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No, I come from a reality where simple logic allows me to understand that the new Prey is more like a copy of System Shock instead of being something original...let's say something like a Bounty Hunter in space who is tied to the the lore of the original game and has the opportunity to hunt aliens, capture them and decide their fate, not to mention the fact that the the world would react towards the bounty hunter's decisions!

There's plenty of games with cool premise. Vast majority of them fail when it comes to their execution. Stuff like openness, reactivity and freedom are buzzwords used in gaming for the last 5 years or so, and majority of games fail to deliver. Incidentally, Arkane does happen to be among the small minority of studios that have proven to be actually capable of delivering on those promises.

That actually makes it a pretty good shooter.

No, the cool gimmicks make it an average shooter. It'd be rather poor otherwise. I mean come on, it didn't implement majority of the features even its peers were able to at the time, and its gimmicks are purely cosmetic. Oh and you can't die.

Also, I thought the Indian/Cherokee vibe of the game was something rather unique?

Yes, that's quite literally the only thing I really dug about the original Prey. But that's not really a gameplay feature and wasn't particularly prominent outside anything but aesthetic - even the 'dream' sequences were incredibly cliché with a nice coat of paint.

Duke Nukem Forever tier of puzzles: "turn into a cup!!!"

... And that's why we can't have fun new ideas in AAA games. Because when they are attempted, people are going to call them stupid. Incidentally, it's not like gaming's overflowing with games focused on being stranded on a space station - especially since Prey's storyline promises a lot more (like experimentation on alines captured during their defeated invasion, which is a premise I don't think I've ever seen really.)

Look, for all I know, the new Prey'll be crap. But Sturgeon's law tells us that, most likely, so would be Prey 2. Idealizing something that you've never even really seen in action at any length of time is not a particularly constructive approach, all things considered. But the new Prey may bring some interesting ideas and gameplay elements to the table - for that, tho, we'll have to wait and see. Prey 2 would not exist, regardless of what happened with the Prey's name. And getting hung up on a word feels a bit... Silly.

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the new one is system shocky. stranded on a space station, there be aliens

Ohhh... I have System Shock 2 in my library and I haven't even started it!!!! I just know that a.i thing (Shodon?) is an awesome antogonist from what I read on the net.

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