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Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holiday from the Mod Squad to the Obsidian Fora Community,

To those who are lurkers and those who are regulars, to those who are well worn trolls and those who are new and seeking, we wish to offer you our very best in this season of celebration, reflection and the promise of hope. Wherever you come from, wherever you are going, may life be full and rich.

We have reflected on the things that we have seen as a community: new titles released; franchises expanded, refined and announced; new members arrived; mods who have offered their time to nurture our community; and, mods who have left as life's paths lead away from the fora.  All of these celebrations continue to be driven by the gift of imagination and the community's engagement in this creative adventure.

As with all communities we have struggled to welcome outsiders and we have exuberantly welcomed people who are new. May we continue to invest time and effort to welcome one another and make room for those who are new. May the gifts that we bring individually help to enliven and enrich our community as it moves forward into a new year with the ongoing gracious support of Obsidian.

With respect,

The Mod Squad

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