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What are you playing now?

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Hey? Alex doesn't really have very good stats. I've had better in children I've grown, and I've seen a lot better in random courtiers. (I've been picking Geniuses with Humble or Trusting as my dukes.) I suppose he fares well compared to other 'pre-generated' characters at game start, though.

24 Stewardship* is excellent even for a player tutored mid game ruler. That's 9 holdings with no penalty- I was beating the Seljuks without even raising realm levies and still in the black cash wise. It isn't even just the high stewardship as his traits are perfect for stopping civil wars and rebellions, I had ambitious heretic Armenians who still loved him.

*That's Basileus Alex, I guess Doux Alex could have lower stats or BGA could differ stats wise from CK2+.

I don't think my alex had over 15 anything at doux, though he lost bravery and had a couple other trait mutations. Also, being maimed at age 31 really crimps your style. But it may be a mod diffrtence.

In Toronto = no ck2. :( planning to just take back asia minor, leave the armenian region as buffer then go for italy. Apulia is locked in a stalemate with the muslims.



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Took Just Cause 2 for a spin, loads of fun, though I haven't gotten the hang of the controls yet.

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My gf is playing Book of Unwritten Tales while I watch. It seems like a very good P&C adventure.

The so called "dead" genre might be one of the strongest ones on the PC at the moment, there are so many adventures coming out...

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Replaying Mass Effect, not going to rush it like I did in preparation for ME2. Combat is taking some getting used to, after the later two games. I must say I do like the soundtrack a lot better, bit more subtle than ME 2 or 3's at times.



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