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UIObject - hideoverride

Posted by Rob McGinnis , 20 February 2007 · 1604 views

UI Customization
By: Rich Taylor

In 1.05 there is a new attribute that all UI Objects handle called hideoverride. If true, this attribute sets a UI Object hidden and keeps it that way until a script says otherwise via the SetGuiObjectHidden() script function.

This can be used to keep an item hidden that the GUI may try to make visible regardless what a script tries to do, such as a row in a list box.

As a result, objects that are set hidden via SetGuiObjectHidden() will STAY hidden no matter what, unless SetGuiObjectHidden() is later used to make it visible.

For example, if I add a new icon to a screen and set it hideoverride=true in the XML, it will remain hidden on that screen no matter what the GUI might try to do with it until I call SetGuiObjectHidden() with a false parameter to make it visible again, at which point the GUI once again has control over making that object hidden or unhidden.

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