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Question about Icewind Dale 3

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So the trend would suggest Wizards/Hasbro probably doesn't want to focus on that right now.

What will the current Wizards/Hasbro owner do with this Icewind Dale license - draw the comics? Why not sell the rights to Obsidian to make a new Icewind Dale 3, but the past games remain in their Wizards/Hasbro property and GOG will also sell old games. Is it possible to do so? Who else can develop a Icewind Dale 3, except Obsidian devgroup with a technically ready SDK for developing. The current moment is most suitable to sell this title to Obsidian, right? I'm more than sure that the current Wizards/Hasbro owners have become such by chance because of many coincidences. They need this license as the fifth wheel of a cart, no?



No it is not possible to sell it because it is part of the Forgotten Realms property they own. They still sell products with that name in their table top RPG called D&D. They also do sell comics and many novels by RA Salvatore that involve Icewind Dale. It's such a key property to them and the video games came much later, they're very minor in comparison. Like I've said it's all about legal business stuff, they might get the license but I think it will be very different now since the setting and rules have changed.



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And yet I hope that someone will start developing the Icewind Dale 3. I found a very old video clip of good quality. A group of six characters at the end of the clip. Probably they found a new character in this video. :yes:


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