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Ys - 30th Anniversary Thread

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So... Now that Ys franchise is 30 years old  (that's right THIRTY!) I felt it only right to celebrate this on the forums with a dedicated thread. This niche game series deserved at least that!

Ys ~To Me~ is Jrpg perfection.

Ys games have always kept things simple and very accessible to the player, the games are not easy, they're hard to master but anyone can jump in and play them and in any order as well - even though the games feature the same protagonist (except Origin of course).

- The games' soundtracks are top-notch and highly regarded by the community to being some of the best in the gaming industry. Falcom has an awesome in-house band of studio musicians that records a fusion of hard rock and classical overtones.

Check out this track to see what the hype is about and decide for yourself:

- The real-time combat is addicting, it's punishing but very rewarding as well. It's just polished and feels great. Hack and slalsh combat but with elements of bullet hell and challenging patterns but it forgiving since you lose nothing if you die.

All the games are pretty linear and shorter than your modern Jrpg game (the average Ys game is around 15 hours, I think? The longest one is about 30 hours) but still, Ys games are very focused and well crafted, which makes up for the shorter playtime.

And so this post won't be a "Shill" posting, I'll even post the problems that people have with Ys....

If there's one common complaint about the newer Ys games before the 8th iteration, it's that the art style is too "generic". While I kinda agree to an extent, at least the environments and characters are nice to look at. I enjoy the sprites but I am a fan of sprite work to begin with.

Some people consider Ys to be a Zelda clone on Steroids. While I can see the definite similarities, I think Ys has far more polished gameplay mechanics and combat but it will never match the legacy of Zelda, sadly. If we are comparing it to Zelda, I feel like Ys really takes the core action of Zelda and turns it up to 11.

Have YOU played a Ys game? What was your experience? If you're a fan, which is your favorite? In your opinion, how does Ys compare to other Jrpg/Rpg's?

To learn more about the Ys series, visit:

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