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NWN2 News Feb 17, 2008

Posted by Rob McGinnis , 17 February 2008 · 6546 views

NWN2 News
Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update
February 17, 2008

This week's Blog is dedicated to the fine folks over at the Neverwinter Nights Podcast. Apparently Jay has been missing the community content side of things. Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything on that, so today's Blog will focus mostly on that side of the community. We will also feature another Persistent World spotlight and talk a bit about the upcoming patch.

Community Works

RWS Pocket Cathedral

The guys from Robinson Workshop have released their Pocket Cathedrals product! These guys have been working hard on a lot of architectural packs for NWN2 and this Cathedral pack is just another example of their quality work.

You can find out more on NWVault here.

BTH Shield Pack

A great shield pack from Barry the Hatchet. You can find it here on NWVault.

Wicked Leather

One of the more difficult items to model for NWN2 is armor and clothing. nzdawghaus brings us some 'wicked leather' armor. You can find it here

DMFI Bulletin Board

Qkrch has released a great tool to integrate into your modules and persistent worlds. You can check it out on Neverwinter Nights Vault here

Persistent World Spotlight: The Known Lands
By Deider

What is the world known to its inhabitants simply as The Known Lands?

... a world of islands, where continents are myth. These islands dot the Ebon Sea, and are home to mountain ranges with dwarven citadels, forests of elves and fey, and plains occupied by the nations of humans and other races.

… a world of ages, the current one said by sages to be the Third. Legend holds that the Second Age ended in a cataclysm so mighty it wiped out all civilization. Three thousand years into the Third Age, all that remains of the Second are crumbling ruins… and rumors of artifacts and relics of unbridled power.

… a world of revelations, in which not all is as it seems. Forty years ago the people of The Known Lands were shocked to discover that beneath the dwarven citadels lies another realm, a seemingly never-ending labyrinth of tunnels and caverns labeled the Underdark. More recently wild elves, heretofore unknown to the rest of the world, emerged from their desert home.

… a world in turmoil. Thirty years ago the drow – the only creatures to have emerged from the Underdark – attacked most of the dwarves in their citadels, almost annihilating the race, only to disappear as quickly as they came. Many people responded by uniting to form nations for collective defense; one of these new nations displaced the halflings from their homeland, causing what some have called genocide. Decades have passed since these events, and at last calm has settled over the land – much as it does before a storm.

… a world of adventure. Will the mysteries and secrets of the Underdark be laid open? Will the drow be found and the dwarves avenged? Will the Third Age continue in peace, or will it end in fire like its predecessor? When The Known Lands are threatened, will heroes rise up to save it?

The History

The Known Lands (TKL) gameworld started as a pen and paper (PnP) game in 1998, transitioned into a play-by-e-mail (PBEM) campaign in 2000, and, thanks to Obsidian, morphed into a NWN2 persistent world (PW) which went live in April, 2007. It is a setting rich in detail, further expanded by the actions of player characters (PCs); many of the world’s famous non-player characters (NPCs) were PCs played in the PnP and PBEM games (and some of the players of those characters are now staff members for the TKL PW).

The Philosophy
At TKL we are determined to create a PW that has a PnP feel. The prime example of this philosophy is our party system. PCs are assigned to parties; each party has a weekly session run by its party DM. This ensures that all PCs in TKL interact at least once a week with a DM, and are able to spend time with a stable group of fellow players. The parties take part in plots and adventures in which their PC backgrounds may come to the fore, and where their actions have lasting effects on the gameworld.

PC interaction is not limited to party events. As a PW, TKL is online 24/7, and PCs from various parties can and do meet online all the time. DMs also run free-for-all events, in which any PC can join.

What to do when a DM is not online? While our focus is on roleplay, TKL has its share of bells and whistles – a dynamic loot system, advanced item crafting, enchanting, and customization, automated scripted quests, perilous areas full of traps and monsters, even a custom card game – to enjoy when your party is not trying to save (or take over) the world.

