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Chris Avellone interview at games.tiscali.cz

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This forty-year guy that journalists from Eastern Europe, with refuse, knowing that his thoughts will be immediately translated into the language nerozluštitelného has a patent for a fantastic story.

When you put your fingers on the keyboard, Zlatni his text from start to finish.

It has a sense of story and a sense of plot.

If you are, wants to make maximalist.

In all respects.

If he can come up with something yet undiscovered, will do it, and when it finds a brilliant idea for a neighbor, she does not hesitate to inspire.

For the good stuff.

For our own good.

This player.

That Chris Avellone, he/she sure is an amazing person. I love how maximalist he can be in his Zlatni of texts.

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Google-translator ftw.. :)



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