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The right way to hunt a weapon tier B

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I just began to play PA a few days ago. So I still have the noob status and I am not sure that I have understood all the mechanics in the game. My progress is 1.1.

Let us assume that I have a tier B bow in the vault and I want to get this weapon with Merisiel. Am I right, that everytime I play the scenarios in the first adventure there is a chance to find this bow in any of the location decks in the scenarios ?
And if yes, but if I play a scenario in the tier 1 adventure, in these scenarios there are cards taken from the tier B AND the tier 1 vault to build the location decks ? So I have more cards and the chance to get this bow is worse as if I would play only tier B scenarios. Am I right with this assumption ?



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You are correct. Your current scenario will contain cards up to its current level i.e. Playing Scenario 2.4 will allow you to find cards ranging from B, C (the character add-on deck which is the equivalent of B), 1 and 2.

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