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PoE: FAQ Support Questions (v1.2)

This announcement is no longer active

Frequently Asked Support Questions


When I try to create an account, it says the username is already taken, but when I recover the password it says theuser does not exist.

If you haven’t logged on to the new Eternity site yet, but know you’re an existing forums user, please visit the forums user recovery page. Once you’ve recovered your account, feel free to log in on the Eternity site or via the forums.


Can I update my shipping address or pledge choices after I have confirmed my pledge on through the backer site?

After the holidays, we’ll be adding more functionality to the site. Being able to update your shipping address is one of our highest priority items. Regarding shipping addresses, we’ll keep those changeable for as long as possible – we realize you might move and stay tuned to our backer updates. We’ll give plenty of advanced notice when we’re going to need to lock the addresses.


How do I choose which distribution platform I want for my game key?

Over the next few months, we’ll be finalizing all of the platforms we’ll be supporting at launch. As we start shipping the game, you’ll be able to log on to the Eternity site and redeem all of your keys and choose your platform(s) of choice. We’ll support everything we’ve already announced (Steam, GoG, etc.), and a number of other options that have been suggested to us once we work our arrangements with them. We still plan to offer DRM-free options for all platforms as well.


When is the deadline to upgrade to a higher reward tier?

We haven’t yet determined this, as we want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to get their pledges confirmed. Ifyou’re just not sure what you want to do right now, not a problem. We’ll give you plenty of advance notice when we’d like to start locking down orders. That said, if you’re ready to confirm your order, feel free to visit the Eternity backer portal.


I receive an error when trying to confirm my order.

Please try to re-confirm your order. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you continue to see this problem, please contact us.


I received an "Invalid Pledge Token" error when trying to link my pledge to my backer account.

If you receive this error, please contact us and we can assistyou.


Please Note:


1) There is currently a backlog of support emails that are being processed as quickly as possible. Weare so grateful for your engagement and we are endeavouring to have a delay of no longer than 48 hours to honour your requests. We are indeed thankful for both your patience and support as PoE hits another milestone!


2) From Darren

Hi everyone,


Obsidian closes after Friday of this week for the holidays and reopens on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014.


During that time, support on the Eternity Backer Portal will be available, but will be limited. We've gotten through most of the open requests (if we haven't responded to you yet, you're up soon!), and you can visit my blog about what we've got coming up next on the site if you're interested.


We want to wish all of you a fun and safe holiday filled with nothing but playing games (oh and I suppose spending some time with family and friends is probably good too. :))


...and I'm going to be that guy right now:


"See you next year" :cat:



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