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how do i get rid or cards from my deck?

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Ok, so this may have been answered, but i have not been able to find it, sorry.


So i have purchased chests in the past and you were able to scrap cards and get coins for it and this gave you a great way of controlling what cards were in the decks.  I just got back into the game and decided to get a couple more chest and see what i would get.  when i opened the chest i no longer have the option to delete cards and now i am afraid that i have over run the limit for how many cards you have in a deck so it just starts trashing them. (I know that when i stopped playing last time i had decks that were in the red for card count, and now none of my decks are, so i believe that have lost cards).  how can i now control what cards go into the decks and what ones get scrapped, I'm not worried about getting coin for the cards, however that would be nice, but i want my control back...

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