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1st time play through

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I was looking for to this game for a while, but after seeing Zero Punctions review I opted against it.

But watching his stuff makes me hate games. So I don't watch his reviews and later I saw the game on sale on steam so I was like finally!!

I set the difficult on the hardest level and went at it.

anyhow.. bugs, frustations aside, LOVED IT.

I ended up being Kunf-fu, tough, and stealth, with a few points in machine gun and couple sabotage.
(toward the end, I was almost god like)

The game really brought a new kind of character for me to play.
Since I usually kill everyone and anyone, but I needed money. So I ended up letting just about any maing character that was "bad" person live to get paid off. I really felt I was mercy for hire.

I tried to bang the russian chick, but she was to agressive, scarlet was kind of a bitch so I ignored her. Ended up nailing Ming.

Had the Arabs and Russians in my corner, G22 was neutral because of my telling him to **** off with the server bugs, even thought I saved Albatross's life. I didn't fair too well with the Asians, but let the main spy guy live.

I saved the president of Tiwan which is one of the few decision I "felt" was a bad call. I save the chick in the Rome and let the Museum get blown up. No regrets there. Could not get Marburg to "like me" not even 1 time.

Before going back to Alpha Protocol, I told the Arabs that they better help me.
Went I got back too Alpha Protocol, the thought of spending forever in prison was not appealing, so I signed up with Helbeck.

Convinced Marburg to talk to Parker, *MY FAV** Scene where he stabs him. I was hoping to let Marburg go, but .. guess he had to die. Found Ming, let her walk. Killed Darcy, Killed the black guy. Then I saw the alt option to betray Halbec, I almost pissed my pants. Killed that dued, got in a boat with Ming and took off.

Perfect ending in my book.

Loved it.

I guess besides the usual bugs, I was surprised my mostly no lethal route to soldiers, guards what not didn't impact my rep.

Trying to hack a 12 point alarm in 20 seconds was very difficult at times.

Was kinda sad I didn't use any fancy gadgets.

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