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The boss fights in this game are ****ing impossible

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I'm backing up the guy saying the only really unfair fight is trying to keep Surkov alive.

I've had one time where I've gunned down someone right before they throw a grenade, and Surkov has RUN AT THE GRENADE to get himself killed.

I've had multiple times where Surkov has been unhurt, I've gone after the main group of enemies, then spontaneously, without warning hear "Surkov's been killed!" and fail. One time I was running SMGs, and I was approaching the enemies from a flanking position. They turned and opened fire, one of them fired a burts where one shot deviated almost 90 degrees from his gunbarrel and hit Surkov in the head, killing him instantly. That was on Casual difficulty. I took almost a dozen attempts to actually complete that mission - not because my build wasn't suited to the enemies, not because I'm not good at the game, not because I was using my build wrong...

Because Surkov is a complete retard who needs WAY more health in that scene, and because sometimes bad luck just hits REALLY *#&$ING HARD in this game.

Also, I can understand "my build should be capable of passing every REQUIRED section of the game"

I can understand "I'm trying for a non-lethal playthrough on Hard."

I can't understand "I'm trying for a non-lethal playthrough without upgrading Pistol skill and with minimal Martial Arts skills."

That last point is where OP's argument loses its appeal for me. Yes, gadgets are your MAIN focus - but they shouldn't be the only thing you know. How many super spies do you know of in fiction who are retards with guns and only barely competent in close combat?

I can think of one. Macgyver. Now you have a question to answer: When facing off against Konstantin Brayko, WHAT WOULD MACGYVER DO?

Answer the question, then do that. Problem solved. (Yes, this IS how I worked out a strategy that works without using melee or guns. And yes, I've tested it to make sure it works. And yes, it was on Hard)

Also, on the topic of Macgyver in Alpha Protocol, how many other people have noticed the awesome Macgyver reference in the game? (pro-tip: You unlock it before Saudi, and you can see it in every safehouse)



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it took me about 20 tries to beat Marburg and I think the game's AI just got wonky, cuz Marburg basically took cover behind a pillar and let me wall bounce grenades onto him like 5 times and i finally got a chain shot and started the cut scene



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I honestly found Brayko to be the most fun boss fight in the game. I died plenty of times, but there was some variety in how he behaved. I, however, had focused on guns throughout my playthrough so he was, I would imagine, much easier than he is for you. You really just need to learn to see his cocain rush coming. Sabotaging his cocaine before (during?) the mission helps too, since it leaves him open for attack for a few seconds after each rush.

EDIT: Wow, epic necropost...

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Marburg was very easy for me on maxed out stealth. I just shot all his guards, ducked behind cover, went invisible, sneaked up on him and punched him to death. It was so satisfying.

For Brayko I got lucky and he ran back up on stage when he didn't have a lot of health yet, so I just sat there in cover, waited until he stopped running around like a maniac, and he got an assault rifle in the face. Before that he was a pain in the ass, though.

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