Perhaps more importantly, our PnP philosophy towards TKL extends to our attitude towards players. We pride ourselves on being a small, intimate PW with an extremely friendly community. Players and staff alike treat each other with respect, and issues are discussed maturely and rationally. And while we are serious about roleplay (as can be seen from our relatively detailed player application), we know not to take ourselves too seriously – at the end of the day, TKL is all about people getting together and having fun.

The Call
An established gameworld with detailed lore. An experienced, friendly staff. A mature, respectful community. A beautifully, soundly built (and constantly expanding) module. Guaranteed consistent DM interaction. A world shaped by your input and your character’s actions. If you are looking for these things, then you will find them… in The Known Lands.


Patch 1.12 Update

Well, we have hit the lockdown phase for the 1.12 patch. You can find a discussion and preview of the patch notes here, on the NWN2 forums.

From here we go into the localization and testing phase of production. We have already been testing the fixes and changes as they were implemented - making tweaks along the way. But we will be testing the patch in more depth and we will be starting the closed beta very soon. If you signed up to help, expect that you will be involved. I should either be PMing you or sending you an e-mail this week with instructions. After testing, we will enter the finalization phase where the patch is fully built and released.

Feb 17 2008 01:35 PM
Just a quick question if there's anything new on this posted by another member, as it didn't get any reply yet in the last com.update thread.

What I am asking myself:
Will the performance issues on ATI cards be fixed? Ever?

There's nothing about it in the patch notes, so I am not optimistic.

I switched from a Radeon 1950Pro, itself not a slow card at all, to a Radeon 3850, which
is about 1.7 to 2 times at fast. High details and shadows switched on still make the game

I was about to give up on seeing any kind of performance increase in NWN2, until
I saw the following on Beyond3D's forums:

OpenGL guy's post



Originally Posted by Morgoth the Dark Enemy View Post
-NWN2 and NWN2:MOTB-slow as a dog with maximum settings on ATi HW since release and up to present time, for no obvious reason, even after numerous patches/drivers.

No obvious reason to you, but the root cause was given to the developer some time ago.

Just FYI, OpenGL guy works directly at ATI, he is not one to make stuff up.
So, when can we expect our ATI hardware to run the game as it should?

Feb 17 2008 02:28 PM
Baron Rosencheck1
Feb 17 2008 06:18 PM
Big thumbs up for "The known Lands" the only PW I've played on... a great group of people and the kind of mindset I like.
Hey thanks for the mention Rob!!!
When you coming on the show?!?! *wink
-- Ashercon NWNP Host
Thank you Rob for mentioning NWNP. And Ditto to Ashercon's question! thumbsup.gif

Rob McGinnis
Feb 20 2008 07:25 AM
QUOTE(Ashercon @ Feb 18 2008, 06:14 PM)
Hey thanks for the mention Rob!!!
When you coming on the show?!?! *wink
-- Ashercon NWNP Host

Maybe soon wink.gif
No news from the Custom Contents' Contest ? Postpone to March ?... of 2008 ?

QUOTE (Argyl @ Feb 21 2008, 04:22 PM)
No news from the Custom Contents' Contest ? Postpone to March ?... of 2008 ?

It was mentioned at the end of the Blog report that accusations of plagiarism were so rampant that it made judging the contest impossible and was thus cancelled. That one issue, with all it entails and implies saddens me for the sake of the Community. Once the accusations get thrown out there, justified or not, the doubt and mistrust it engenders are never of any benefit to the Community as a whole. So I am sorry to hear what could have been a great showcase of talent ended in such a way. Whoever is truly responsible for this (and you know who you are,) in any way, may you repent and change your ways. May you not have a good night's sleep or comfort in the day until justice is truly served.

Meanwhile, I look forward to the next contest. I am definitely going to enter this one just to up the level of my creative activity.

Also, thanks Rob for the blog update. BTS never fails to impress with the talent and little details that make each item unique in it's own way. RWS -- same to you folks. Truly fantastic work, folks, KUDOS!

best regards,

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