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The strange ship pulls alongside your vessel...


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> What can you tell me about Captain Thundernipples?


Ellie: "Ah, our illustrious leader. Once an accomplished scholar and acclaimed orator in the University of Ozia, he fell victim to politics and was framed for crimes most foul -- though what exactly was the charge I do not know, for the captain buries his shame deep and I only learned this much from sympathetic whispers who'd not dignify the lies with recapitulation. Suffices to say, he was forced to leave his old life behind at seek refuge at sea. What he seeks besides that, be it vindication, revenge, or simply a fresh start, I couldn't say."


> [Perception] Your idiom got very flowery all of the sudden.

> So he was famous in the Republics? You ever hear of him, Pallegina?

> How did he get the name 'Thundernipples'?

> Is there anyone else who might be able to tell us more?

> I see.

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