck1
Oct 22 2007 08:38 AM
the Deep Chasm tileset got released over the weekend - towers are almost ready. Thanks for the mention Rob.

Deep Chasms

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