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The BEST 3 RPGs you have ever played

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    (2) Evoker

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I saw one dungeon siege fan :) Thumb up for this. But truth is that Dungeon siege was not a good game - playable but nothing much. I played them all even though they kind of do not shine.



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A lot of people mentioning Witcher 3.

Well, I'd say it was just an absolutely exceptional storytelling experience with one of the most beautiful open worlds I've ever seen, but it ... Just ... Wasn't a very good RPG. It embodied the worst things you can find in the genre - completely illogical character progression that made sense neither lore-wise (Geralt getting thrown back to lvl1 power-wise after all he's been through) nor gameplay-wise (why do lvl12 bandits have clubs that do 100x more damage than lvl7 master crafted sword?), character development that was rather inconsequential (regardless of which skills you took, you were still a guy swinging a sword and using magic) and boring (+5% attack damage. Yay.) with rather abysmal encounter design (Why are there lvl1 drowners here and identical lvl10 drowners down the river, but the latter somehow having much sharper claws?) and if I've ever seen an argument for why is level scaling sometimes a good thing, Witcher 3 was it ("Help! Kill these drowners that are attacking me, master Witcher, like you killed those over there!" "Okay. But you'll have to wait for 3-5 hours because these drowners are lvl10 and those I killed were lvl1, so... I'll have to level up, see.")



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Ultima IV
Baldur's Gate 2



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Only 3 is REALLY difficult.


My favorite Western RPGs:

Icewind Dale 1&2

Neverwinter Nights 2

Vampire: Bloodlines


(Honorable Mention) Ultima 8 -> for all its flaws, this game really made a big impact on me as a kid.


Favorite J-RPGs

Final Fantasy 7,8,10

Devil Survivor 1&2

Persona 3,4,5

Bravely Default

Fire Emblem: Awakening

And Pokemon, though Pokemon has become a little stale over the years with constant repetition of the same formula.

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