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I am a sucker and I bought...

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So how does 5e Sorcerer compare to Pathfinder in terms of relative power and versatility?



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Let's not be ridiculous - if all the moon druid does in a fight is fly around as a majestic (giant) eagle, zapping people with lightning, all he contributes is an extremely fat target for ranged enemies (you can't wildshape as a reaction, so if your wildshape HP is blown off of you, you'll shift back to your original form AND take massive falling damage) and a measly 3d10 damage per turn, which is basically chump change compared to a decently supported Great Weapon Master's damage (who requires two first level slots to operate at maximum efficiency, tops).
Moon Moon is decent, but if I wanted a versatile utility caster with sustainability, I'd rather go with a Warlock, if I wanted a versatile support/utility caster, I'd pick a Bard, and if I wanted a versatile support caster with a grab-bag of other useful tricks, I'd play one of the annoyingly overpowered varieties of Cleric. The druid sits in a weird corner where they can wear multiple hats reasonably well, but don't really have a role they excel at, and their tricks are ridiculously easy to counter. For this reason, I'd actually consider them underpowered (early game power spike notwithstanding).

Ofcourse, but there enemies need lines of sight, hide is your friend if you're an Elf, and be in range and cover helps you greatly - not all enemies have longbows. And you don't have to pick the biggest animal around, if you pick something small and inconspicous that works even better. Hide in a swarm of crows or whatever. And let's not forget to mention that the druid can do this without support and you have range for it, and if everyone is focused on the Druid the other players can wreck the mooks while the Moonmoon just play a bit defensively. Not many mooks/monsters have Dexterity saves or Resistance to Lightning, so you can be fairly confident that those damage points are going to land. Granted, not having any bonus but flat Xd10 damage dies can have you fluctuating wildly damage wise, a Fighter must land his hits in melee while taking damage. He must be in the thick of it. And he is dependant on loot for this aswell, having full plate early on and/or a magic weapon isn't a guarantee.
Anything you do to counter the lone druid player is going to hurt much more against the rest of the group though, you have to pull out some really dedicated things if your players know what they are doing. They are one of the most overpowered classes in the game at the moment, if not the most overpowered. The other classes does have some really badass things going on, but they have to be really specialized compared to a Moonmoon druid.
From playing a Druid until the GM got annoyed enough to "Drop a bridge on her" and a bit of Cleric, I'd go for Bard. They seem more fun to play, lots of skills, lots of spells and some fun other tricks. The best fun I've had so far has been in playing a Thief, if you're clever you can use that bonus action Slight of Hand to do some pretty neat stuff to your enemies. Not good in the traditional sense, but loads of fun. Untying peoples pants forcing them to either fight with one hand less to hold up their pants, or fight hobbled with their pants around their ankles or just plain stealing anything that isn't nailed down is great fun!

So how does 5e Sorcerer compare to Pathfinder in terms of relative power and versatility?

Least spells but they are the only ones that have metamagic on their side wich can be nifty. Still after Wizards in power, but high in pure entertainment.

Edit; Should say that I don't know how much difference there is between Pathfinder and 3.5e, I've not read Pathfinder since our players don't want to go back from 5e.

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